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Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter

Possible next project

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Ray Wood 207/04/2021 14:29:01
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cullbw1.jpgHi Dave,

I'm great fan of balsa as you can cut your own planks from a sheet, say 3/16" cut to 3/8" widths, or obeche which I use a lot for framing. If your going to glass cloth on the outside & inside with ply keel & frames dont worry about it not being strong enough, it will be my 39" Cullamix is balsa planked and has 25 lbs of cast iron for ballast.

Keep us posted, Regards Raycull dec 16 001.jpg

Dave Cooper 607/04/2021 21:39:28
290 forum posts
29 photos

Nice model Ray.

I'll give balsa and obechi a test on the also sounds promising - if only for it's 'ding-proof' protection.


Dave Cooper 601/05/2021 17:32:35
290 forum posts
29 photos

Build progress :

Just finishing some amendments to the stern frames (7, 8, and 9). This has necessitated a revised transom /rudder on the 50% mock-up.

First five half-frames in progress at 100%. Mainly using the re-profiled 50% starboard side ones as templates.

Made contact with an on-line colleague in Oz who has nearly completed a 56" pilot cutter. He reported that he had far too much hull displacement and now wishes he'd gone for a lower displacement design...(he needs a trolley to move it around and to launch it !).

Hopefully, some progress photos tomorrow.

Regards to all,

Dave C

Malcolm Frary02/05/2021 10:21:01
1010 forum posts
Posted by Dave Cooper 6 on 01/05/2021 17:32:35:

Made contact with an on-line colleague in Oz who has nearly completed a 56" pilot cutter. He reported that he had far too much hull displacement and now wishes he'd gone for a lower displacement design...(he needs a trolley to move it around and to launch it !).

Archimedes knew what he was talking about.

A 50% increase in size of a boat makes it over 3 times as heavy, if it was a heavy model to begin with..............

Dave Cooper 602/05/2021 10:49:29
290 forum posts
29 photos

Hi Malcolm

Yes, it's the old linear-to-area-to-volume game.

I did suggest a removable keel to him (as he can't lift the boat without a car jack and ramps), but, he thinks they look "ugly".

I think they can be made to look acceptable - if properly engineered. (I intend using one as opposed to 100% on-board ballast). Anyway, it'll be underwater so, unless you're a scuba diver....!



Dave Cooper 604/05/2021 13:37:05
290 forum posts
29 photos

Nearly there with the 50% mock-up. Frames 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 have been re-profiled and re-sized.

50% mock-up nearing completion.jpg

Dave Cooper 604/05/2021 13:41:34
290 forum posts
29 photos

Work has begun on the 100% frames, 1 thro' 5. As I'm 'hand-fretting', have decided to bolt the frame halves together to shape identical port and starboard profiles.

100% half-frames in development.jpg

Dave Cooper 622/05/2021 17:06:40
290 forum posts
29 photos

At last, a full kit of parts for the hull. Now where did I put that building board ?

100% kit of parts.jpg

Dave Cooper 627/05/2021 22:22:55
290 forum posts
29 photos

Blast and Damnation ! : Wouldn't you know it - after setting up the keel, stempost and sternpost bang on datum, I installed the two Frame 5 halves to give the whole structure some stability...(largest frame mid-ships).

Despite 'pegging' the two halves whilst the glue went off, the frame halves slipped 3mm out of register. I think a fix will be a small amount of re-profiling to re-match the halves. Also, for the other frames, I think I'll join them first, prior to installation !

Oh well, lesson learned. Thinking back, as I was packing the rocker at Station 5, there might have been a small amount of 'out-of-flat' on one of the packers - I guess this could have set up some internal stress against the keel and then the slippage was the result.

Now I know why Ray does his frames as in the photo for the Cullamix

Dave Cooper 627/05/2021 22:49:03
290 forum posts
29 photos

A quick calculation reveals that a 3mm error in a hull of 42" LoA is rather insignificant. In fact, the Windows calculator jumped straight into 'Scientific' notation...

OK, I'll stop berating myself now !

Photos soon...


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