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Miniature springs

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Fred Graham13/07/2008 15:45:00
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Hi folks,

I have been playing about with small non return valves for lubrication applications and I am trying to find a supplier of very small compression springs. The purpose is to hold stainless balls on their seats when the amount of flow is very small.

In pumps the balls are sucked or squeezed onto the seats because the rate of flow is reasonably large and continuous. When the flow is slow and discontinuous the ball needs to held on the seat.

I do not need a large quantity  so I expect it will be a retailer but there does not seem to be any on the internet.

Typically they will be less than 1/4" diameter and probably 0.010" wire and about 1/4"-3/8" long as the balls are 5/32" and smaller.

Any ideas?

Thanks very much, Fred Graham 

Tony Hadley13/07/2008 17:24:00
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Would the 'modelmakers assorted springs' from W.Hobby, Knights Hill Square, London, be of any use.

If so it is their part No 12035 priced at £3.65. Page 102 in their catalogue, or


Fred Graham13/07/2008 17:31:00
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Hi Tony,

Thanks for your response, I have the catalogue and I will order a set from them and see what they contain. I had not noticed them before.

Cheers, Fred

ashley needham13/07/2008 19:08:00
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Everyone.   should have a copy of the hobby`s and hobbies catalogue..note they are different, Invaluable, they stock a good range of odd stuff. Its fantastic to browse through and get an idea of whats out there for the time you are building something diffferent or outside your normal comfort zone. On this very website I think I have recommended 3 different buying solutions for bods (3 bods that is)  AND they have found the bits wot they require.!       Ashley
Manxman13/07/2008 21:46:00
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Hi Fred,

Very small ones obtainable free from disposable lighters (the ones with a wheel on top) found discarded everywhere or from your local £1 shop.

Slightly larger ones from retractable ball pens (also free, if you pinch them from work !)

Cheers - Ken

Charles Oates14/07/2008 09:08:00
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scrap dvd players, tape recorders etc are a great source of tiny springs. , a dozen or more in some.


Fred Graham20/07/2008 09:38:00
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Hi Folks,

I have found a great supplier from whom I can obtain exactly what I need. The company is called Lee Springs ( and it is a UK company in Wokingham, Berkshire (Tel. 0118 978 1800).

Unfortunately each spring is not cheap ( about £1.20)  the min order quantity is 5 off and the min order value is £25.00  so you have to want each spring very much to spend this much!

Thanks for all your help, all the best, Fred Graham

JC Uknz21/07/2008 00:10:00
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I have always wrecked a ballpoints for such things like Manxman

Funniest result when I made some buffers for the Club layout ,, the heading siding .. engine fogotten by distracted operator went at them at a good  speed and 'jumped' some six inches back

HS 9321/07/2008 17:15:00
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you can get them from , they sell them in lenths 12" long and S steel  just cut and grind flat , he may even have some ready made for the purpase

look on the Bruce side of the site


Mike Davidson29/08/2008 19:57:00
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I've got a tin full of tiny springs, because I never throw anything away, and if I do I always take it to bits first just to see how it works. Microswitches and relays are a good source.....Happy wrecking Mike D

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