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Fisher 34 motorsailer

R/C near scale yacht

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gecon07/04/2021 21:16:46
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The rather over-dimensioned, plywood frames I have used on the Fisher has also taken up some space which could otherwise have been filled with lead/iron shot.

The Colin Archer -especially the ABS one- has a good bit more bilge and internal keel space for the ballast, than the Fisher. There's also a lot of gear and winch sheets in the Fisher! So much so that I can't work out how I could move the two drive batteries further aft - without moving them higher up as well. The desire to make a scale wheelhouse and aft cockpit also has reduced the choice of where to install gear.

I may -later on- be able to change the under water hull keel profile a bit by adding a deeper, Nauticat 33 type of keel to the underside of the Fisher keel. Maybe I will be able to find someone in Norway who can mould one for me in lead or zinc.

As usual, I have no experience to fall back on, so the main goal for now is to try to avoid a capsize before I get a chance to even try to sail it. Some of the lakes here are very, very, deepthumbs downcrying 2

The best would be to build another one to the plans size of 46" And I'm not goimg to do that!

A new keel will appear in a few days! Hope I don't get too much flak!


gecon09/04/2021 22:38:38
461 forum posts
387 photos

I've been a bit hampered today by a requestangry 2 to paint a couple of walls in the entrance hall. This evening has been devoted to admiring the new colour on the walls and generally appreciating still being alive -and together.

I have also just been studying photos of full size Fishers and it looks like that the antilfouling/boot top line on my model is too high from amidships and towards the stern. I think that during the painting session, I was too focused on/concerned about  the yacht being heavy and I ended up painting the waterline higher than it should be.

My usual policy is "If it's not broken, don't fix it". Although, as most of us do, I try to avoid building mistakes AMAP, It looks like I have made the mistake of "fixing a problem" which wasn't going to arrise!

I'll complete the keel adjustments during Saturday. It looks like cold, but quiet weather on sunday, so I'll try for an L-CoG check on water. On reflection, it seems to me that stern only  needs to go down <1cm, but the antifouling paint line needs to go down much more! This will have to wait until the weather gets a bit warmer. Not sure if I can scrape off some of blue paint or if I just have to paint over it with white. May not be easy to make it look good. We'll see.


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gecon10/04/2021 21:23:40
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20210410_215514.jpgStill some fairing and filing to do on the new keel, but ready at least for a longitudinal CoG test on the water, Sunday.

The rake angle was drawn at 60* but ended up at nearer 65*. Managed to bend two legs P&S to within a few mm accuracy so I considered that to be 'OK'. Used the original two hull-holes for the fastening bolts. Glue-on wheel balancing (zinc) weights will be used if a bit more aft weight transfer is needed.

I hope the resulting CoG transfer will level it enough to avoid having to paint a new waterline mark. The original plan was -in fact- to have some boot top showing, but it was suposed to be parallel to the W/L!

If all the above works out OK, I will try to make a fairing in thin aluminium sheet to cover most of the visible steel. So that the whole contraption looks more like a fin keel -as apposed to a bit of scaffoldingsmiley


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gecon11/04/2021 21:19:54
461 forum posts
387 photos

On the water today. Little wind, but good enough Wx for testing. The new raked keel gave the required weight shift so no need for more ballast at all. And no need to repaint the waterline mark.smiley

I had my Roam 3 hat-mounted camera at work while I tested the drive motor and bow propeller with all sails furled/reefed. Good turn of speed and the bow thruster worked impressively -and audibly! Back on land to hoist the sails for sail tests and my grandson asked me if I wanted to take off the lens cap for the next filming session!embarrassedcrook.....20 minutes of 'sailing by night with sound' on the ScanDisk!

The sails were badly creased after several days under the sail covers so won't reef the main and mizzen very often.

Got plenty of 'footage' after that. There'll be some photos of it all when I get them from my grandson's drone and son-in-laws's a day or two. Anyway it all worked well. A few refinements will be done on the new, raked, fin keel and the luff sliders for the sails.

The problem with loss of receiver power seems to have been solved by using dedicated Rx batteries instead of the BEC.


Eddie Lancaster11/04/2021 21:46:50
843 forum posts
644 photos

It’s a nice feeling when all that work comes together in a successful sail, even when it needs a few more tweaks, looking forward to seeing the pictures.



Chris Fellows11/04/2021 23:03:56
985 forum posts
643 photos

Great that the raked keel did the trick George. Saves having to mess about with moving the keel back etc.and you can use the time more productively in fettling the new fin now.

Looking forward to seeing the pictures.


gecon18/04/2021 16:06:50
461 forum posts
387 photos

I had partially encapsulated the ugly keel plates only to discover that I have managed to squeeze the forked bit at the top so that it did not fit over the width of the keel any more. Film crew had ordered a new lakeside session so had to hack at the epoxy filler a bit to open up the keel fork so it fitted across the hull keel. A bit of a nuisance but not difficult to fix. The next cold spell will see the keel off again and a new dose of filler to fix the demolition work of this morning.



gecon19/04/2021 19:26:18
461 forum posts
387 photos

Oops, I will be painting the new shiny wing keel asap. Reflecting like mad from 25cm below the surface!


gecon21/04/2021 14:58:37
461 forum posts
387 photos

20210421_152812.jpg20210421_152907.jpgThe shiny raked keel (Moonraker?) has now been removed and the galvanised angle irons have been ecapsulated in 1.5mm aluminium sheet and strategically faired with lightweight epoxy filler.

There is lots of discussion about painting alu' and/or galvanised steel. Some say rub it down+degrease it and just paint it. Others say special undercoat/primer must be used. I've bought a rattle-can of alu'/galvan' primer which will be tested outdoors in a day or two when the wind calms down a bit. It'll get a dose of the 'standard' dark blue alkyd/enamel ca.24hrs. after that.


Chris Fellows21/04/2021 16:47:40
985 forum posts
643 photos

Apart from the reflection from the keel the boat looks great on the water George.

Keel is looking a lot better now!


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