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TYNE Class Lifeboat build

step by step build of a semi kit lifeboat the RNLB WILLIAM STREET of Fleetwood

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Bob Abell08/06/2020 08:30:32
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Worse things happen at sea, Neil


neil howard-pritchard08/06/2020 13:50:58
1576 forum posts
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they certainly do, Bob...…….one ruined my daughters early career in the merchant navy.....

neil howard-pritchard09/06/2020 16:45:22
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I was doing a little tidying in a round about way this afternoon, although it looks messier at the time being until I get the abrasive paper out.
firstly I had concerns for days that the middle piece of tube holding the two mid sections of the trim tab pivots might at sometime grow weak and drop off leaving the trim tabs themselves to fall out of position.
so I made 3 "U" clamps out of 26 gauge wire, drilled for the wire to go into the hull, and then glued them in will need a shark to bight the ass off the boat to dislodge the tabs now..unsightly..maybe..unseen, absolutely not!
secondly, when I fixed the rudder tubes..I didn't push the tubes through the wood enough for them to protrude sufficiently through the hull.
so I cut a little piece off the tube I had spare....cut around the surrounding existing tubes and glued, with two part epoxy the new, to the old, and then filled in with car filler..img_5223.jpg


I will sand later when the filler has cured.

Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 09/06/2020 16:46:42

neil howard-pritchard09/06/2020 23:10:31
1576 forum posts
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this evening I started to reinforce the flanges and raised mounting for the cabins. they were too wide and flimsy for my liking and so I cut and carver the rounded top edged to fit into the curve of the grp mouldings.

I then drilled 574 holes in the top of the flanges, to cut down and mount the obeche inserts underneath.

The grp will be sanded down to the timber once all strengthening inserts are glued in.

I am using 30 minute epoxy so might be up till late this evening, lol.


neil howard-pritchard10/06/2020 23:06:00
1576 forum posts
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jeese, that was a stressful 3 hours......

needed to fit the "A" frames for the prop shafts and tubes.

measured up from the plans and drilled firstly for the "A" frames.... Simples or so I thought.

drilled the slots for them to fit through and then "tacked" them in place with cyano at the correct height.... and then measured the positions for the prop tubes to fit into the hull.

I drilled for these to go through the hull and taped them in...WHAT A MISTAKA TO MAKA. They looked as though they were launch pads for rockets they were so high up in the hull.

back to the drawing board. I then tried to take the shafts out, and for some reason one had stuck in the tube...… I pulled and tugged at it, one of the legs came adrift...…...oh bummer!!...into the workshop and light up my torch.

got the silver solder out, to find that I was trying to solder over soft solder...… chance ..all I was doing was soldering onto a dirty joint.

And so I had to clean off all the soft solder......but strangely, no matter how much heat I put onto the boss, the leg would not come off, so can only presume that one leg was silver soldered, the other soft...….anyway, after cleaning the joint the wayward leg went on pretty easily with silver solder. job done.

So back to the boat...…….repositioned the entry holes for the prop shafts to give a far shallower entry into the hull. tacked them in with masking tape on the outside of the hull, including the now redundant holes and set all in place with 30 minute Zap epoxy.

later tonight whilst having a beer I will back all this up with polyester filler.






neil howard-pritchard11/06/2020 00:54:18
1576 forum posts
948 photos

just filled in from the inside around the prop shafts and the "A" frame stubs on the inside of the hull. the exterior filling will be done tomorrow as I have had enough tonight,and the prop shafts and tubes are nicely aligned and free turning. this area around the shafts and "A" frames will also be filled tomorrow and then sanded smooth. Then, once all sanding has been done, I will then, fit the launching skeg. I purposefully left this till last so that I had more room to work on the rest of the running gear.




Bob Abell11/06/2020 06:17:53
8954 forum posts
2824 photos

Hi Neil

She may look like the Ugly Duckling at the moment, but we all know the end result......

In the words of Danny Kaye........

A Swan.....A Swan

Keep up the good work, Matey, but take it easy, these late nights.........etc


neil howard-pritchard11/06/2020 15:55:50
1576 forum posts
948 photos
Posted by Bob Abell on 11/06/2020 06:17:53:

Hi Neil

Matey, but take it easy, these late nights.........etc


best TV is on late at night Bob, lol...….and peace and quiet to have a nice beer or a drop or two of red wine...….usually Australian from the Barossa or Clare valley wineries.

neil howard-pritchard12/06/2020 01:12:05
1576 forum posts
948 photos

it was now time, after cleaning up all of the surplus filler around the "A" frames and prop tubes to fit the launch/uphall skeg.

I marked centres on both the wooden skeg and the rebate on the hull where it fits, and then drilled for 4 brass pegs. these were fitted to the wooden skeg which was mated up with the hull and again drilled.

using 30 minute epoxy I glued both together.

once set I filled the end in that I had made the mistake of not making the skeg long enough with two pieces of obeche of the same width and glued again with epoxy.

tomorrow I shall fair in the skeg to the hull., before sanding back to make it a smooth finish.





Bob Abell12/06/2020 07:03:13
8954 forum posts
2824 photos

Hi Neil

I do like the way you go about things

Making drastic moves and improving things

As though you know what you're doing!............That was a light hearted compliment btw

Keep up this aggressive assault and enjoy yourself!

If you can spare the time, take a look at my latest fiasco

Just chaotic fun!


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