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What's the foresail on a cutter-rigged ketch called?

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gecon14/06/2021 12:23:43
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Hi, The Colin Archer is a cutter-rigged ketch.

The foremost sail (Jib?) is called a 'Klyver' in Norwegian. 'Klyver' translates (more or less) to 'cutter'.

What's it called in English? Cutter sail? or is this also the Jib, being the foremost sail?


Richard Simpson14/06/2021 12:29:56
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Isn't a sail attached to a mast stay called a Staysail?

gecon14/06/2021 12:38:23
497 forum posts
422 photos

No, it's forward of the staysail The forestay of the 'cutter' sail is attached to the end of a looong boom (bowsprit).


Richard Simpson14/06/2021 13:16:38
648 forum posts
302 photos

A bit heavy going but you might find this an interesting read


gecon14/06/2021 14:47:17
497 forum posts
422 photos

Not very heavy going Richard, but I still did not find out if there is a specific name for the foremost sail on a cutter rigged yacht.

I think I'll just refer to the sails as the foresail and the inner foresail or staysail.

The whole question arose in my grey cell when I wanted to explain to which sail the Graupner 6-turn winch (pictured in my Colin Archer blog) was to be connected. I will simply refer to it as the foresail or jib. The one aft of it will be 'the staysail'. I expect I'll hear about it if I've got it all wrongfistlaugh

Many thanks Richard,


Edited By gecon on 14/06/2021 14:50:05

Ray Wood 214/06/2021 14:47:46
2485 forum posts
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Hi All,

How about Headsail ?? I think you can have more than one ??

The Colin Archer I had for a while had a self tacking Foresail/Jib on a horse

Regards Ray

Edited By Ray Wood 2 on 14/06/2021 14:50:29

gecon14/06/2021 14:51:51
497 forum posts
422 photos

It' deffinately a headsail, but how do I differentiate between the two headsails?

My 'inner foresail/ staysaill' will be self-tack' on a horse. The foresail on the bowspit will be controlled by a winch.


Edited By gecon on 14/06/2021 14:55:23

Malcolm Frary14/06/2021 16:16:57
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Spotted on - it "might" be what the writer on there referred to as a "Yankee". This might mean that that particular sail has different names in every area where it is used.

gecon15/06/2021 06:58:56
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422 photos

Hi Malcolm, I think a 'Yankee' sail is simply a 'high cut' jib. The foot of the sail is higher up from the foredeck which helps to prevent it from 'catching' high seas coming over the bow. Many sailors choose a high cut genoa, this gives better visability forwards and also helps to keep the sail out og the 'og'.

The foresail attached to the end of the bowspit of the Colin Archer certainly has a 'yankee' shape to it.

Given that the Norwegians call it a 'Klyver', (pronounced "kloover" I thought that there would be a known English name for this particular sail.

It's really not very important, and I'm allmost sorry that I posted the question. sad


Edited By gecon on 15/06/2021 06:59:42

gecon15/06/2021 07:26:23
497 forum posts
422 photos

I've decided to call it the 'cleaver' sail. (cleever). It's at the 'sharp' end of the yacht and 'cleaves/cuts' the air.

I have also decided to 'go away' on this one and leave everyone in peace.smiley I've got more servos to fit. The one that controls the 'sail' below the surface called the RUDDER....or is it TILLER?...I don't want to knowwink



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