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Thread: Maplin
28/02/2018 14:42:54

Although as many on this thread have said they might have been out of touch it is nostalgic for me. I got many of my components for the ww2 large scale model destroyer (sold at auction in oct 2016) from Maplin - both online and in my local store. I remember going to Bristol (before they had a store which was local to me) to purchase a dc power supply kit and helping my younger son construct and test it (at some point in the 1990's). More recently I noted that the electronic component area had diminished greatly and they were concentrating on items for PCs and the internet of things.

Although clearly the demand for components continues in the professional/engineering/manufacturing area I suspect that interest in electronics as a hobby has significantly diminished. RS, Farnell etc supply industry although, subject to minimum order limit, they will also supply hobbyists. It just emphasises that I'm from an earlier generation who got great enjoyment in electronics and model making.

Thread: Drlling holes for metal fittings.
18/01/2018 07:07:41

I thought I would look into this ("Einhell". See :


.... so Paul is correct but not all of Lidl's "Parkside" range of tools are Einhell


Thread: Hobbico
12/01/2018 10:09:13


Although I never built plastic models the demise of another model/kit supplier is a shame but not surprising. Yet another indication that younger people are in general less interested in constructing models (of any type) than previous generations. Computer games, smartphones etc seem more attractive to children today - though there are obviously a few exceptions and I am aware of sterling efforts by some people on this website to attract youngsters into model making.


Thread: Blackpool Model Boat Convention 2017
09/10/2017 19:03:20

Sorry but I cannot resist joining in this banter - with credit to Bob Dylan :

"Come mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
And don't criticize
What you can't understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is
Rapidly agin'
Please get out of the new one
If you can't lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin'."

Thread: Hi All.
29/03/2017 15:10:45

Hello Brian,

Welcome to this forum. As far as I know Nautical Marine Models closed down a number of years ago.

Thread: Tug Motors
26/03/2017 14:18:32


What is your budget ? Once you enter the world of motors designed for the engineering OEM market (as opposed to the world of modellers) the prices rise sharply.

I had a similar quest to yours - dc motors (qty 2) suitable for my model destroyer (1:48 scale). I eventually contacted the uk sales office of Maxon Motors (Swiss manufacturer) and selected a 48v dc brushed motor (they recommended a smaller motor with an epicyclic reduction gearhead but I wanted direct drive to avoid any mechanical loss in a geartrain).

My power source was a 12 volt SLA. I had trialled my props in an improvised hydraulic test tank and therefore I knew the torque and rpm required (all of the motor parameters are specified by Maxon). By using a 48 volt motor in a de-rated mode at 12v I got the performance that I required. However ..... it was a rather expensive solution as the pair of (non-stock) motors cost over £600 !

The motor type is Maxon RE 40 218008 which can provide about 100 mNm at approx. 1300 rpm (working at 12 volts supply). The propellers were 2.75 inch diameter and the pitch was about 2.5 inch. Working at its nominal voltage of 48 volts the motor can provide an output of 150 watts but in my application the motor mechanical output was only about 10 watts per motor and drawing just over an amp at 12 volts (nominal).

Motor specification :


The destroyer was sold at auction last year.

I hope that this information is of some help.


Thread: Motor size and makes
02/02/2017 15:30:47

Yes there are very high quality DC permanent magnet motors available - but they are intended for the oem engineering companies. Typical example is Maxon Motors - but prices are in the hundreds of pounds.

In general the dc motors for the hobby market are perfectly good for model boats and are much much less expensive (than the professional motors just mentioned). One supplier is MFA (**LINK** There are 2 types of DC motors nowadays. Brushed (with an integral commutator) or Brushless. Don't want to bore you with technical details. The main decision is to select a motor that is suitable for the type of boat that you have - and that choice also involves selecting suitable props and electronic speed controllers (ESC). There are many experienced model boat constructors on this website who can advise on motors and propellers.

Thread: WW2 Royal Navy - film
31/01/2017 22:08:36

Have a look at this rare footage. The destroyers at full tilt in the bay of Biscay in a very green sea (at about 12 minutes in) made me feel queasy even though I am on dry land !


Thread: Fast. Faster. Fastest?
24/01/2017 19:52:07

I assume that the authorities who govern the stretch of water that will be used in the trials have been approached. Apart from H&S there is likely to be a concern for wildlife.

