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Spektrum radio

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Brian Dickinson 121/06/2020 08:21:43
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Spectrum dx6i

I am looking for a rc system and there are a lot of the above on ebay second hand.

Has anyone experience of these units?

Are they any good?

All help appreciated.


Ray Wood 221/06/2020 09:12:26
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Hi Brian,

I expect they are as good as any of the other brands on the market ? but you have to say why are the owners selling them? they must be cheaper but your not getting a guarantee . I find the new cheaper radios are as good as any the Planet 2+2 is a good non computer set for £40

Regards Ray

Tim Rowe21/06/2020 10:06:38
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Hello Brian

The Spektrum DX6i is an entry level programmable radio for many aeromodellers and there are many more of those than there are model boating people. A 7th or 8th channel is useful when you start adding feature such as flaps and working undercarriage. Complicated gliders can soak up a lot of channels as well. We tend to use far less channels and probably most only need 2 basic channels like Ray suggests.

There is a lot of snobbery around concerning radio gear but Spektrum is the most used and a recent poll showed that there nearly as many Spektrum users as the rest of the brands put together.

The DX6i (there are quite a few versions over the years) is programmable. It has model memory so you can bind a particular Rx to a memory and all the setting for that model are retained and you can't operate the wrong model by mistake. This is useful if you have lots of models. You can also programme the end point of servo travels. Marginally useful for motor boats but very useful for sailing boats with winches or lever arm servos.

I have two second-hand bought from Ebay. Two because I gave one to a friend for his yacht. Make sure you know what mode you are buying as I don't think the DX6i has the option to change. Sonmeone may correct me on that.

Planet got good reviews if you only need a basic set.

Tim R

Dave Milbourn21/06/2020 10:55:53
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It has model memory so you can bind a particular Rx to a memory and all the setting for that model are retained and you can't operate the wrong model by mistake.


Please can you confirm this? My understanding of programmable model memory - as featured in my Hitec Optic 6 and Aurora 9 sets - is that the model settings are retained only in the transmitter so that any receiver bound to that Tx will respond to any of the different memory settings which are called up. Maybe the Spektrum is different.


I can concur with Tim and Ray about the Planet 2+2. It's well-built, has two very useful extra channels and is exceptionally good value. I bought one for my grandson's SLEC Police Launch.

Dave M

Charles Oates21/06/2020 10:56:48
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This is one of those questions where if you ask 10 people, you can get 10 different but valid answers. I've been unlucky with Spectrum, and would never have another, others love them. The cheap Turnigy sets and clones have a remarkable variety, but the simple and cheap set has never failed me. For better gear, I'm a Futaba fan.



Edited By Charles Oates on 21/06/2020 10:58:16

Ray Wood 221/06/2020 11:24:13
2357 forum posts
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Hi All,

Yes I did buy a Spectrum radio a good few years ago, but as Tim says there seemed to me at the time no way of putting the throttle on the right hand stick as I fly mode 1 so I sold it !!On

Brian, have you had the Brit in steam yet this year ??

Regards Ray

Edited By Ray Wood 2 on 21/06/2020 11:27:20

Colin Bishop21/06/2020 12:03:25
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My DX6i is as Dave describes. You can't lock an RX to a specific model setting.


Brian Dickinson 121/06/2020 13:31:13
245 forum posts
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Ok. The info is helpful thank you.

Lookin at the Ariel some are snapped others have lost pins. So this lead me to look at new versions. These have fixed moulded in ariels which have over come that problem by the look of it.

I would like to have it so the receivers are selectable with fixed parameters so I can select models - three yachts and a garden gauge loco / or two So if this is not possible then it’s no good for me

Ray yes I have had it in steam after making required changes to piping and valves also fitted steam operated drain valves to the cylinders

Lock down has been so helpful with spare time in finishing things off 🤗

Even managed to get my traction engine ready for the wheels fitting


Brian Dickinson 121/06/2020 13:39:01
245 forum posts
135 photos

Tim. I miss read your post. You can have different rx selectable to models.



Dave Milbourn21/06/2020 14:14:08
4025 forum posts
282 photos

There seems to be some confusion over the use of the model memory function. Please can I explain it - at least as far as I know it from practical experience of my Hitec and Futaba sets?

The required parameters for a given model [e.g. servo directions, throws, differentials etc] are programmed into the transmitter and then given a model name. You can set up as many as ten or more different sets of parameters on the same transmitter and give them all different names.

When you wish to operate a particular model you select the corresponding name on the transmitter when you switch it on. The receiver in the model will then respond to those settings. If you were then to select a different model memory on the Tx then that same receiver would follow the new settings i.e. the memory is set up in the transmitter, and any receiver whose frequency has been bound to that Tx will respond. No model memory data is 'held' in the receiver.

In practice then you would set up Yachts 1 - 3 [assuming that they all require different settings] and Locos 1 and 2 as model names on the transmitter and then select whichever model-memory name corresponds to the model you've chosen to run.

Dave M

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