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Fisher 34 motorsailer

R/C near scale yacht

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Chris Fellows22/01/2021 21:46:07
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Hi George

The moon landing utilised less tech than this build! smiley


gecon23/01/2021 08:55:59
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....And with much smarter blokes doing the 'teching'.

Noticed a good bit of metal-to-metal noise from the propshaft. Might be the thrust collar is too tight against the end of the tube. Might be resonance. Now's the time to fire up the shaft greaser!

Talking about fire... I seemed to notice a bit of orange-ish light from the back of the speed 400 bowthruster motor. Only tried it for a couple of seconds. It's low down in the bilge below fuse boxes and servos and it's non-removeable!  Can a previously unused motor be orangey-red due to new brushes??

Might have to disconnect it and just keep it down there as ballast! I've blown some aerosol canned-air through the motor in case there's sawdust or metal particles causing the trouble. Might even be some resin on the impellor causing some resistance!

I'll do some more testing with that before I give up and disconnect the supply to the thruster. Fuse should protect other items if the motor stalls. 


Edited By gecon on 23/01/2021 09:11:36

gecon26/01/2021 18:18:28
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Trouble at mill.....

I first thought that I had installed a fuse (7.5A) which was already blown. I installed a new fuse, switched off the hall lights, applied power the the speed controller and saw a tiny white light in the new fuse -just as it blew! Interchanged the speed controllers to check that both were OK - and they were. So there is probably a fault (short) in the bow thruster speed 400 motor. Maybe I knakkered something when I first tried it?

Anyway, all seems OK if I remove the speed 400 from the circuit. I cannot get the motor out from it's housing in the bilges so that's that. No bow thruster function. Might try applying a low current directly to the motor terminals just to see of it turns but I don't expect much luck there.

Had enough mind games for today. If anyone has a good idea about the above then fire away.


gecon04/02/2021 10:17:16
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20210204_103815.jpgLot's of diversions so far this week, shovelling snow, gritting pathways++. Managed a couple of hours work on the masts each evening though. Half the time goes to trying to work out what's actually required and then moun20210204_103607.jpgting items in the right order. Good fun though -clean and glue and paint etc.

Some of the split rings were very difficult to attatch -due fingertrouble/wrong technique I suppose. Have made several sketches to workout how best to attach sails to rollerstay and masts. Have some sliders bought in 2019 from CMB.

Looking also at making sails with some built in camber.20210204_103532.jpg

gecon04/02/2021 20:21:04
497 forum posts
422 photos

Working my way up and down the masts today, hardly any interuptions for once. Cut the main and mizen booms to length too and added some rigging brackets. Expecting to be fully 'rigged' by end of Feb. Expecting to use most of March to design and sew sails.20210204_185012.jpg


gecon05/02/2021 08:45:53
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422 photos

Info about spars:

Due to available mast dimensions at the time of planning the Fisher spars in 2019, I had to choose the same dimension for the main and mizzen mast,19mmX10mm. The next available smaller dimension was then chosen for the booms, 12mmX8mm.

Could be that there is greater choice available in the UK but I had to order what I could get hold of here in Norway. Plenty of round alu' tube available of course, but I wanted a scale-like oval cross-section spars.

Not that I think anyone is even remotely interested! nerd

Just one more week of freezing Wx expected here, then we should be back to a '+' prefix before the temp' figure. Not that I think anyone is even remotely...etc. etc.

Wish all a fine weekend.laugh


gecon11/02/2021 06:41:10
497 forum posts
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The bow thruster fuction is now working. Located a short circuit across wires from a large filter placed across the terminals. Not sure that you even need these filters with 2.4ghz R/C.

As I have read elswhere, these small thusters make quite a bit of noise and resonance! 



Edited By gecon on 11/02/2021 06:54:07

ashley needham11/02/2021 09:40:45
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FGerorge. I am sure everyone is interested! It’s the sort of info you file away for the future.

The rigging and tackle looks great I must say.not me area of expertise, but very neat.

I felt for you regarding a possible non working dead bow thruster. A fair few of my models are compromised by the need for good access, but it does give peace of mind.

i might reiterate Chis’s comment re all the electricky stuff on the hull!


Edited By ashley needham on 11/02/2021 09:42:55

gecon12/02/2021 08:12:51
497 forum posts
422 photos

Hi Ashley, rigging/tackle not my area of expertise either. Don't think I have an 'area' -not even a 'dot'- unless maybe "long-winded replies"?

Next builds-in-waiting, 2 Colin Archer 'work-it-out-on-your-own-kits', will be less complex. Only one motor; less string and 'electrickery' below decks.idea

Lastest news:

    Admiralty has granted a temporary weekend-permit for essential aligning and rigging (of the yacht) to be carried out upon the kitchen table.   A bit too crouded to do it in the closet.     (deleted to invalidate inuendo complaints).

Safe weekend to all,

George.         PS, corks on spreaders are to protect eyes during build -not for floatation!




Edited By gecon on 12/02/2021 08:17:29

Edited By gecon on 12/02/2021 08:20:40

gecon14/02/2021 08:25:01
497 forum posts
422 photos

20210213_071132.jpgCame out of the closet -so to speak- on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately one or two incedences have hampered progress a bit but managed to fit the triatic stay and thread a few sheet blocks here and there.

New idea for roller furling headstay construction will be attempted today. Mothering Sunday in Norway combined with Valentines and "Shrove Tuesday" which is actually celebrated today on a Sunday will all cause delays in production.

Seagulls-view photos of triatic stay with mizzen spreader/tiebars and a general aft quarter view will hopefully appear below - above!



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