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Sweet Sue II

A 1/16 Fairey Huntsman 31 from the Dave Milbourn set of plans

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Tim Cooper13/04/2020 12:08:48
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I recently tried to program a similar Esc by the same manufacturer without the programming card. I thought that the card I had would be ok .

After several hours counting bleepsI gave up and bought the appropriate card, it seemed I needed a car or ground card for this Esc.

After 2 minutes it was programmed and working just as it should.

So unless with your musical background your better at counting bleeps I would get a card.


Banjoman13/04/2020 12:54:54
1142 forum posts
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Yes, that's pretty much what I figured, and I'm happy to report that I have now ordered the programming card in question, together with the LiPo and so on.


Dave Milbourn13/04/2020 13:41:44
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I've never got any of my LiPo packs down to the state of discharge where a cut-out might become active so I can't comment on what exactly happens with that one. That said, I wouldn't trust my own senses to detect either a warning beep or an LED so I have to trust to automatic gizmos.

Anyroad up, m'duck - it's not slim young folk like you who need either belts or braces; it's fat old b*****s like me!


Banjoman13/04/2020 15:54:05
1142 forum posts
2414 photos


Righty-ho. That does indeed sound as though a belt will be sufficient to keep the boat's trousers up, or in other words that I won't bother with the additional alarm.

And, alas!, even (relatively) svelte, (relatively) young'uns do need summat to keep their britches from flying at half-mast ...


ashley needham14/04/2020 09:35:09
6385 forum posts
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A couple of my odd craft have aircraft esc’s and If the battery gets low or the esc hot, they drop to half power, or less, thus giving you warning. However unless the esc blurb says so, I would like an audible warning bleeper as well, just in case...


Banjoman16/04/2020 11:47:06
1142 forum posts
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The ESC instructions explicitly state that power will drop to half if the voltage drops below the set value or, indeed, the ESC gets too hot; taken in conjunction with what Dave M says about never yet having run down a LiPo to the point of triggering a low voltage reaction, I'm not unduly worried to go belt-only, but as I'd already also ordered the additional alarm, I might perhaps just as well include the braces of it in the circuit?! We'll see. In any case it is, I thiink, a simple in-line unit, so easy to plug in or remove as one's fancy takes one.

Speaking of ordering stuff, today the first of four outstanding orders for this build showed up in the post. Funnily enough it turned out to the last one made, but what with everybody and their uncle (and aunt, and cousin, and the bloke they sat next to back in 5th grade) currently ordering on-line like billy-oh, the Post Office and courier companies are having trouble keeping up, I believe.

In any case, this was the second (and smaller) of two Sweet Sue II-related orders from Albatros Modelbouw up in Mechelen, and in it was a 3S LiPo extension balancing lead ...


... and also some protective covers for male JST-XH connectors.


Furthermore, there was a grubscrew-fastened aluminium tiller for a 4 mm rudder shaft ...


... and two pushrod swivel nuts (also grubscrew-secured).


To be continued ...


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Ray Wood 216/04/2020 12:39:31
1849 forum posts
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Hi Mattias

Lipo's are only batteries at the end of the day, when the boat slows down, bring her back in as you would with any other form of battery, it's a lot easier to spot with an aeroplane because they stop wanting to climb.

I do charge on a fire brick, but never had any issues (touch wood)

Regards Ray

Banjoman21/04/2020 09:01:35
1142 forum posts
2414 photos

Hello Ray,

Yes, they are indeed batteries, but at least to the novice user of them perhaps not quite as "only" as the ones with which one is already familiar, given all the dire warnings and strict injunctions with which they come. Of course I understand that manufacturers and sellers of something that could carry a risk must underline and to some extent exaggerate said risk, both to cover their own behinds and to make sure that users are aware.

In any case, yesterday afternoon, the chap from UPS brought me my package from ComponentShop (while maintaining appropriate distance, natch!), in which was first and foremost a LiPo (cue thunderclap and some menacing music) ...


... but also a LiPo guard bag (soon to be replaced, but more on that once the postman has been along today with a further parcel).


Here in Belgium, the DIY shops were allowed to reopen on Saturday, so yesterday afternoon I popped along to one and bought some fire-resistant bricks, of which here's a sample ...


... with which I created a sort of secure storage facility in a part of the garage (which is heated in winter, so always at room temperature) where there's nothing else immediately above or in front that wouldn't be able to survive the heat of an incident. I will make this neater with a small metal cabinet from Ikea, once they too are open for business again.

Am I being overly cautious here? I'm sure I am (if I weren't, I wouldn't have bought a LiPo in the first place), but I'd rather err with a very large margin on the side of safety – if nowt else it'll help me sleep at night!


And while we're being cautious, here's the low voltage alarm as already discussed


I also took the opportunity to stock up Deans type connectors, regular, mini and micro ...


... and finally there was the programming card for the ESC.


To be continued ...


Bob Abell21/04/2020 09:11:03
8733 forum posts
2722 photos

Don`t like the look of that little pile of Dynamite, Banjo

Fire bricks etc

I used to charge my Fire Sticks in a biscuit tin and wearing me Dad`s old Tin Hat

All the best


Banjoman21/04/2020 09:21:32
1142 forum posts
2414 photos


I'm sure a tin hat is much better than a tin foil one, eh wot wot?!?

That pile'll just be for storing the stuff. I plan to do all charging out of doors (there's a handy electric outlet on our back terrace) in a protective box on top of some fire bricks.

Just call me Granny Cautious!


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