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Bob Wilson26/08/2019 08:48:58
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On September 3rd, I am to undergo quite complicated eye surgery that will take about 100 minutes to complete, and after that, who knows what the result will be. This is made all the more difficult because at present, I have no symptoms, and can see very well. It is to reduce the pressure in order to prevent me getting glaucoma, that I do not have at present. I was going to announce this closer to the time, but it may as well be now. But model shipbuilding will certainly be out for quite a long time even with the best outcome!
Best wishes Bob

Colin Bishop26/08/2019 09:59:12
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I wouldn't be too despondent Bob. Is it just one eye or both?

Presumably the pressure must be pretty high if an operation is being contemplated as usually they try eye drops first.

I was diagnosed with glaucoma some 15 years ago although my current consultant reckons the damage might have occurred as the result of a temporary stress event which raised pressures.(work was a bit hectic at the time). Either way my pressures were too high (Glaucoma runs in the family) and they were brought under control using eye drops. I was left with 25% sight loss in one eye although it isn't apparent with both eyes open! There was also some minor damage to the other eye.

My pressures have been within normal limits for years now with eye drops twice a day and there doesn't appear to have been any significant further damage. One nuisance was that at 70 I had to declare it to the DVLA when renewing my driving licence and becaus both eyes were affected I had to take their eye test which I passed almost 100%, probably better than most drivers of my age. With my varifocals I essentially have 20/20 vision.


Bob Wilson26/08/2019 10:49:25
1702 forum posts
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Hi Colin,

It is not something sprung on me suddenly. At my first eye test at the age of 48. 27 years ago, the pressure was too high - about 27 both eyes. I was kept under observation for 7 years with no treatment at all, with pressure between 27 and 30, but no damage to optic nerves. Then on eyedrops that were increased gradually over the years until the pressure eventually went over and stayed over 30, but still no damage to optic nerves and visual field tests 97% in left eye and 100% in right eye (the one with the highest pressure). Left eye has a CSR (liquid bubble under retina that causes central distortion) but not really apparent in normal life, but quite apparent for close work. This has improved by 60% in the past few months, but they are going to do a Viscocanalostomy on the right eye whose vision is perfect! I watched the op on Utube and it looks pretty gruesome, and will certainly result in blurred vision for some weeks at the best until the stitches dissolve and drop out. High success rates, but talk is cheap - all very worrying! My next DVLA test is early next year, so if I haven't recovered by then, it will be goodbye driving.


Colin Bishop26/08/2019 10:55:48
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407 articles

Hi Bob,

Yes, those pressures are high. Mine started at mid 20s but are now down to 16/17.

Hope all goes well.You really shouldn't have watched it on You Tube. Some things are better not to know...


Bob Wilson26/08/2019 11:36:40
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Strangely enough, it is not the thoughts of the actual eye operation, but having to have the drip put in the back of my hand for and hour before and an hour after. Had one several years ago for a minor op that proved unecessary anyway as they took a suspicious growth from the back of my throat that proved to be nothing more than a saliva glad that was protruding a bitsurprise But that drip was really uncomfortable and the pulling out was very painful! Having general anaesthetic, because I doubt if I could keep still for 100 minutes!


Dave Milbourn26/08/2019 14:22:19
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I'm currently undergoing a seemingly endless series of monthly intravitreal injections for something that sounds very much like CSR, althought none of the various doctors I've seen has used that term. If it's of any comfort then I found the thought of having someone shove a needle into my eye was far worse than the reality. Fortunately just one eye is affected and I do have a spare... Eyesight is one of those things we take for granted until it goes wonky.

As for having a cannula stuck into your hand, it shouldn't hurt at all unless the person fitting it misses the vein. In that case it's truly horrible and you should yell until it's sorted - I did!

Good luck, Bob.

Dave M

Bob Wilson26/08/2019 16:34:19
1702 forum posts
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Thanks Dave. CSR means Central Serous Retinopathy (search for it on Google for full details) caused by a bubble under the retina that causes distortion. Generally though to be due to stress. I had a bad one in 1984 following a fire at sea where we nearly lost the ship. They told me if I preferred to be patient, it would get better of its own accord. It took about two years, but it did go. It came back two years ago, and again I opted to be patient. On my last visit to the eye hospital, it was found to have improved by 60% since February, so I hope it will be gone soon!


ashley needham26/08/2019 18:24:16
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One cant stress enough the importance of going to an optician for a checkup at least once a year!!

Ashley (cataracts done)

Roger Clark26/08/2019 19:48:43
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My thoughts are with you Bob,

After a lifetime of eye problems and 7 operations including cataracts at 52 I know what it's like, being type 2 diabetic doesn't help either. My wife has a serious inherited defect with her one eye where the lens has ridges in it so has spent most of her life with the issue and now she has dry macular degeneration, it's getting close to the stage where she will be classed as blind but meaning that she has no clear vision so we're now looking at the options for coping in the future and have just ordered an Echo Dot so that I can set up the house for remote control of lights etc.

Anyway good luck with he op, I'm sure it will be successful wink

Roger (Cataracts done x 5)

Bob Wilson26/08/2019 19:56:15
1702 forum posts
188 photos

Thanks Roger,

I have been lucky so far, having lived with this since 1990, and even now, I can see quite clearly and have no visual symptoms. It will be great if I can get off all these eyedrops and tablets though, becuase they do have side effects!


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