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ashley needham15/06/2020 08:16:36
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Thanks Neil. Trying to keep it simple!

the lifeboats are in place now and they have busied up the top deck nicely. Resisting the urge to add more stuff however the fo’c’sle looks a bit too bare and perhaps I might make two anchors to put on deck, as the original had two spares one right at the bow and one stbd side (from memory, but you can just about make them out on the Titanic snap). Copper wire, soldered, painted black. I know it’s not much, but the eye will be drawn to them as they will be on the light brown deck.

Only the portholes and square windows to do now. Looks like a nice day so I will take the plunge and spray them on in the morning.


ashley needham15/06/2020 12:06:46
6592 forum posts
145 photos

Deep joy, the portholes have arrived.

however I am jittery regarding spraying the square windows using the square-hole metal plate I have.

it is one of those things..get it just right and it will look ok, but it could be ‘orrible and smudgy requiring another repaint....

What to do?. I may try the masking strip tricks and painting on black lines.


ashley needham15/06/2020 17:32:43
6592 forum posts
145 photos

Almost finished now. In fact I have done a tiny bit more to it since the snaps were taken early afternoon.

The black holes went on very easily using a pair of very sharp tweezers and masking tape as a guide. It has to be said they are a bit big but that's just how it has to be. On the water they will sort of merge together and give the right porthole-y appearance. I have varnished them with clear gloss varnish to stop them being washed away.

The bridge windows will be squared off a bit with the delicate application of some white paint and that will look a bit better.

Last snap, sorry Colin, I know you liked this ship, but it seemed rude not to make an alternative top....







Edited By ashley needham on 15/06/2020 17:37:23

Chris E16/06/2020 08:32:25
103 forum posts

Very impressive. Keel laying to ready for sea trials in little more than a week.

Portholes are one of the things that has always put me off passenger ships.

Edited By Chris E 1 on 16/06/2020 08:33:00

ashley needham16/06/2020 09:06:21
6592 forum posts
145 photos

Chris. It Is basically a ply box.the bits are all ply and I used quick drying white primer/black/gold paint. In this weather it’s easy really! Know what you mean about proper model portholes.

For my big Titanic I made a template and used a permanent marker which worked well, however it didn't work this time hence the black dots. I didn’t put portholes on the Titanic as the hull is black and at a distance portholes are invisible unless lit up. I have white/silver/gold dots available now and was thinking of dotting the hull but it may be too much.

Not entirely convinced about the dots on the bow BUT without them it didn’t look quite right either. If necessary I can scrape a few off and repaint, and again, it was not meant as a scale model.

i may bath test it today to sort out the static ballast, for which I have cut pieces of lead to fit the pockets on the floor of the hull, but there will be further adjustment once I see it moving. Particularly the two 1800’s battleships I built have to sit slightly nose up when stationary as the nose dips when on the move.


Chris E16/06/2020 09:51:13
103 forum posts

It may be "basically a ply box" but I am still impressed with the speed of build & I enjoy quirky models.

I hesitate to criticise other peoples builds, and I know that it is toy scale, but it is the portholes on the bow that grabbed my attention as well.

As you say add a good few feet away on the water & it will look different.

Chris E16/06/2020 12:17:29
103 forum posts

You know how ideas come to you when you are doing something completely different? I suspect that the bow porthole area is where I look for the name of the ship as used by the two Queens although I know that the Titanic had it lower on the hull although the Mintanic might not..

Edited By Chris E 1 on 16/06/2020 12:18:20

Tim Rowe16/06/2020 16:15:31
405 forum posts
440 photos


You have the Union Flag upside down. Most flags when flown upside down are a recognised distress signal ( which I suppose on this subject could be quite apt) Others could view it as treasonable in which case I hope the moat is flooded around the Tower of London so you won't get too bored! wink

Or maybe you are testing us?smiley

Tim R

ashley needham16/06/2020 21:37:12
6592 forum posts
145 photos

Chris. Correctamundo. The Titanic name is on the black bit. I have not put the name on it although I have 3mm sticky gold letters left over from the titanic as I , well, you will see next week..

Tim. Whoops, well spotted. I will rectify...HOWEVER as I understand it there is no official rule as to which way up (as it were) the flag is flown. However as most people want to see it broad white up next to the pole I will do a quick cut`n`paste. Actually, it is too big and I will make another one. I thought it was a bit too big when I glued it needs to be about the same size as the White Star flag.

C`est finis now. (other than the flag)

Notice the cunning black pinstripe indicating the separate decks and relieving the slab sided look of the superstructure. I have squared off the bridge windows, and added some half portholes to the roof bits.

A distant view has been included not to show the overgrown state of the garden (sorry, the luxurious growth) but to show that at any distance the bow portholes lose the prominence that the close up gives them.

As usual with close ups, the very small wooden bits are not as sharp as larger bits of wood, and I could have spent longer on them but couldn't be bothered for the purposes of the build (easy).

I have tested it in the bath and ballasted the boat for the stopped condition, and tested the propulsion. My word!!! is there some whoosh or wot out the back. Just possibly this is a "standard" 540 and not a 6-15V type, but hey ho, at Bushy we do not like the word "underpowered" , we will see as the bath test is usually very misleading.







Edited By ashley needham on 16/06/2020 21:39:12

Colin Bishop16/06/2020 21:57:48
4517 forum posts
6067 photos
398 articles

Well, I suppose if you are just about to run into an iceberg then flying a distress flag might be appropriate.


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