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Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter

Possible next project

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Dave Cooper 630/05/2021 14:42:57
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Little and Large - the 50% mock up (left of main structure) is still providing a useful reference...

little & large.jpg

Ray Wood 230/05/2021 19:34:53
2418 forum posts
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Hi Dave,

Wow that's put it in context !! She's going to be BIG

Good luck & keep us posted.

Regards Ray

Dave Cooper 630/05/2021 21:55:18
290 forum posts
29 photos

Hi Ray,

Yes, even with a removable keel I think it will weigh a bit - I'm already planning the launching trolley !



Dave Cooper 611/06/2021 16:32:56
290 forum posts
29 photos

Think I'll be attempting some planking soon. I'll probably take Ray's advice and use Balsa strips as an initial step.

bow shot of frames.jpg

Dave Cooper 611/06/2021 16:34:05
290 forum posts
29 photos

stern shot of frames.jpg

Dave Cooper 612/06/2021 11:20:11
290 forum posts
29 photos

I have some 'gunwale' blocks in place - bow and stern at present to give the structure more stability. Thinking of continuing this all the way around 'top-sides'.

I'm feeling my way into planking and will probably start top-sides (with carvel) and then move "up" towards the keel whilst still inverted...

Shortly, I'll need to decide on mast step, steering and motor positioning.

Edited By Dave Cooper 6 on 12/06/2021 11:22:05

Dave Cooper 624/06/2021 12:41:05
290 forum posts
29 photos

Adding in the gunwales /inwales has produced some reflex curvature (plan view) into the topsides. It's all still very rough at present but I'm not sure whether to remove it now, or, wait until the frames are faired in ? Any thoughts welcome...

gunwales & inwales.jpg

Tim Rowe24/06/2021 13:42:48
564 forum posts
562 photos

Hello Dave

In my experience it is always best to correct errors as soon as you find them. This helps to stop them compounding. Sod's Law means later errors never cancel out but double!

I am having to do quite a bit of fairing up on the Thames Barge Kimberley I am build to the Veronica plan. I was very careful to cute the frames out accurately. The deck line and the chine lines came out clean but there was a nasty hollow in the aft sections where the curves of the section transition into the chines.

Unwanted hollows are bad news for two reasons:

The first is that you cannot sand the hollow out. You have to sand down the high areas all around and very soon you will run out of hull thickness. Slightly high spots are easy to deal with as they can be sanded down. They often occur where the planks are bent around the frames and do not take a fair curve. Clearly there is always a limit to how much material you can remove.

The second is that when painted, hollows (concave) surfaces stand out like a sore thumb from the light reflections whereas slight variations in convexity are hardly likely to be noticeable.

My planking is balsa starting with 2 layers of 1.5mm balsa which gets around the curves very well. Some high spots have been taken off the first layer but the hollows were filled with a lightweight filler. The first layer is probably about 80% fair and the remaining 20% I can get by sanding the second layer. The final external planking is 1mm mahogany.

It is worth taking the time to get the fairing correct. The shipwrights of old would never let anything pass through that was wonky!

You will probably end up doing planking in your sleep.

Tim R

Ray Wood 224/06/2021 14:03:09
2418 forum posts
849 photos

Hi Dave,

I agree with Tim on correct bulkhead shape's, but as I think you are building by eye, it's very difficult to get the shape right by trial and error and not from a drawing

But in my experience all is not lost, The planks won't follow your hollow sections they will curve nicely round the bulkheads that are correct and while planking packing pieces can be added to give the plank a fixing/gluing point.

If you plank up from your building board to the turn of the bilge, you should get nice topsides

Only thing is to remember is how you get her off the board ? when the hull is complete.

Regards Ray

Tim Rowe24/06/2021 14:43:28
564 forum posts
562 photos

Hi Dave

Ray is perfectly correct. You may however find that a frame is high in which case you can shave a bit off so it could be a combination of the two processes. Trial and error it will be but you will get there. Just remember to do the same both sides!

Tim R

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