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Dragonforce 65 Ordered

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Chris Fellows15/04/2021 15:30:02
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Hi all

I'm not ready to build my own racing yacht yet (if ever! smiley and will take me too long anyway) so have just ordered the latest V6 Dragonforce 65 ready for when we start club racing again.

I already have the Hydropro Affinity version with a B suit of sails but in lighter winds or if the water level is lower with the banks reducing the wind at water level I find myself well down the field. I can't be bothered changing the sails for differing wind conditions hence the Dragonforce with an A suit and the benefit of a narrower beam.

I shall still probably be languishing at the back of the pack but any excuse to get a new boat! smiley



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Tim Rowe15/04/2021 16:08:58
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That's good Chris

Will you do a little unpacking and setting up blog? I would find that very interesting as I am half toying with the idea for a chuck-in-the-back-of-the-car boat. The IOMs and Galileo need a bit of planning.

Tim R

Ray Wood 215/04/2021 19:26:22
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Hi Chris,

That is the best choice, the DF65 is a great boat and the way to go I bought some Mylar film sails, but never sure if they were faster, but they looked pretty cool !! Register your boat and have a go at the Traveller series of races, it's the only way to find out how slow you are

Raced against the boys from Fleetwood Lancs MYC at Eastbourne they were mustard !!

My scale fleet are raring to go, with my DF95 sailing fleet 2021.jpg

Regards Ray

Chris Fellows15/04/2021 21:47:40
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Tim - will do but there are plenty of videos on YouTube that will provide more information. I could get bigger yachts in the car but I can get two 65s in easily and our club lake isn't that big anyway so a 65 is ideal.

Ray - the DF65 comes with Mylar sails so that is good. I already know how slow I am smiley, I tend to do better with power boats. We only race for fun at our club (though our competitive nature always comes into playdevil) and it's good to do something other than just running around the lake - I shall save that for the Faireys!

Your sailing fleet is looking good and will be getting bigger!



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Chris Fellows24/04/2021 21:19:37
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A big box arrived on Monday, but apart from a quick look nothing has been done as I wanted to finish my Tx boxes and give Scot Free a shakedown.

Did that yesterday and also gave my HydroPro Affinity a sail, albeit it in light winds, which whetted my appetite to put the DF65 together.

So today I made a start by fitting the keel and bulb and assembling the mainsail.

Have to say, that for £149.00 (without radio) from RC Yachts they are very good value for money and everything is very well packaged. The sails come flat and are sandwiched in cardboard. The HydroPro ones came rolled up which was fine as they were unmarked.

I always take a long time over assembly, being careful and have to retie sheets etc. to get the right lengths. Rigging is fiddly for man sized fingers and thumbs and so tweezers and long nosed pliers are useful.

It shouldn't take as long as the HydroPro though (which used earlier DF sails and rigging etc.) as improvements have been made and the instructions are clearer.

Tomorrow I shall fit the jib and the Rx and it will then be ready for sailing.

Photo attached which shows the narrower beam of the DF compared with the HydroPro. Surprisingly the A sails aren't much taller than the B sails on the HydroPro.


df65 1.jpg

df65 2.jpg

df65 3.jpg

df65 4a.jpg

df65 5.jpg


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Eddie Lancaster25/04/2021 07:55:13
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Hi.Chris, I am also looking at a DF65, I think our water will be full of weed again by the end of June, so the only way to go sailing will be to join another club that does not have a weed problem but, they sail DFs on a Wednesday morning, I was going to build one, but at £150-00 it will be a lot easier and cost no more.
I still have an IOM to finish and another one to start, so have plenty to keep me busy.



Tim Rowe25/04/2021 08:29:13
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Hello Chris

Narrow beam is definitely the way things are going across all classes and an interesting comparison in the photo.

It looks like a very well thought out package - mmmm!

Tim R

Ray Wood 225/04/2021 09:40:03
2546 forum posts
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Hi Tim/Chris,

Those new sails are great, my old version had the Dragon motif all over and had to go

Looks like you maybe getting your plastic cards out to order ? , the DG65 is actually a half size Marblehead, designed by the great and good of British model yachting so is a pedigree boat, once you have the 65 you will want the DF95 trust me on this ??

The race circuit here generally travel round the country racing the 65's on Saturday and the 95's on Sunday at each venue,.Mike Weston who runs RC Yachts is a top bloke, I collected my DF95 as he is just up the road and he threw in a RX battery pack as he didn't have to post it to me, a unit full of boats, spares & rigs.

On holiday this week trip to Maldon is on the cards

Regards Ray - my 95 before she was registered.df95.jpg

Edited By Ray Wood 2 on 25/04/2021 09:40:35

Chris Fellows25/04/2021 14:33:22
1016 forum posts
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Yes, unless you want the satisfaction of building your own, it's a no brainer buying one really.

There was an earlier version with a black hull and the dragon motif sails which looked pretty awful. The white is much better, though you can buy additional coloured hulls and decal packs if you so wish.

Nearly finished the rigging now, had to get my wife to tie a couple of knots as not enough hands and smaller fingers definitely helps!

When ordering I forgot to order my numbers so will have to do that. I was going to order a hatch cover as well as I prefer those to the big patches but was pleased to find one in the box which I didn't expect as not listed in the contents. I did order some other things; battery pack, extra cord etc. so perhaps they put one in as a bonus?

Piccies later.


Edited By Chris Fellows on 25/04/2021 14:39:57

Chris Fellows27/04/2021 13:49:08
1016 forum posts
666 photos

Hi all

Finishing the DF was interrupted by a phone call from my wife and two of her sisters who had gone on a long walk which finished at a pub! Manners not to!

Rigging the jib didn't take long and then I installed an Rx and checked that the rudder and winch operated correctly. They did, but I was using my Hitec Optic 5, a basic but quality Tx that I use for the HydroPro, but I could only get 80mm of travel on the sheets as opposed to the 115mm required by the instructions. You can increase the end points by using a screwdriver, not ideal, but only on Channels 1 and 2 and as the winch is on Channel 3 then no good.

So I had to use my quite expensive Hitec Flash 8 Tx which is OTT for a yacht (and in fact for the Faireys which I bought it for, but as we know they are primarily designed for aircraft) but it has lots of adjustments on all channels and a 30 model memory. I couldn't get 115mm but I got 110mm which is close enough.



When fitting the sheet to the jib, the instructions said to run it from the clip on the winch cord and through the two eyes in front of the mast. Doing this, the sheet was rubbing on the base of the mast, so I routed it through one of the eyes taking the elastic, which didn't introduce much of a change in direction.

Just some tidying up of cords left to do and then it's ready for the water. This may have to wait though as the battery pack in the Tx isn't charging/holding a charge, using it's supplied charger. I'll try my smart charger and if that doesn't work it's a new battery pack, drat!



Edited By Chris Fellows on 27/04/2021 13:53:03

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