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What is allowed now?

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Bob Abell24/03/2020 15:24:42
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image.jpegSorry Colin

You can erase this if not suitable

I am at a complete stand still with the Virus restrictions

I need to get provisions

Am I safe shopping wearing this respirator?

What is the alternative?


Dave Milbourn24/03/2020 15:50:19
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There are much better websites than this where you can find the advice and information you need. At the same time there's an awful lot of misinformed speculation and downright dangerous nonsense out there so my advice woud be to trust ONLY HM Government or NHS/Health England websites.

Good luck and stay safe.

Dave M

Colin Bishop24/03/2020 16:09:37
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Official advice on link below Bob. Have you got anyone who can food shop for you? Many areas now have volunteers who can help. Your local council website may have details.


And keep watching the BBC news on TV.


Edited By Colin Bishop on 24/03/2020 16:12:49

Bob Abell24/03/2020 16:19:58
8577 forum posts
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Dave, I posted my question on this sight knowing I would get a sensible reply and could discuss it

Colin, if I had someone to do the shopping........What makes this person special?

ie....Why can't I do the shopping?

I can't believe the Police can keep track of people walking about?


Colin Bishop24/03/2020 16:27:38
4393 forum posts
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Bob, the reason it is best that you do not do the shopping is that if you catch this virus at your age you are very likely to need hospitalisation from which you may not recover.

Your respirator will NOT keep you safe. You must stay at least 2 metres away from anyone else. If you have disposable gloves then wear them. Do not touch your face and when you get home thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water.

They are plugging this advice and the reasons for it on TV 24 hours a day. Surely you must have seen it?


Paul T24/03/2020 16:46:55
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Captain Bob

Boris is doing his best to look after you and has asked you to stay indoors because this nasty virus likes to attack and kill those people who are over 60.

It is a very insidious disease that spreads very quickly between people.

If you catch it there is a very good chance that your immune system will go into overdrive and basically fill your lungs with fluid, even in hospital and on a respirator your chances of survival are less than 10%.

Yes you could do your own shopping but in doing so you will come into contact with lots of people, any of who could be infectious and infect you. In your case going shopping is like playing Russian Roulette with only one empty chamber.

Your painting mask isn’t good enough as its filters won’t stop the virus, you might as well put your head in a bucket as it will give you better protection.

The only masks that work are N95 and these don’t protect your eyes.

You haven’t gone through two world wars to be knocked off by a bug so do yourself a huge favour and stay indoors.


Colin Bishop24/03/2020 16:48:45
4393 forum posts
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394 articles

Lots of information and advice on the BBC website too:



Ray Wood 224/03/2020 16:55:23
1732 forum posts
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Hi Bob,

This is sound advice, even as a 64 year old youngster ! I'm working from home and only going out for beer, and doing what my wife tells me, she has changed my name to "Wash your hands"

Still look on the Brightside, your sure to get a part on Doctor Who with that mask

Best Regards Ray

Bob Abell24/03/2020 17:34:55
8577 forum posts
2648 photos

Thanks to everybody for your kind advice, I shall not go out now, until the coast is clear

I do have a son who can help us out, but I`m not happy about it really

I did call at the chemist yesterday, in my mask, the chap is very knowledgeable and he said the masks are only to stop the face being touched and the virus is not airborne......Which now sounds a bit suspicious?

In Tameside, there are only 35 officially confirmed cases, so the News says, which I find hard to believe

Hoping for the best for all of us, good luck to everybody


Chris E 125/03/2020 09:48:12
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The number of confirmed cases is a red herring as they have mainly been testing those admitted to hospital. What you are saying is really that 35 people have been admitted to hospital. As evidence suggests that the number of diseased doubles every 4 days and it takes at least 2 weeks from getting the disease to being ill enough to need hospital care, and most people don't need hospital care, you are vastly underestimating the scale of the problem. It numbers also have the potential to grow very quickly.

Please don't jump on me if my numbers are slightly wrong as they are the best that I can put together from the incomplete information out there.

Take it very seriously and stay safe.

PS I would be very very wary of supermarket trolley/basket handles as they appear to be the perfect way to transmit the disease. If you go shopping remember that anything that you touched and bring home could be carrying the virus. It will still be there after you have washed your hands at home.

Edited By Chris E 1 on 25/03/2020 09:52:44

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