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Fisher 34 motorsailer

R/C near scale yacht

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gecon24/03/2021 08:21:21
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More delays,

the super 'boom sliders' I bought from CMB over a year ago are just that...BOOM sliders. They slide nicely in the BOOM slot. They are not however big enough to stay hooked into the MAST slot! They are made of nickel plated brass so I think I can file off the plating on the underside and solder on some brass wire to increase the diameter of the baseplate which is supposed to slide inside the mast slot. Trying to locate some small brass washers or thin plate but no luck so far. Already have brass wire,20210324_090622.jpg so will try that later today. Sliders shown here on luff of the mizzen sail.

Admiralty getting first Covid injection this morning.

Never a dull moment!


gecon25/03/2021 06:21:29
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The boom sliders where 'adapted' slightly yesterday. The base which fits into the boom slot was enlarged with some brass wire and solder. Could not source any thin brass plate locally but did cut a piece of 3mm brass tube lengthwise! and flattened the half-tubes into a 'plate'. then short cut-offs were soldered to the base of two sliders -as a test. Worked OK too but going for the soldered brass wire otherwise I have to fabricate the brass plate from 3mm tube!

Anyway the mizzen is 'in the groove' for the time being.

Looks like the leech curves 'concave' but it does in fact have a slight leech allowance = 'roach'. Considered having a more scale (larger) roach area but was afraid the sail leech might be too floppy and curl over. The sail cloth is very lightweight. These sails will be the first I've ever made so I expect a Mk2 version will be produced if the yacht is a sucess ie. floats!


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Chris Fellows25/03/2021 11:55:11
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Getting there George!

Of course it will float!


gecon26/03/2021 11:32:58
461 forum posts
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That's good to news Chris. Hope it's not 'fake news'.smiley..... I'm not known for my optimismfrown.


gecon27/03/2021 15:01:41
461 forum posts
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20210327_153523.jpg20210327_153647.jpgFiddled with the sliders and managed to make something which worked well enough. Sails can now be hoisted. Still a lot to get done before launching though. Forecast not that good, so may have a few extra days due to the wx. Took some quick photos. Allways a lot of 'clutter' in my pics due to not bothering to move items out of the way! Flower pots, lamps, salt &pepper etc. Will do some better photos prior to case they are the last photos above the surface!


gecon29/03/2021 18:35:04
461 forum posts
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20210329_175522.jpg20210329_175713.jpgGood glue-day today...did a lot of small fiddly jobs which have been on 'the list' for a while now. Have to do things in the right order though.

Many ready made items epoxied in place, bollards, fairleads, roller furling winch on port coaming.

Also took a chance on the silver paint and epoxied the pulpits to the bulwark cappings. No fingerprints on the pulpits this time! Guard rails threaded through the stanchion tops and 'stretched' in place.

Still some work to do before ready for floatation test at the local lake -or maybe the shopping centre water-park where I tested the Comtesse last year.


Edited By gecon on 29/03/2021 18:38:45

Edited By gecon on 29/03/2021 18:49:04

gecon31/03/2021 09:00:02
461 forum posts
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20210330_160852.jpgThe anchor windlass was fitted yesterday together with Bruce anchor and chain. Manual operating handle and a slightly strange stemhead fitting for the anchor were produced from car windscreen wiper bits. Fitting not glued in place yet because I'm not sure I'll use it.

Weather report is OK for the next couple of days so may well have a ceremonial launch tomorrow or friday. Not much breeze forecast -and I don't really want much either!

Trying to revive an old-ish Roam3 action kamera to see if I can get some onboard photos. A bit optimistic, but worth a try.


gecon31/03/2021 14:48:10
461 forum posts
387 photos

Whatching batteries being charged is as exciting as whatching paint drying. This particular job is a 'major event' for me prior to launch in a day or two. Looking out for any signs of smoke during charging!

One can just see the wing keel lingering below the hull....bolted on of course.


Chris Fellows31/03/2021 17:20:57
985 forum posts
643 photos

Your work has certainly produced a first class model George. It will look as lovely being displayed as being used. Looking forward to seeing it on the wet stuff!

You need a very small bottle of champagne!


gecon31/03/2021 22:36:03
461 forum posts
387 photos

Funny you should mention that Chris. At 1730 local time I was trying to locate a bottle! Couldn't fin a 1/12th scale magnum anywhere! The whatchman Chopper kindly donated his magnum of 'RHUM' which I think he nicked from the good ship Venus as a souvenir!

It's shown here at the ready. Not sure if the chocolate bottle will break though!


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