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Fairmile D - help needed

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David Hepworth 115/06/2020 01:35:38
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Hi all

I'm building a 1/24 scale Fairmile D.

Everything going fine so far but i've hit a snag which, hopefully, the more experienced can advise me on.

The Fairmile D superstructure is quite a modest affair and therefore the hole in the deck it conceals is quite small and gives limited access when removed. There's enough access to change batteries and get at the electronics but, if I needed to replace a motor, i'd be snookered.

Question you folk ever fit the deck and hope nothing fails, or is there a more cunning way of retaining access. Is there a practical way of making the whole deck removable and, if so, how do you make the 'seam' invisible?

Thanks in advance


Ray Wood 215/06/2020 07:32:13
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Hi David,

It rather depends how far you have progressed with the build ? Large areas of the deck can be built in situ with sub frames at an early stage, more difficult if the deck has camber on it, I use this method with cling film so the deck/hatch can be removed after construction.

I never had a motor fail so far, but normally test the drive set up early on to make sure all is well 😄

Good luck with the build, and welcome to the forum 👍

Any pictures of your build will be welcome.

Regards Ray

ashley needham15/06/2020 07:57:40
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Hi David and welcome to the forum.

Like Ray, i find that the motors tend to last, its access to the motor/prop connection (u/j or whatever) is more likely the trouble. Also if you need to change the prop you need to hold the other end of the shaft.

Similarly the steering gear, access thereof.

No chance of hiding ahatch under a ....something...raft/gun and so=on?


Edited By ashley needham on 15/06/2020 07:58:32

Malcolm Frary15/06/2020 09:51:40
995 forum posts

There is quite a lot of gear on the aft deck, which should be very amenable to hiding the join of a removable panel. Also good for hiding the screw heads holding it down on its gasket. Anything mechanical is, at some time, going to need access for attention.

Ray Wood 215/06/2020 10:18:22
2374 forum posts
831 photos

Hi David,

This is the access for Mtb 71, there is a screwed down panel at the stern for the deck mounted rudder servo.

The centre hatch is where the engines are on the fullsize, my planking joints are so bad you couldn't see the join 😄

Regards Rayimg_20200615_101045.jpg

Dave Cooper 615/06/2020 11:01:59
287 forum posts
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On my little RAF Rescue launch (1/48 scale). I made the main superstructure removable. Space is quite tight inside...

This gives access to Rx, motor, coupling, top end of shaft, speed controller and LiPo (battery pack). Rudder access and servo linkage was more difficult. I fitted a separate screw down hatch at the stern for this at a later date.

It was easier for me as, being an own design, I made a lot of it up a I went along....I wouldn't worry too much about deck joins etc showing as once it's out on the water you won't be able to see them !

Have fun,

Dave C

harry smith 115/06/2020 11:43:15
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Hi David

A flush deck setup like I made for my Corona Cabin Cruiser works very well.

Checkout my Albums on lift out decks.

I first did this setup on my Eileen fishing boat which has limited space as per your boat.

Harry Smith

AKA Canabus

David Hepworth 116/06/2020 08:23:15
10 forum posts

I'm thinking an 'aft' deck hatch is the way to go.

Thanks for the advice

-Ray Wood " planking joints are so bad you couldn't see the join" smiley

-Dave Cooper "I wouldn't worry too much about deck joins etc showing as once it's out on the water you won't be able to see them !" wise words.

David Hepworth 116/06/2020 08:46:06
10 forum posts

Next thing...

I'm running with 4 props & 4 motors (brushed Graupner 600 Eco).

I currently have them all on a single ESC. This works fine on the bench but i'm reading about folk that split port & starboard motors off different ESCs, and using differential throttle to help with slow speed steering.

Would I see much benefit from this or is it over the top?

If so, would you recommend just doing it off two joysticks or using a 'rudder mixer'?



Ray Wood 216/06/2020 09:27:28
2374 forum posts
831 photos

Hi Dave,

This must be quite a large model with 4 X 600 motors ?? 60" ?

I can never see the benefit of separate throttles for normal boating, the real thing would have used the rudders I guess most of the time 😄

Keep us posted it sounds like an interesting build.

Regards Ray


Edited By Ray Wood 2 on 16/06/2020 09:28:06

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