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FREE Bespoke Model of WWII HMS Diamond

Looking to giveaway a bespoke 6ft scale model of WWII HMS Diamond

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ashley needham24/10/2020 17:47:49
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Topside washed down and looks better already! Probably needs one or two more goes.

Inside stripped. Motors work ok, one makes....brushy?? geary?? noises....going one way, but seems ok the other way. Will be careful when putting them back to match the rotation of prop and motor.. The cases will wire wool and varnish to look like the standard sort of plated black finish.

The MacGregor set works, or at least, one servo sort of turns and the other cant quite, but it should work ok once I get a new receiver battery box, one of those plastic 4x AA holders. The original has three wires and is set up to work as a pair of AA`s, and one single?? It has connectors unlike the modern `standard` servo plugs, and as it is a bit of a collectors item I don`t want to cut these off, so will go for a new servo/esc/receiver.

Propshafts out. Nothing wrong with them other than the tubes were filled with a really sticky black grease and were actually stiff to pull out! They need cleaning out somehow. Servo for some reason was sited way forward, and had a really long thin and unsupported rod. As it has ends on it and there`s nowt much wrong with it I may re use in conjunction with a bit of plastic `snake` sleeve for support. OR I may move the servo quite a bit further forward seeing as I have cut out the old (balsa) servo mounts.


Paul T26/10/2020 11:24:06
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You are right about there being collectors for old RC equipment and, as you say, your MacGregor is in very good condition (it would suit someone with a vintage pond yacht)


Keith Long26/10/2020 14:39:12
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Hi Ashley, I've just had the same problem as you with a propshaft tube full of black sticky grease. I cleared it by standing the boat (Model Slipway Conserver) on it's stern and pouring about a half cup of white spirit through the tube. I caught the outflow in a small container and put it back through the tube for a second wash. It seems to have done the trick as putting the shaft through doesn't force any more gunge out and the shaft is now free to turn.

Your model is somewhat longer than Conserver so you might have to use some flexible tube to connect to the shaft tubes to do the wash through with your model horizontal. White spirit seems a pretty good solvent for shifting greasy and oily muck, and is relatively benign to cured painted surfaces.


ashley needham26/10/2020 16:57:16
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Cheers Keith. I will probably try the tube/white spirit thing.

The actual shafts were in perfect condition with not a spot of rust, and have been blackened by some process. I have a pair of 45mm 4mm thread three blade brass props (handed) that will go on nicely.

At the moment, on its side, it looks a right mess. Stripping in progress, one side at a time. I have had to go up the grey bit after all as there are cracks just above the waterline where the thin ply joins the solid base. I think it may mean that my fibreglasscover will have to go just above the waterline, and I make the boot-topping wider than it was so that the glass covers these splits.

At the bow I need a large scrape of filler to smooth over the transition again between bottom, ply and plank nose.

It is a shame I cannot turn it over but I darent bugger up the railings, which are all in good condition barring the ends.


Edited By ashley needham on 26/10/2020 17:02:27

Andy Stone 128/10/2020 01:27:50
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Hi Ashley, remember what motor mechanics used to do before the elaborate car lifts came into being ?


ashley needham28/10/2020 08:18:18
6757 forum posts
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Do you mean a pit Andy ? Or using a rollover cage??

As it happens, the bottom, being very solid, only needs to be lightly stripped and sanded. There does seem to be a strip of something half way across..might be steel, but that can remain untouched.

It would be easier if there were no portholes in the side, but there are, plastic ones drilled through. If they weren’t there it would be an easy (or at least, more straightforward) thing to glass the whole lot .

i did see some stick on portholes somewhere, gold rimmed and grey or silvery in the middle that looked smart, but don’t think I could get the existing ones out without much damage.

The current grey is not the original paint, like the bright red bottom. Originally it was a lighter blue/grey with a dark red bottom.


Edited By ashley needham on 28/10/2020 08:18:45

ashley needham29/10/2020 16:06:09
6757 forum posts
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Can you believe it but the old ways are the best. Hot air gun and scraper deals with bottom easily, removing all paint although to be fair it is just a flat plank.

I have been thinking on the glassing. It will leave a ridge and this may be hard to disguise, especially as getting as crisp a line as I would like will be tricky, so.

In view of the substantial construction, I am just going to scrape filler down the side using a big wedge at one end and a wide scraper. This will level everything out AND hopefully join up so the remaining grey paint seamlessly.

As per snaps. The remaining paint scrapes on the side represents hollows. Eventually, one issue will be deciding exactly what shade of grey to use, the upper works being a bluey-grey.

I have created an #hmsdiamond album for those remotely interested, although it might be a bit boring.


Edited By ashley needham on 29/10/2020 16:08:29

Ray Wood 229/10/2020 17:30:40
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Hi Ashley,

Good work as always, now you plane some off those corners and give her a better shape ? They didn't have flat bottoms 😀 only an idea as usual 👍

Regards Ray

Andy Stone 129/10/2020 20:15:39
8 forum posts

Actually Ray they do, once you get underneath a ship in dry dock once past the bilge they are surprisingly flat, you should see an aircraft carrier from underneath, you pretty near need a torch.

Regards, Andy

Ray Wood 229/10/2020 22:07:29
2089 forum posts
736 photos

Hi Andy,

I know part of the bottom is flat'ish but the hull should not be slab sides with a square corner, this could easily be made more scale like at the stage Ashley is at now , obviously when she's afloat it makes little difference 😀

Regards Raycoss bilge strakes 180919.jpg

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