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James Hill 506/07/2020 10:28:27
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Morning Harry, thank you for your reply. More welcome information to digest. I can see now how much has changed since I was last modelling boats.

As for the TID. there`s` no problem with that power wise as I run it using a 6v lead acid sealed battery driving a 540 motor through a gearbox I made myself and so far it`s worked well. All that`s required on that is a good clean and service various parts and it should be good to go.

Many thanks,


James Hill 506/07/2020 13:43:16
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Hi all, further to my earlier first post , I`ve been looking at various batteries, speed controllers, battery chargers etc.

I quite like the look of a Vapex 5000mA NiMH 9.6v battery, a Vapex smart easy charger, charging 4.8v----12v NiMH race batteries.

Speed controller either an MTRONICKS Viper marine15 boat ESC or the Hobbywing 60amp Quicrun, as suggested by Harry Smith earlier.

Is this a combination that would work or a non starter? It would be nice to know as boat electrics at the present time are something I`m trying to catch up on and understand.

Can I also ask if the cable connections are compatible or would they need sorting as well bearing in mind my controller is a Futaba. I don`t know how much that side of things have changed over the years.

Many thanks,


Dave Milbourn06/07/2020 14:20:02
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It would be nice to know as boat electrics at the present time are something I`m trying to catch up on and understand.


This article was written with folk such as yourself in mind Model Boat electrics Since it was written I've been told by others that it's actually rather useful

An updated version of the article 'Radio GaGa, first published a few years ago and now entitled 'The Naming of Parts' was in the pipeline when MB had to close down. It should appear in the near future and describes the nature and functions of transmitter, receiver, servos and battery as well as a few assorted add-ons and some suggestions about what type of radio you should look for.

Do take care when ordering your speed controller - there are TWO Hobbywing 60A Marine Speed Controllers. The one you require is the brushed-motor version. I think the Viper 15A might be a bit borderline for that motor. For batteries, cable, connectors, chargers and all that sort of equipment you won't find a better UK supplier than this company Component Shop

BTW your Futaba Attack is compatible with all current R/C electronic devices such as speed controllers, so you'll not need to change any plugs.

Dave M

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Edited By Dave Milbourn on 06/07/2020 14:27:33

James Hill 506/07/2020 15:24:18
43 forum posts
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Hi Dave, many thanks for your reply.

I was looking through the Component Shop website before my last post and then posting my list.

Not sure , but I think the speed controller was the brushed type but I`ll check. When it`s time to buy, I would certainly put forward my thinking and listen to any other suggestions they might give me.

Thank you for the info on the Futaba. I`d seen mention of other connectors, eg Tamiya, so just wondered.

Can`t think of anything else to ask at the moment.


ashley needham07/07/2020 15:49:07
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Jim. You were not meaning battery connectors were you? There are several of these, easily swapped.


Dave Milbourn07/07/2020 17:20:31
3998 forum posts
282 photos
Posted by ashley needham on 07/07/2020 15:49:07:

Jim. You were not meaning battery connectors were you? There are several of these, easily swapped.


See photos 3 and 4 of the article on model boat electrics.

Dave M

James Hill 508/07/2020 11:13:10
43 forum posts
20 photos

Ashley and Dave M, apologies for not replying sooner.

The connectors I was referring to were the ones on the ends of servos and speed controllers etc. I have a Traxxas speed controller on the tug connecting with an Acoms rudder servo and they are a fit. Obviously Futaba make a slightly different connector which aren`t compatible. I n my ignorance I first thought that they were all the same style.

Dave M, I read through your article on Model Boat electrics and I too found it very useful, so many thanks for that.

Thank you gents for your continued help,


Malcolm Frary08/07/2020 18:22:02
892 forum posts

Servo connectors use the industry standard spacing for such things, i.e. 0.1". That standard made life relatively easy when designing circuits for stripboard because you could draw on 0.1" graph paper.

While the pins always have the same spacing, and usually the same wire order, some manufacturers like to be a bit different. To that end, they add a bit of extra plastic to the plug. But we are modellers and we are mostly allowed access to sharp knives, and a plastic tab is easily removed.

The difficult part follows - first, remembering that the black wire goes to the outside edge, and then inserting the thing on the pins rather than between them.

James Hill 508/07/2020 21:45:53
43 forum posts
20 photos

Hi Malcolm, thank you for your reply.

That`s another bit of information that was new to me.


Dave Cooper 608/07/2020 22:04:24
163 forum posts
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Back-tracking the thread a little, and just a quick addendum on the NiCad latest information is that whilst they are illegal to sell, they are still legal to use. I use one in a RC slope soarer glider powering just the Rx and two control servos.

Having said that, they do suffer from the 'memory' and 'black-wire corrosion' problems and are not very planet-friendly !

I think they still have a use on the bench as a temporary power source for testing, but, one by one, my models (including the little RAF launch) are now converted to LiPo power.

Connectors: (Power) I suppose everyone has their favourite(s) - I am slowly standardising on the "XT60" type, but have gold-plated 'bullet' connectors in one model. Both work well. I find the bullets are easier if you need a quick change. (Radio) I'm slowly standardising on the Futaba colour code as I find this the least confusing...

Good luck with your project,

Dave C

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