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ashley needham20/06/2020 09:24:44
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See, there is an issue here in trying to get those visual cues in.

I have seen a couple of red two funnelers with three or four masts, which would be distinctive however I may not have the hull length to put 4 masts on without it looking like a wood!

Could make the masts thinner I suppose.


Colin Bishop20/06/2020 09:39:13
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6067 photos
398 articles

How about blue funnels with wings?


or red, white and blue?



Chris E20/06/2020 11:44:00
102 forum posts

I have never thought of masts as being all that important on most ships. Yours are heavy & too have more might make it look like one of those modern tall ship cruise adventures

There is always the SS Rotterdam which did appear with a black hull but whether you could make it suit the style of your basic hull................... .

SS Rotterdam 1

Rotterdam Black Hull

ashley needham20/06/2020 18:10:51
6590 forum posts
144 photos

Colin. Like the blue, but the hull is also blue? couldn't bring myself to make an American liner..

Chris. Yes nice ship however I am not sure you could get the two tiered lifeboat look which appears to be one of the defining features. The masts are a bit heavy but only to fit with the "easy" ethos of the build (two bits of dowel), it is possible that smaller masts would appear to be too much in scale and thus out of scale with the rest of the non-scale build....does that make sense??

I think that a.n.other top would have to be something from a similar vintage to suit the side window/deck layout.

However. Boating by bike/car&walking tomorrow to test out the Mintanic!!! I am anticipating a bit of wobble. I HAVE made the box now (so NORTY) but there is room for bilge keels of a decent size if required.


ashley needham21/06/2020 17:55:06
6590 forum posts
144 photos

Ok. So, a bit later at the pond due to rain but nice at 10 ish, and remained sunny.

Mintanic went really well. Not too much rolling, however it was grossly overpowered, as on full throttle the nose was in the air and the stern below the surface. This looked funny other than water then cascaded over the rear replacement 385 will be ordered. Dry inside otherwise (and it wasn't bad).

I may fit bilge keels on it perhaps as its easy and I have room in the box.

Pictures look good on the water. A couple of the slightly further out pics look just like the real thing??

Ashley    couple more snaps in Mintanic album








Edited By ashley needham on 21/06/2020 17:55:27

Colin Bishop21/06/2020 18:58:34
4517 forum posts
6067 photos
398 articles

Remarkably effective Ashley, I'm impressed. I think I slightly prefer the red top but both are good.

Pond looks OK too.


gecon21/06/2020 19:09:45
187 forum posts
185 photos

I like the one with four yellows and the White Star Line flag. You could cut out a pic of my grandfathers Titanic hammer and put in on deck -for added realism.

I agree Colin, lovely pond!


Chris E22/06/2020 11:14:37
102 forum posts

Very nice - I have a slight preference for the QM as well.

In the photos I think that she gives the impression of being larger than she actually is. I seem to remember that she had to fit in a 24in long box which would suggest a length of around 23in and a beam of around 4ins. She looks larger.




Edited By Chris E 1 on 22/06/2020 11:15:15

ashley needham22/06/2020 11:26:30
6590 forum posts
144 photos

Thanks chaps. I am quite happy with it, and it looks as intended (smart, sharp paintwork, looking a bit like something it should do). I am going to remove a few portholes from the bow. I will leave the first one, then remove the next two to leave a group at the rear ( of the bow).

The Red funnels do give it an edge as they are more striking? With the red funnels it does actually look more like the SS Paris, and I think I will make a little French flag. The Paris is nearer the period..started 1913 but not completed until 1921) and the sides of the superstructure are a good match for the Titanic, not to mention having cranes forward! Although, and I have not done any looks like it may have been remodelled at some stage, anyway....

The boat is about 22 inches with a beam of just over 4. As there is nothing in the photos to scale it against then of course it is difficult to estimate true size. eventually it will appear alongside the Titanic and all will be revealed!



Edited By ashley needham on 22/06/2020 11:34:37

ashley needham23/06/2020 17:31:26
6590 forum posts
144 photos

NIce sail this afternoon!

Note steam pipes on Mintanic funnel, much better, removed portholes and froggy flag on the "Paris" top!

Am going to paint the bottom red.






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