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Colin Archer 1:15 scale

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gecon21/06/2020 18:57:53
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Hello, and I'm sorry, I did said I would not bore everyone (how many is that I wonder?) with a Colin Archer thingy. But....

having had another quick look at the parts list while waiting for Fisher 34 epoxy to cure and reading that a bearing for the anchor windlass is refered to as a....'tarpaulin' I said to myself..."this has to be made public". All formed plastic parts are called a "plast steep". This reminds me of 'Roger Bacon's yuckspeak library' in Flight International Mag.

How has anybody managed to produce a finished Colin Archer RS1 ? Finding parts is like going on a treasure hunt. I can understand why a certain lifeboat-keen forum member lost heart and sold his kit.

Getting this Danish version of Norwegian history to be a waterbourne product is going to cause some new adjectives to eminate from my home shipyard/kitchen table.

Another issue of 'never min the quality, feel the width' I fear.

Hope I feel better tomorrow,


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Ray Wood 221/06/2020 20:31:36
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Hi George,

Don't worry about the instructions, you know what it should look like complete plastic mouldings are a pain, but it does build into a lovely looking boat in the end

Practical Boat Owner this month has an article regarding Fishers, PM your address I'll send it to you.

Regards Ray

gecon25/11/2020 07:48:30
504 forum posts
427 photos

As mentioned on the 'soapbox' I've ended up with another Colin Archer model. Not because I think it's so great but merely that -for me- it seems to tick all the boxes. Now that I've done so much on the scratch build Fisher, I'm no longer afraid of a kit with scanty instructions. At least all parts are already there! -contra drawing them on a piece of wood and cutting them out.

Buying the same kit again when the first one has only just been started on as a bit 'nuts' but, after looking around for another build and considering the prices here in Norway buying an abandoned, not-started kit is value for money AND environmentally freindly! There are several different CA models in the RS1 size of 46' so there is room for variations in the next kit.

For me, the Colin Archer is the right size, can take a wave or two, can sail in a breeze, can motor in 'no breeze', fit's in the car (just) and is not too heavy to lug around.

This kit has existed for many years so I expect that there no members here who are interested in a build log on it. I intend to complete the Fisher 34 build log but I won't be 'nagging the forum' with the Colin Archer kit build. If anyone wants to ask, I am of course I'm keen to tell what I learn from the build...if I can remember!


gecon17/05/2021 08:54:31
504 forum posts
427 photos

20210517_085838.jpgThe Colin Archer is now up from cellar storage and moored in the flat's store-room/dry-dock. Some basic internals were epoxied in place last year. The cross-members have been loosely fitted to the hull. Some of them are a bit bent, having been stored in some other cellar -or loft- for years.

I hope that building a kit will not be as labour-intensive as the scratch-built Fisher. However, due to the scanty instructions, a lot of time will be needed to study the drawings in order to find out what's going on. I am irrespective, looking forward to the build. A lot of ballast and R/C fittings have to go into the hull before the deck goes on so it'll be a while before there's much to report. I seem to remember promissing not to write a build log on this due to that anybody even remotely interested in the Colin Archer -built it years ago! I'll try to keep relatively quiet.

I'll be using just 2 winchservos -each with enclosed drums. No long internal winch lines will be needed -just sheets to each clew. The two smallest sails will probably be self-tacking via 1mm elastic cord attached to a 'horse'.



Edited By gecon on 17/05/2021 08:55:45

Chris Fellows17/05/2021 10:43:53
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I for one will be following the build George.

The number of views will tell you if folks are interested or not even if they don't post! There aren't enough build blogs!


Eddie Lancaster18/05/2021 10:17:34
849 forum posts
644 photos

Totally agree Chris.


gecon19/05/2021 10:17:04
504 forum posts
427 photos

Having re-read some of my Fisher 34 build-blog I note that there's a lot of 'talking to myself'. After Ray said that this was actually permittedyes and was probably good Covid-therapythumbs up, it got even worse!

In that I actually have two identical Colin Archer kits in store, I will be writing my own building instruction sequences on the PC -so that I can follow my own instructions in case I do actually start kit nr.2.

Perhaps I can restrain myself to just writing a log (not a babbling-blog) of the completed sequences, err.. I'm talking to myself again.

Time will tell,


neil howard-pritchard19/05/2021 21:43:46
1933 forum posts
1756 photos

oh , a babbling blog is so much better....then you don't miss any of the important points that you have to make.

I had one of these kits given to me by the wife of an old friend who sadly died from ahlziemers, and please dont castigate me when i make a jolity of it, as it was with humour that i got through the trauma of my mum dying from it 15 years ago, after 9 years of downhill suffering.........we all cope in our own way with the disgusting desease. and mine was to make fun of the desease, and its consequenses, and not the person who, you love and doesn't know they are suffering..

But when i got the Archer, almost every part of the wooden deck beam support ladder was held together I presume by gravity and dear old friend had probably forgotten to put the glue in the joints, but he was a tryer, eveN to close to the end, but half the time didn't know what kit he was working on next..........never were two kits in all his collection that i sold for the RNLI complete, and had to go through them all to sort them out........think he knew and sent me the task of sorting them whilst driving me crazy,

and so i sold it at the blackpool show along with all his others with all funds going to the RNLI, as he would have probably desired, as he was a ships captain of deep sea cargo vessels during his life,,,,,,,


and so i will be following this build to see just what i missed,

Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 19/05/2021 21:58:44

gecon21/05/2021 08:10:34
504 forum posts
427 photos

20210521_080135.jpgLight-ply bulkheads have been added forward of the motor platform and aft of the main mast. 6 kg of iron shot has been 'poured' in. Some thickened resin poured over it. Glass cloth laid on and then more resin to seal the cloth.

The ballast area will then be covered by a removeable light-ply deck with space below for about another 1kg ballast.


Chris Fellows21/05/2021 11:11:48
999 forum posts
648 photos

Photographs and blogs are so useful. I find myself referring to them quite often to see how I did things on previous builds.

Rambling is an essential ingredient!


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