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High speed boats are banned

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Bob Abell11/05/2017 09:25:26
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it is with great pleasure to report that all high speed, boats, time trials and Club 500 craft are now banned from Etherow Park model boat club

In the interest of wildlife welfare

Peace at last


Martin Field 111/05/2017 09:38:02
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Whilst I am not one who has any of those boats, I find that attitude a great shame. I can't abide tugs, merchantmen or Warships, but there is room for everyone, surely. Just have a different day for running the fast stuff.

It is this attitude that has resulted in so very few tethered hydro venues, when once there were so many. We are all to some extent weakened by that, whatever our interests.


ashley needham11/05/2017 10:10:16
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Whereas I am not always in accordance with Martins views, in this instance I would agree.

Where would DM be able to run his Fairies after all the clubs have banned fast craft? are they "fast craft" ?and what exactly IS a fast craft??

If left to the views of the committee as to just how fast is fast and thus to ban boats on an individual basis would I am sure stifle membership of said clubs wholesale.

The first boat a child plays with is likely to be an RTR speedboat....ban them and starve the hobby forever of the next generation of boaters?

​I can understand the wildlife thing, but althougfh our pond teems with wildlife they soon clear the immediate fast area for the usually short period that these things are out and return soon after. As with all things we are all sensible drivers especially when using faster boats.

​Banning anything....slippery slope,


Edited By ashley needham on 11/05/2017 10:29:05

Paul T11/05/2017 10:56:08
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I have never disagreed with any of your comments but this is an exception as I truly think that this is the thin end of a very nasty wedge.

As Ashley says what constitutes a 'fast' boat, is there some kind of measurable speed or is it simply some arbitrary limit dreamed up on the day by some committee member that depends less on speed and more if you are in the clique.

Would Brutus qualify as high speed and are full size sailing dinghies banned from competitive racing?


No Disclaimers


Edited By Paul T on 11/05/2017 10:58:30

Dave Milbourn11/05/2017 11:31:06
4002 forum posts
282 photos

It is with equal pleasure to report that I would never dream of visiting a club where such a smug and high-handed attitude as this prevails. It seems the mutterings I'd heard about Etherow were true. As for "wildlife welfare" - that's bull***t. If someone is chasing ducks with a Club 500 then a quiet word should be all that's necessary.
Good luck policing this nonsense; I reckon you'll need it.


Paul T11/05/2017 11:41:27
7146 forum posts
1208 photos
2 articles

Is Etherow a public lake or does the club have exclusive rights to operate model boats?

Kip Woods12/05/2017 11:17:17
265 forum posts
35 photos

So if I pay a visit to Etherow with my Marblehead, I best attach a drogue to the stern if the wind is over 10mph.

Edited By Kip Woods on 12/05/2017 11:18:10

Dave Milbourn12/05/2017 11:31:39
4002 forum posts
282 photos
Posted by Kip Woods on 12/05/2017 11:17:17:

So if I pay a visit to Etherow with my Marblehead, I best attach a drogue to the stern if the wind is over 10mph.

Edited By Kip Woods on 12/05/2017 11:18:10


You'll be "legal" only while you're close hauled but you won't be able to turn and run with the wind. I hope that's made things clear.

I gather that EPMBC High Command has already acquired a radar speed gun but no-one yet has worked out how to use it. However they quickly mastered the Taser with which they propose to stun any 'hooligans' before throwing them into the lake.


Bob Abell12/05/2017 11:45:55
8905 forum posts
2783 photos

Etherow Model Boat Club resides within Etherow Country Park and is a Nature Resrerve

The Club is allowed to use the water facilities with the kind permission of Stockport Council

Any further harm to the wildlife, caused by high speed boats would have terminated the lease

There was no alternative, but to ban the high speed racing events


Dave Milbourn12/05/2017 12:40:15
4002 forum posts
282 photos

A drastic change of tone there, Bob. The heading and the text of your original posting suggested a distinct bias against anything faster than a duck and also anyone who sails such craft. It would perhaps have been less controversial if you'd posted your most recent statement first. No-one can condone the harming of wildlife, whether it's done accidentally, recklessly or deliberately.

It's still unclear, however, whether the ban covers only high-speed racing events or the running at all times of anything deemed to be "fast". As Ashley says, banning anything is a slippery slope. You need to get your definitions crystal clear to avoid any clashes of opinion in future.

Dave M

Edited By Dave Milbourn on 12/05/2017 12:44:01

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