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Adhesive advice please.

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Roy Parkes12/10/2008 18:36:00
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My kit suggests the following:

Epoxy prop shaft and the like.
Super glue for plastic to plastic, wood to wood and plastic to wood.

I thought that PVA for wood to wood and solvent plastic cement for plastic to plastic, plastic to wood really not sure.

Any other suggestions?

chuffy12/10/2008 20:13:00
24 forum posts

Roy, for plastic to wood try super glue, impact adhesive either thixotropic or the runny stuff, if the plastic is non oily and well keyed  PVA and glues like Bison and general modeling purpose glues, also epoxy glues.

ashley needham12/10/2008 20:14:00
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Roy. Tricky subject, everyone has thier own method which they stick to (pun) . I am not sure you could get a concensus amongst the gathered wise men as to the correct choice of sticky stuff. What kit are you making ?  this might have a bearing on the advice dished out,.... Ashley
Colin Bishop14/10/2008 19:15:00
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Superphatic glue from Deluxe Materials (the Roket range people) will bond plastic card to unsealed wood. Not something i would have thought of but I saw it done very effectively at the supplier's premises today. Need to leave it overnight to set though.


merlin28/10/2008 12:04:00
34 forum posts

A wacky idea I know, but solvent weld adhesive as used in plumbing for plastic pipes will stick wood to plastic extremely well, used it many times,but like all adhesives that disolve plastic Use Sparingly!!!   it is quite cheap comes in a reasonable quantity and you can get it from almost any hardware/diy type store    Method of use give wood a coat let dry,that wont take long, thin coat on the plastic clamp together till dry, bond is made pretty quick so make sure all is ready,if more time required do not let wood coat dry to much.

This type of adhesive should not be confused with a styrene plastic solvent adhesive.      Cyano(superglue) will also work well but will breakdown if not totally protected (painted), if subjected to constant moisture, that said I always use it for propshafts with to date no problems   


mick30/10/2008 22:39:00
127 forum posts
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hiya roy parkes

 i deal with a firm up north  they are very helpful they even sell odourless superglue

 try starloc five star adhesives fmk in  runcorn  they do mail order or if you live near 

you can pick up  they are on ebay as wgrhglshp  hope this helps mick

i usually  use car filler p38 on shafts but its a different  thing for  others

Mike Davidson04/11/2008 12:41:00
157 forum posts
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 Hi RoyI have been mAaking a scratch model from anything in my bits box where I have an abundance of balsa wood and ply offcuts together with brazing rods and bought brass strip and sheet, so I have run across the problem of which glue to use many imes .The windows of my lifeboat have a frame rivetted to the cabin shell, and I thought best to make the frame fromplastic sheet, so I found out purely by accident that balsa ceent stuck plastic to ply wood very well indeed, the reason being that the balsa cement was a solvent for the plastic, and the liquid plastic bonded to the rough surface of the ply like you know what to an army blanket. If there was any advice I could give you about using adhesives, I would say,ensure that surfaces to be bonded should be immaculately clean and the surface to be bonded should be keyed by roughing it up with a light abrasive. personally, my favourite is a two part epoxy resinbecause it never fails. For anything metal, I always use silver solder, and for wood of any sort, I use PVA glue.

 Have a play, and use up scrap bits as test pieces , glue them together and see what turns up, see how the adhesive reacts with the material you are using and put the results in your memory store for future use

Ron Burton09/11/2008 14:52:00
2 forum posts
I am building a model tug Lady Wooes from Mobile Marine Models. I am trying to find her history. Where built etc: Can anyone help.
ashley needham09/11/2008 17:37:00
7121 forum posts
206 photos

Roy, are you taking all this in ? told you everyone has their own take on glue!  let us know what ship and what materials you have to deal with.

Ron. Start a seperate thread, get more looks then     Ashley

Mike Caswell10/11/2008 14:22:00
16 forum posts

Here is an article on using adhesives etc. for models


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