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Fisher 34 motorsailer

R/C near scale yacht

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gecon31/03/2021 23:41:08
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I was inspired by Neil's fisherman anchor-stowage last week.

Made stowage chocks for the reserve plough anchor. Chain's a bit shiny though....we'll say it's all stainless steel as aposed to galvanised.

There'll be less 'hogging' of the album space from me after the launch. Will post a few sailing photos -I hope- and then close down this scratch-build log/20210401_002546.jpgblog.


Colin Bishop01/04/2021 10:03:57
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I think we have all found it interesting George. It's a great looking model.


Tim Cooper01/04/2021 12:12:57
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I'm sure we have all found your build interesting. Like to see the pics on the water.


gecon01/04/2021 14:48:46
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387 photos

20210401_150508.jpgLaunched at 1245 local time. A slight offshore breeze took her sedately away. Sailed very well in fact. Had wedged my Contour Roam 3 action-cam in the wheelhouse doorway on a foam base. So have 10 minutes of video. Post a couple of photos from the PC screen. Get something onto YouTube eventually. 20210401_150437.jpg

After about 5 minutes on the water the 'lady' inside my transmitter voiced several times a warning about LOW receiver power. I did not realise what 'she' was saying until I had no control of the boat! Luckily after my son in law started taking off his jeans to start swimming, Fiffi turned for the shore! Took several minutes of turning with the wind before I could wade out and get her. One photo shows my waders off the port bow just before retrieval!

At home when I swithced on again to do some tests everything worked perfectly. Wiggled the swithches and wires but could not reproduce the problem. So I do not yet know why the Rx low battery warning sounded. The transmitter screen showed that there was 0.0v in the receiver immediately after the shut-down, but back at home it was again showing the expected 5.0v from the BEC system.

I should have tried swithching the Tx off and on again at the lake -as my grandson suggested. Might have had a longer sail today.

May try everything again tomorrow as is. I considered some months ago to use a dedicated RX batt instead of BEC. So if the problem crops up again, it'll be twin batt-packs for the Rx. I have two speed controllers so I can try the BEC from the other controller.


Chris Fellows01/04/2021 15:01:55
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Hi George

Sounds as though your system for the rigging worked Ok, even if only for a short sail.

Meant to ask, what method have you used for bolting the keel on?


gecon01/04/2021 19:41:05
461 forum posts
387 photos

20200811_233706.jpg20200414_200955.jpgHi Chris, if you mean the genoa sail, yes it worked just as I'd hoped. If I'd utilised the whole internal length of the hull I'd have achieved another 5cm of sheet travel each side and that would have been perfect. The Fisher will not sail close to the wind so it does not matter if the genoa cannot be sheeted tight into the shrouds.

Post photos of keel from my album. Keel is boltet through the hull. The wing is the same as on the Comtesse yacht from Krick. The 'legs' are galvanised angle-irons! Four equally spaced carbon rods were drilled through the keel and through the iron/20200414_200946.jpglead shot ballast. I used the two holes which gave best balance and covered over the other two with cloth and resin -and paint!



Edited By gecon on 01/04/2021 19:45:14

gecon01/04/2021 20:16:48
461 forum posts
387 photos

As mentioned earlier today -after the Rx power fail- I have now decided to eliminate the BEC circuit to the Rx and I have fitted a dedicated Rx battery. I remember reading somewhere that som BEC supplies do not 'like' lots of winch servos on line. Don't know why I received Rx battery low and subsequent shut-down AND everything worked normally when tested back home. The same winches were 'online' at home too!

A bit too cold for lakeside investigations and I was glad to have retreived the yacht so scarpered back to home base. Should have tried switching the TX off and back ON again instead of standing there with my thingies submerged in cold water and waiting for breeze to do something helpfull!

Reminds me of ... "when you're up to your a*se in crocodiles it's not easy to remember that your mission was to drain the swamp"!

Off for a new test sail tomorrow. This time I'll keep the Fisher nearer shore so the water does not flow over the tops of my waders!


Chris Fellows01/04/2021 20:17:08
985 forum posts
643 photos

Hi George

Yes, the genoa, glad it worked Ok, it looked pretty complicated!

Thanks for the keel info. I will start building the Fisherman 27 motor sailer before too long and am still thinking about how to attach the keel.


Tim Rowe01/04/2021 20:36:06
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Hello Gecon

A wonderfully successful project.

I think you are on the right tack installing separate Rx batteries. Winch servos can draw a lot of current.

It is not surprising that the set-up worked at home because when the winches are simply "on-line" they are hardly drawing any current. You were not necessarily replicating the conditions afloat.

I would be very wary of turning the Tx off and on. The convention is that you always turn the Tx on before the Rx. This means that the Rx can immediately receive normal instructions to send to the servos depending on the stick position. If you turn on the Rx first, the servos can overtravel and strong winch can do a lot of damage. As a further safeguard I always position the sheet stick to fully out (in may case away from me) before turning on so that if there is any twitching of the servos, nothing is going to get pulled tight. On the IOMs, the sheeted-in position is very close to the main sheet post and jib sheet guides and even a trim out of position could mean over sheeting.

Tim R

gecon02/04/2021 08:17:35
461 forum posts
387 photos

Thanks to all for the recent encouraging comments.

Tim R: At home when testing, I have operated the winches in a way which I would say must be very similar to when the Fisher was on the water yesterday. But I agree not exactly the same. And it may be that during home-testing I was very close to getting a low voltage warning, but stayed just on the 'acceptable' side. Anyway I'll find out today if the dedicated battery gives normal operation -if the rain stays away. The battery is only 2000mAh so it may not last very long.


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