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Digimac VI transmitter

Replacement receiver for original

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michael howarth 102/04/2020 09:15:41
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Through a crass and idiotic action, I think that I have fried the receiver for my 27mHz MacGregor Digimac VI. Firstly, does anyone know where I can get a replacement?

Secondly, I note that 27mHz receivers are plentiful on eBay. Are receivers which work on the same wavelength compatible with any make of transmitter assuming of course that the crystals match?

Thirdly, if anyone has any suggestion for a remedy that I have not thought of please let me know.


Malcolm Frary02/04/2020 10:30:37
831 forum posts

Generally speaking, 27MHz radios had great compatibility across makes. Given the correct crystals, anybodys receiver would listen and respond to anybody elses transmitter.

Guessing, but a cheap (or borrowed) 2 channel receiver with the appropriate crystal "should" respond to a couple of the channels on your transmitter. If it does, it is worth looking for a receiver with the number of channels wanted. Now sitting back to await a proper MacGregor user to join in.

Charles Oates02/04/2020 10:37:18
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I had a MacGregor back in 19???. I do remember that it worked with a mates Futaba equipped model perfectly.

I suspect you'll have no problem finding a 6 channel receiver, probably plenty of people still have one lying around in the workshop.


michael howarth 102/04/2020 12:24:59
23 forum posts
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I have been tearing my hair out over my stupidity so thank you for these optimistic observations. Let's hope there will be a few more which can assist me.

Meanwhile, whilst reading around the subject of receivers, I came across a little gem which said that 27mHz transmitters were made in AM and FM formats. Which one is mine? No idea although I suspect AM as it was made in the 1970's. How can I prove it ? Any thoughts ?

Any assistance, as always, gratefully received.


Charles Oates02/04/2020 12:27:19
531 forum posts
46 photos

Yes, 99.9% certain it was AM

Jim Hearnden18/04/2020 20:47:58
2 forum posts

It will be AM Mike Ridley could probably fix it for you, you can google him.

MacGregor use a different frame rate to most of the japanese manufacturers so by all means use a different receiver but you will need the MacGregor servos. So this may mean fiddling around with connectors.

I bought some kits for servos off Derek Olley of Digifleet a few years ago & he gave me the components needed to adapt the frame rate. Digimac stuff does appear on EBay ocassionally an fetches little money as it is less popular than others.

ashley needham19/04/2020 09:22:51
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With 27m having disappeared off the scene now (as far as new stuff goes) I think it prudent that anyone with 27m equipment that they would like to keep running should snap up useful items as they are seen!

i have 3 transmitters, and those small Rx units as mentioned (and available at Howes models) work a treat.

Ariels and crystals are still available, so I have a full set of single colour crystals spares in addition to the sets in my toolbox, and half a dozen Rx units. In theory we should not have a spares issue as surely there are thousands of unused sets out there?.

You know it makes sense!


Dave Milbourn19/04/2020 10:29:35
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Many moons ago I worked in a model shop in Nottingham ['Pegasus Sports and Toys' on Bramcote Lane in Wollaton]. There were some good radios around at the time but also some real stinkers. The latter variety included Horizon, Swan and ACOMS but the one which caused the most problems was McGregor Digimac. We ceased to stock it eventually.

To quote a warning on the cover of the 'Tubular Bells' album, if you are in posession of this type of equipment you should hand it in at the nearest police station.

Dave M

Chris Fellows19/04/2020 15:08:35
619 forum posts
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smiley I have an ACOMS which I took out of the big 47" Huntsman soon after I bought it. The lead acid battery and ancient ESC went to the tip.

I'm using it in my Club 500 on the basis that if anyone wants a go with it I'm not handing over my Hitec Tx. Working fine at the moment (I've only seem one other guy at the club using 27MHz on one occasion) and when it gives up the ghost will get a cheap 2.7GHz.


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