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steve dean16/07/2017 20:54:57
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20170716_200831.jpg20170716_200811.jpg20170716_200757.jpg20170716_200738.jpgHiya all, ive just aquired this model boat. which i thought was just a model nut the top came off and i see its a pond model boat as opposed to sitting i9n a glass case. I do have a model boating pond nearby at woodbridge suffolk which i take the grandkids to with model yachts. though this looks promising. i just dont know what; battery size and voltage and where would i buy it - maplins? , What kind of boat is it does it have a name ? also what do i need to use it? i see there is a small receiver gadet in a bag - where does that fit. also i take it the rudder is set before u launch it? any help info would be much appreciated. also how old is it and and what is the value ie should i be careful with it before the gandkids sink it???20170716_200727.jpg

Malcolm Frary16/07/2017 22:26:14
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The "small receiver gadget" is a 40MHz crystal. If there was no radio with the model, it won't be much use.

To have a guess at the battery required, measure the tray, then have a look in Maplins battery section to see what fits. Probably an SLA, at a guess a 6 volt type.

Value? No idea.

Type/name? Looks like a ferry, to get a better idea as to its full identity, a couple of full model images would help, side or 3/4. Maybe with something to relate to to give an idea of size.

steve dean16/07/2017 22:34:23
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Thank you for the reply. i guess i need another crystal plus a radio? i will try up load another pic. thanks again.

Kev.W16/07/2017 23:02:25
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Forget the crystal, radio's have moved on now, the new 2.4ghz sets do not require crystals & can be bought for as little as £35.

Looking at the connector on the speed controller (the bit with 'MTroniks' on it), plus the elastic band, I would say the battery was most probably a 6v NiMH pack like this one ...............


(other suppliers are available)

Edited By Kip Woods on 16/07/2017 23:03:11

Charles Oates16/07/2017 23:24:40
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Hi Steve, I agree with all that has been said, but have a little extra info for you. Regarding the rudder, there should be a gadget called a servo connected to it, which would plug into a receiver. This will give you steering. There is probably another part of the model at or near the stern that comes off to give access to it. The models quality, from what I can see is typical of what most club modelers make, its a normal model boat. The value won't be high, it's surprising how little most models are worth.

There is a model sailing club near you, they have a website and although they specialise in yachts they also have a scale model section and will probably help you with the basics. Modelers are a friendly bunch.



Edited By Charles Oates on 16/07/2017 23:34:27

ashley needham17/07/2017 08:22:29
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I see no evidence of ballast so a 6V sla may have been the original fitment as the weight is handy, however this is immaterial if you have no batteries. Buying a Nimh battery would be the way to go. Maplin's do them or a specialist supplier. The "normal" Nimh pack of 7.2V (as sold by Maplin) MAY be too long to fit in the battery space (if the boat was built to fit an SLA), but `compact` Nimh packs are readily available and these will fit easily. Kip has spotted a 6V pack and this is slightly smaller than the 7.2 pack. It should not make much difference...7.2V or 6V.

​The passengers I recognise as being ready painted types from china/e-bay wot are intended for model railway use! I have the same sets on my converted LCM/ferry.


John W E17/07/2017 08:32:26
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hi there

the model looks quite familiar, I am sure it may come from Glynn G stables or even from Marine Modelling plans; if you have a look at pics that show the internals - the top left hand corner shows evidence of a servo mounting and what looks like a tiller bar or a push rod to the rudder. If you move this bar back and forwards, does the rudder move? I will have a search for more information - I will be back


Charles Oates17/07/2017 09:21:15
638 forum posts
52 photos

Blimey John, eyes of an eagle you've got, I presume those are servo mounting blocks next to the linkage.

So Steve, you will need a 2.4 gig transmitter and receiver ( I.e normal) and a servo to steer the boat. Plus battery and charger as recommended by my esteemed colleagues. It's still worth checking to see if there is any access to the rudder post from inside, for maintenance.


steve dean17/07/2017 18:25:45
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well i am impressed guys! Though im confused now.firstly thanks chas, bluebird, ashley & kip for your replies.

can i ask?

1) i take it the battery plugs into the white connector with black and red wires from the "viper marine thingy"

2) i guess the servo is like a motor? and this would be stuck above the rudder arm and connected to it? i take it the servo plugs into the small black thing that looks like a phone sim card (3 wires)? just above the rudder arm

3)does battery voltage not need to match motor voltage? (theres no writing on it)

4) if all above is correct and i still need a transmiter and receiver (i guess the receiver is the joypad/remote control) where would the transmitter plug into as theres no connections left?

apoligies if these are stupid questions

chas i managed to lift the rear deck and there is only linkage for rudder. nothing else

steve dean17/07/2017 18:26:37
6 forum posts
7 photos

ive added 2 new pics - the boat is 30 inches

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