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Fisher 34 motorsailer

R/C near scale yacht

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gecon19/07/2020 15:26:19
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Update 14th July: F34 hull received a second coat of gloss without sanding down the 1st coat -as per instructions on the tin. Today the hull was wet sanded with 240 and 400 grit. Looking better now. Not sure how much more elbow-grease will be deployed on the hull finish. Starting to get impatient -want to move on to some more fiddely stuff above the waterline. No new photo of sanded hull...looks the same as above!

Many thanks to Eddie for the hull finishing info earlier. I have not wet sanded since repainting my 1967 Lotus Elan S3 Carnival Red in......1973crook.

More gloss white next week, maybe the whole hull painted white with simply blue lines for W/L mark and boot top strip. Maybe I'll have blue 'antifouling' on the hull section below the W/L.

Suggestions (polite varietyangel) accepted with thanks.


Colin Bishop19/07/2020 15:45:57
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My 1:1 scale yacht had the usual white hull with light blue underwater antifouling and a royal blue boot topping , a colour scheme which I thought was quite smart.

The boat also had a narrow dark blue  'pinstripe' round the hull just below deck level to accentuate the sheer of the hull.



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gecon19/07/2020 19:16:54
421 forum posts
352 photos

Thanks Colin, my 1:1 Fisher 34 had a 'sand' hull (as pictured in Album). The hull colour was already decided when I stepped in to buy her. I would have chosen white with blue trimmings if I had been able to. That's why I have chosen white/blue now. My mood when I've done all the white will decide if I will apply yet another two layers of paint -two coats of blue 'antifouling'- or if I take the 'quick fix' and just add automotive -Halfords type- stripes in the W/L - boot top region!

My add-on wing keel is now in white undercoat. I may apply blue to that first and see if it helps me with the decision.


Colin Bishop19/07/2020 19:46:22
4876 forum posts
6087 photos
407 articles

It's nice to have the choice, there are lots of attractive alternative colour combinations. Personally I think that a boot topping diividing the topsides from the underwater body makes for an attractive colour scheme and breaks up the 'bulbousness' of a typical yacht hull very well. Let us know what you decide,


gecon20/07/2020 17:18:58
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20200720_164201.jpg20200720_164214.jpgOoops! Did a tank test today at my daughter's house "pool". The F34 is already floating to her intended marks! The drive batts are on bord as are the extra keel and 2 kgs of ballast to represent what needs to be the rest of the payload. I am only guessing that the rest of the construction will weigh 2kgs. I don't suppose it matters if it's 3kgs though. The hull VERY round bilge so another kg will probably not 'sink' it much more than 0.5cm. Post a photo if i can.


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gecon21/07/2020 13:44:58
421 forum posts
352 photos

20200721_140647.jpgAfter the 'W/L establishing session' yesterday I realised that most of the hull will in fact be below the W/L and will be BLUE. So the hull got a coat today. It's a very dark blue, a bit too dark maybe but I didn't know that until I opened the tin this morning. Hope the trout at the lake like it.

I'll see if I can jazz up the boot top area with a blue stripe or two. That will be automotive (car!) tape.

Depends a bit on where the W/L is when the wheelhouse is built and the masts, sails, anchors, seagulls and crew are aboard.

About 1 kg more than I had on board yesterday should be enough to cover all the extras. I guess that will 'sink it' another 0.5 - 1.0 cm . I feel I've been hogging the forum too much -again-20200721_140639.jpg so I'll wait until the hull is done before posting anything more.


Ray Wood 221/07/2020 14:44:40
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Hi George,

Good to see your making progress there are not enough build blogs on here in my opinion !! I hope that doesn't mean nobody is building ??

I bet your anti fouling wasn't that glossy! but blue and white boats look great.

The online suppliers have never had it so good I'm told by a reliable trade source

Regards Ray

Eddie Lancaster21/07/2020 15:07:53
807 forum posts
604 photos

That’s a great finish you have got there George.



gecon23/07/2020 08:21:21
421 forum posts
352 photos

The finish is definately for 2 meter mask-and-blinkers corona-viewing but it will have to do. There is still some more paint to go on which may help a bit.

Ray, the anti-fouling is the very latest in barnacle repulsion. When the barnacles and other underwater 'thingys' see their own reflection in my shiny hull they get a scare, do a 180 and scuttle over to the nearest matt-painted TSB hull they can find. It's also much cheaper than copper plate! In addition, the Fisher is now getting so heavy that the just few barnacles will probably sink her!

I'm sharpening my mini-saw blades today and removing all the non-structural wood I can get at.

Three family birthdays over the next 2 days so painting is forbidden less the cakes should absorb an unpleasant anti-bac flavour.



gecon29/07/2020 15:18:07
421 forum posts
352 photos

After a closer look at some photos of the original (full size) Fisher I note that surface of the underwater hull was far from a smooth finish. Either the anti-fouling, or epoxy gel-coat protection under it, had an allmost hammered-metal look on the surface. So, on went yet another coat of dark blue, this time with a 'smooth-finish' mohair roller. The finish, although non-scale shiny, now looks like the original 'hammer-antifouling'!

The mess involved with oil based paints/cleaning brushes etc is not compatable with my building facilities so further painting of hulls or largish boat sections will in future be done in acrylic/water soluble paints. I have bought an airbrush and the white topsides will soon be sprayed with Tamiya or Billing acrylic.

This is yet another detail which I have 'found out' long after everyone else! Photo of Fisher hull will appear when then is something new to look at.


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