Based on no more than a "gut feeling" if the intention is for the craft to approach speeds of several hundreds of mph I cannot believe that an off the shelf "proprietary injection-moulded 1:32 scale model of a modern F16 jet aircraft" would withstand the extreme stresses that the structure will inevitably be subjected to.

Thread: Two Brushed motors and 1 ESC
07/11/2016 12:52:40

Thank you for that info. I look forward to hearing what Mtroniks response is to your query. BTW I had a setup of a 40 Amp Mtroniks ESC with two Mabuchi RS- 555PH-3255 motors driven in parallel from one ESC without encountering the problems that you have described.

07/11/2016 08:52:20

If you have a servo tester try that instead of the Tx/Rx control. If the problem persists then my money is on a faulty ESC (assuming that all wiring, batteries and connectors have been checked and that the ESCs have been installed as per manufacturer's instructions). I have only ever used Mtroniks ESCs (both brushed and brushless) and have never encountered any problems (maybe I have been lucky !)

Thread: Scale model destroyer - auction sale
10/10/2016 14:37:59

People might be interested to know that my large scale model destroyer has been sent to Special Auction Services for sale :


As advertising of sales is not permitted on this website I discussed this notification with Colin Bishop (website moderator) before I posted and he gave me permission.


Thread: Steel barque East African
17/09/2016 18:31:41


Very sad and I can't help feeling some anger that this has happened without anyone having the decency to own up. What scale these ships (ie were they large models) ?


Thread: Noob 1st boats. Help and identification
31/08/2016 18:53:42


Re your posting on 26th I would guess boat length is approx. 30 inches (judging by the kitchen objects).


Thread: R/C Guru's My Son Needs Your Help
07/08/2016 10:37:37

Hello Craig,

I agree with Andy C that a few more photos with more dismantling (if feasible) would be helpful.

You say "New here and to model boats in general" - do you have experience of constructing any models (eg cars, planes)? What I am trying to gauge here is whether your motivation is mainly to repair the lifeboat so that your young son can continue to enjoy sailing it or whether you want to start the hobby of model boats.

If you want to replace the electronics and motors it is likely to require some modifications to the interior of the hull - you might find it helpful if you could contact a model boat club near to your location and get practical help from a member there.


Thread: TEV Wahine 1/35 Build
04/08/2016 21:10:42


Please make sure you don't knock the shafts as they are vulnerable without the A frames !

I would have felt very nervous whilst cutting off the top half of the hull (assuming that I have understood your posting) - how did you keep the cut level ?

You will need some serious fuse/cutout protection when it comes to the main electrical installation because the large capacity lead acid batteries are capable of delivering many hundreds of amps under short circuit conditions - you don't want every seaman's nightmare a "fire on a ship at sea"

How accessible will the running gear be once the two halves of the hull are reunited and the superstructure installed ?

Well done. This is the most astounding model ship project that I have seen (in terms of size, weight and quality of construction, attention to detail). The 200 kg displacement is impressive. Will you use the equivalent of a boat trolley to launch into the lake ?


Thread: Swan
24/07/2016 15:04:41

have a look at :

The article mentions boats worth up to £15k - seems a rather high valuation.

Thread: Prop shaft vibration
10/07/2016 15:20:34


Looking at the photos it appears that the starboard coupling alignment is not as straight as the port side - that might just be an effect of the angle of the photo. The other observation that I would make is that you seem to have a relatively long unsupported length of prop tube (at the stern. I would have thought that a "P" bracket or "A" frame support would have been required in the design). Also when you trialled the motors driving the shafts were the prop tubes glued/fixed to the frames of the boat ?

Thread: Brushless motors
04/06/2016 19:45:34

I have joined this lengthy thread rather late in the day ...... I am guessing that your receiver/servo is powered from a BEC in the ESC. Have you tried powering the rx from a separate battery ? (my thinking here is that the BEC might be faulty). I don't know whether you will need to disconnect the positive wire in the connection between the ESC and the receiver (you do when using Mtroniks ESC and I have only ever used that brand of ESC). Just a thought.

Thread: ESC Make?
14/04/2016 20:58:54

Mtroniks manufacture several ESC's for brushed motors for operating in range 12 v to 24 v . Whilst relatively expensive I have found their ESC's reliable (though I only use ESC's rated up to 12 v). Mtroniks brushless ESC's only available in 12 v rating.

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