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old metallic paint

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gecon18/05/2020 13:27:31
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I have used some old Ca. 20 yrs! Testors Model Master chrome silver Paint. It does not seem to be driying 100% . Very slightly tacky to the touch. Used it to get a polished steel look on the stacions and pulpits.

Can I paint over it with clear enamel do you think? I seem to remember that Humbrol metallics don't 'like' being painted over. This is not Humbrol and not metal flake but it is very shiny! -and tacky!

Any (polite) suggestions ?


ashley needham18/05/2020 14:16:03
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George. If it dries tacky you won’t be able to paint over it.

You can get “driers” which you use to make oil based paint dry quicker, or help old paint dry,!

How much are they? Don’t know, But good chrome finish paint is not easy to find.


gecon18/05/2020 22:36:47
188 forum posts
185 photos

Oh, oh, sounds like I'm in trouble here. I'll have to start thinking...for once. It's painted on brass so I could scrape it all off again. It'll be a mess though. the pulpits are now epoxied onto the deck. Think, think, think, hmm...tired now, going to bed -2335 in Norway. Start up again in the morning.

Cheers, George

gecon19/05/2020 07:12:02
188 forum posts
185 photos

It may just be wishfull thinking but, today the silver paint seems to be slightly less tacky. I'll wait a few more days before doing anything at all. It's not a chrome paint but a very shiny silver, with a few fingureprints on it -after holding the pulpits while glueing in place! Not noticeable at 1 metres distance.

Getting on with the rest of the details this week and pretending not to notice the pulpits. After all, it's only stand-off scale, "all-white-boat" (AWB). Uncompareable with most of the beautiful creations seen elsewhere on the forum.


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ashley needham19/05/2020 07:52:07
6599 forum posts
150 photos

Sometimes old paint can take days to dry! I would leave it a week really...if it’s still tacky then, it’s no good so wipe it off with white spirit/thinners.

Don’t be put off by the apparent perfectness of the boats you see in pictures. Not all boats are perfect, but obviously boats in a mag or at shows are likely to be that much better that average.

Dont belittle your creations as “only” stand off scale, all mine are! (No comments please). My top tip for holding your own is good preparation. Make sure everything is flat, smooth and well sealed, sand, sand and sand again. Ensure your paintwork is nice..flat, run-free, sharp on the edges. Never use the words “that will do”.

I will repeat my favourite tale of bad paintwork. Seen at a model steam boat show at Kew steam museum..massive ..6 foot perhaps paddler. Fabulous detail, but a boot-topping (the white line at the waterline above the anti-fouling) looking like it had been free-hand painted. Atrocious! Wonky, variable thickness. I walked past it. All that work ruined for the want of a bit of masking tape! It would have looked better without the line.

Snap. Shiny paint. 15 coats of varnish well flatted between with wet’n’dry paper. Not hard, not difficult. No special skill required. A bit time consuming, that’s all...mainly just waiting for the varnish to dry.

dscf1047#sunglasses please (2).jpg


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gecon19/05/2020 08:31:00
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That's shinier than my chrome silver!smiley Now, where did I put that paint scraper…? I'll give it a few more days before doing anything drastic.



Colin Bishop19/05/2020 09:28:04
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When I was checking on chrome paints for the pulpit on my Swordsman kit I did read that a lot of the really shiny metallics can take a long time to dry or perhaps we should say cure. A week or more was mentioned so don't be too hasty.


gecon19/05/2020 18:38:27
188 forum posts
185 photos

Many thanks Colin,

As I mentioned early this morning it seems to be 'curing' as you suggest. I'll be patient!



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