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Thames Sailing Barge Stuff

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tomarack22/05/2018 18:23:55
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Thanks Martin for warning,

however I know these problems . unfortunately I did not have a better and easier idea.

Likewise, the main mast of my first barge, Capricorn, is made and there are no problems yet

The mast is painted white, but the color does not hold on to it. ...the aluminum ... angry 2



Martin Field 122/05/2018 18:31:25
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Tom, if you're having problems with aluminium painting, try self-etch primer. I use it on everything from resin to aluminium and brass. Works well.


Eddie Lancaster23/05/2018 13:35:38
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Hi Tom, I think I am getting to grips with this TSB stuff, at last, I reckon that the only way to go is all or nothing! looking at all the pictures of models they seem to show all the detail of the full size only in miniature.

My problem is I am used to building in either 1/3 or even 1/2 scale so 1/24 is a bit daunting, but it is sooo much lighter and easier to handle even if it is fiddly!

The hull is no problem bur the rigging is something else, but as I begin to make bits and pieces it all becomes self explanatory, and what appears to be a jumble of wires and ropes and sheets all have a place and a job to do, so understanding that makes the job of making and fitting all the bits and bobs easier., all I have got to now is count up all the sheaves, blocks etc. and start to make themfrown.


Martin Field 123/05/2018 13:39:47
560 forum posts
6 photos

Eddie, if you're having trouble with wooden boats and rigging you might enjoy Harold H. Underhill's superb treatises in 2 volumes on Plank on Frame Models. Apart from various construction forms there is a lot on prototype rigging and how to do it on models.



tomarack23/05/2018 15:09:34
112 forum posts
139 photos

Hi Martin,

Mr. Underhill's work is one of the basic sources in building models. I had a chance to see the book, it does not solve e.g. a special rigging at Thames barges, but rather tall ships. Therefore, in model construction barges would rather recommend you books that relate to this phenomenon.
On the Internet, I came across an interesting publications related to the rig cutters, schooners and square riggers.

The author acquaintances himself in a clear way with the basics of the rig in general. Of course, each ship was unique in its own way, and the precise execution of the rig can be found mostly in monographs.

,Lennarth Petersson Rigging - Period ship models

Rigging - Period - fore -and- aft Craft



Martin Field 123/05/2018 15:24:17
560 forum posts
6 photos

Tom, Underhill's works are a bit more than basic, but I know what you mean. However he does cover cutters, but perhaps not barges. I am completely uninterested in square sail ships. I am strictly a fore and aft man with only the Norfolk Wherry as a barge type of vessel for me and indeed will be making a Wherry next. I do appreciate the look of barges, but not their rig. I'm a fussy devil.

The second of the books you mention?? Could you extend the description a bit for me please?



tomarack23/05/2018 21:23:21
112 forum posts
139 photos


I had chance to read book Barges by John Leather..The author describes a number of modifications, say, Thames Barges, as they changed,according to the designation and construction site around the shores of England and Scotland...e.g, Yacht barges, Barge yachts,The Keels from Lincolnshire and Yorkshire,Sloops and BillyBoys,Solent Barges,Cowes Ketch,Cornich Barges,Devon bges,the Trows,sailing Flats from Lancashire and Cheshire,Mersey flats,Gundalows and scows from US..

Just on the edge .. do you know the interesting Piscataqua Gundalow ?? ask Uncle Google...


tomarack23/05/2018 21:32:10
112 forum posts
139 photos

To Ray ...

please excuse us that we were somewhat distracted from your subject

If you would like to get acquainted with the material mentioned above, please let me know

Thanks once more


Martin Field 123/05/2018 21:56:02
560 forum posts
6 photos

Ho! you didn't mention my favourite and my next subject, the Norfolk and Suffolk Wherry, a vessel capable of sailing closer to the wind than any fore and aft sailing craft.

But John Leather is a fine author on "our" topics.

I have to make a small sailing barge model for a scenic accessory range for a model railway company. I have already done a Fifie fishing boat for them. But I had to buy a book about barges and really enjoyed it.



Ray Wood 223/05/2018 23:22:05
1407 forum posts
539 photos

Hi Tom,

We like the variety of interests, we have much experience in many fields of modelling between us it's good to share the knowledge

Regards Ray

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