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Fisher 34 motorsailer

R/C near scale yacht

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gecon15/01/2021 14:05:04
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Just i few more bits of treadmaster to cut to shape now. A bit delayed today due to helping a elderly neighbour (even older than me!) to fix the lock on his friont door. Stepped the masts just for inspiration while i wield20210115_140022.jpgthe scissors for another hour or two.


gecon16/01/2021 16:00:57
497 forum posts
422 photos

20210116_155351.jpgThere was the usual Friday-delay yesterday due to Mrs Harvey from Bristol calling in with a creamy countenance. The treadmaster work then became a day late and the start of the rigging project is now postponed until Sunday.

The 'treadmaster' is now all glued in place. It makes the coach roof look a bit too busy I think. The original Fishers usually had 'lighter shades of grey' -or lighter shades of other colours. If Chris's OCD kicks in I might have to see if I can paint it lighter but, I think I'll just stop scrutinizing it and wait and see if it fades a bit in the summer!

There's slight cross-lighting from the top of the nav-lights so a matt black cap is to go on the top of each one. The navlight boards should have been slightly higher -or the light-lenses lower!

I'll spare us all for photos of thin bits of wire-and-bottle screws until it's all in place. I have not yet worked out how to make the roller forestay but have some ideas, so we'll see how it goes.


Edited By gecon on 16/01/2021 16:20:26

Chris Fellows16/01/2021 19:24:00
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It is a bit busy as you say George, due to the contrast in colours (and that's without the OCD!), though I guess the full-size boat had that amount.

Had to think about the Mrs Harvey comment for a minute, well a few seconds, as I thought it was cream cakes initially! Talking of which, no Fair(e)y cakes, but my wife did make some very nice blueberry muffins earlier which are yummy when still warm!

Model's coming on very nicely.


gecon19/01/2021 22:40:09
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It's getting even buisier! Decided that it would be best to install the R/C gear before the standing rigging. All that 'string' would probably get in the way of installation work.

After reading comments about fuses/no fuses, I have bought a couple of water-resistant in-line fuses to reduce the risk of it ll going up in smoke.

I think I have worked out a possible way to the make a roller furling unit for the genoa. Ordered in some parts yesterday. Googled all over the place for months now but only photos/drawings of full size furling gear on offer.


ashley needham20/01/2021 09:09:06
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I rather like the tiling, it looks quite striking.

i would not paint over it...I could see an issue with not quite getting the edges properly and it would be very difficult to do anyway.

This year when you are spending many happy boating hours with it in the sun, no doubt the darkness of it will fade a bit....


gecon21/01/2021 08:49:48
497 forum posts
422 photos

You're right Ashley. Even while I was writing about trying to paint over it I was regretting such a mad idea!

Yes we'll wait for the sun. I'm not so sure that sunlight will subdue the grey on the 800 grit wet&dry. There are so many other divergences from the full size version that I'll call it 'artistic freedom' and get over it PDQ.

I've got enough to do to get all that wiring and R/C gear fitted. The roller furling genoa system has also strained the grey cell somewhat but I have drawn up a plan -which might just work! Strange that I cannot find anything on this on google/youtube -or maybe it's because everybody else has more sense than to try such a thing!

It's not an important feature but, the idea was sparked last year by Ray writing about a sailboat with bare poles and that made me think of being able to furl and reef all sails for motoring. If it doesn't work, I'll revert to 'ye olde' wire forestay.


Ray Wood 221/01/2021 10:52:51
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Hi George,

Fullsize practice must be to have an aluminium tube round the forestay to which the sail must be attached and a roller drum at the base with a line and a swivel at the top, which is feasible. My only concern is how you would keep the tension on the sheet as you furl the sail, tricky I should say ? what material and thickness are your sails going to be made from ?

Regards Ray

gecon21/01/2021 14:47:04
497 forum posts
422 photos

The alu' tubes 5mm and 6mm arrived in the post yesterdaysmiley. The swivels, bottlescrews ++ were bought in last summer. The idea of a forestay inside the alu' tube has been scrapped due to difficulties i tensioning it between swivels placed top and bottom of the tube. The swivels will have an extra function as bearings which allow the whole tube to rotate and roll on the sail.

I'll post a photo of my rough sketch-plan. Not sure if it easy for others to decifer though! The roller drum will be a metal bobbin used for underthread on a sewing machine. These bobbins also come with sail thread sold by CMB.

Furling the sail will be done maually -not by winch/servo and therefore not under sail. Furling will be done by letting out both genoa servos and while stretching out the clew of the genoa by hand, pull in on the furling line which will be led aft to the cockpit via small brass screw-eyes on the top of the capping rail...I hope!

The sailcloth is from Amati via CMB. "sailcloth for modern yachts -bought it in 2019! It's quite light and thin and probably nylon.

Well, there's the usual long-winded reply! Haven't taken the photo yet as I thought I would spare everyone for that but as Ray is so keen!...... a photo will arrive!


gecon21/01/2021 15:44:17
497 forum posts
422 photos

Sketch showing idea for furling genoa stay. The plan is to use a 5mm alu' tube inside a 6mm alu tube. This should be stiff-ish and is light in weight. The 6mm tube has inside dia. 5.1mm !!

Have not managed to push the 5mm tube into the 6mm tube yet but working at it with WD40, stern-tube lube and 1200 grit wet&dry! There seems to be a good bit of alu' dust and gunge inside these tubes from the production process.

I'll may try warming up the 6mm and coolingdown the 5mm when I have ascertained the respective lengths of the tubes. The 5mm will be cut about 15mm shorter than the 6mm outer to make sockets to house the swivels/bearings. They'll also be a deck-level bottle screw which is not on the sketch.

Any comments or suggestions on this are welcome, as usual I'm only guessing at the construction method ! Keep in mind though that I have very limited workshop facilities.  Admiralty suggests that other facilities/faculties are not much to shout about either.


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Edited By gecon on 21/01/2021 15:51:20

gecon22/01/2021 20:28:40
497 forum posts
422 photos

20210122_155039.jpgToday I regretted starting such an ambitious project for the first (maybe 3rd or 4th actually) time since stating off in sept 2019. I have 2 speed controllers -one with the BEC wire disconnected. As mentioned earlier, I decided to fit fuses in the battery wires to protect from the big melt-down.

It took me four hours of on-off trouble shooting to find out that the other speed controller with the BEC intact to supply the receiver and servos, had a blown fuse fitted into the fuse holder! All my past experience as an aviator....when the first thing you check when something doesn't 'power-ON' is the circuit breaker (fuse). OMG I'm getting really old!

Anyway it all works now, but what a stressfull afternoon! The next project, the Colin Archer, will have much less complex 'electrikery' and every other yacht thereafter. Thers's so much wire all over the place.

It now weighs in at 9 kgs. There will be little freebord left by the time she's lauched!


Edited By gecon on 22/01/2021 20:33:51

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