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Fatcat31/07/2008 10:42:00
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Hi, Feel really daft leaving this message on here but i'm a bit bamboozeled!

Finally got all the running gear into the trent with motors and everything else and took it onto the pond for a test run. All is fine with motors and esc's etc but the thing just barely moves forward when on full power. Full power in reverse however is imense, i just dont understand it?!?!?!

You may be thinking that the props are the wrong way, well i have installed them as they arrived and tried different combinations with the side and direction of the props. After studying the props it seems that they would only ever work to their best in reverse with the way that they are shaped.

I have round some other 60mm 4 bladed brass from cornwall model boats, do you think i should just change them or does anybody have any suggestions on the supplied props?


Seaspray03/08/2008 21:51:00
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Try and find the actual problem first  it may be on going even with the new props.

Do you have set up your ESC for forward and reverse on the Tx stick (if required).

Is there a R and L  prop and are they turning in the right directions. (Contra rotating)  or do they turn the same way ?

Is the leading edge of the prop on the blade facing the bow of the boat ? . This direction    / not this \


JC Uknz04/08/2008 06:12:00
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If the props are made of brass, as opposed to plastic, you might be able to tweak them with a gentle twist with a pair of pliers ..... although it isn't "right" I like Seaspray's suggestion of altering the polarity setting on the transmitter .... I think I would do that before buying more

I cannot see that the pitch of the prop is the problem though becuase in my experience props more or less work the same in both directions.   I wonder if there is something wrong in the setting of your speed controller which you do not mention what you are using.  I sometimes play with the trim knob settings of my transmitter to shift the balance of control ... that is the little knob beside the lever on my Futabi equipment.

neil howard-pritchard04/08/2008 19:13:00
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I think this is , as seaspray says the proportional set up on your speed controllers. Some have very little control on reverse, whereas they have bags of punch going forward.

It might be that you have polorised the leads to the motors from the speed controllers so that you have them going full stick in reverse, but without looking at it, it might be a case of trial and error in switching the motor leads around.


If there is a cenrallising and polorising switch on your ESC have a go with that also. 

Fatcat05/08/2008 07:25:00
41 forum posts

Hi guys, thanks for you replies.

I'm using electronize fr30hx ESC's, power is the same in forward of reverse. the props from what i can see spin outwards away from each other, again i have tried all sorts of combinations but still problem exists. I have been told that the props i have been supplied with are not the best and therefore i have decided to buy others. they should be arriving with postman pat this morning so will let you know when i have got them on and have filled the bath up

thanks again


Seaspray05/08/2008 07:26:00
47 forum posts
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I've had a look at your kit and see that you have the props included as part of the fittings.  So you should have the correct props.. Check the build manual to see the fitting of these props  are correct.

Try servo reversing on the speed stick its a little switch somewhere on the Tx. see your radio manual.


Charles Oates05/08/2008 08:42:00
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you could also try removing one prop or diconecting one motor and trying again. doing this with each motor in turn will point to any problems with props not rotating corectly with respect to each other.


JC Uknz05/08/2008 20:32:00
141 forum posts
11 photos

If you are provided with two props with opposite aspects does it matter which way you use them ... matter to any great degree .. I would think it  would affect steering rather than propultion? ... and then only if you had a pair with the same aspect in error.  The reversing of the polarity at the transmitter, if it reverses the effect you are trying to get rid of, should eliminate the props being your problem.

In any fault finding exercise one should only change one thing at a time and as you progress through various options you return changes to their original position before changing something else. ... there is a great temptation to change more than one thing at a time

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