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Thread: Bow Thruster advice please.
06/05/2020 08:45:00

Hi all, oversized rudder fitted, problem solved.

Cheers, Terry.

30/04/2020 11:33:46

Hi John. Looks very much under control. Always a bit scary though when it cuts out in the middle of the lake. Why should I forgive your Geordie accents, I think it is a nice accent. We all have an accent I'm a southerner and definitely do not speak the Queens English! I love the sound of seagulls in the background, we don't get that here in landlocked Austria.

Cheers, Terry.

29/04/2020 19:55:23

Hi John, thank you for the information. Unfortunately I am too far into this build, and too deep into my budget, to make any major modifications to the boat. But I am learning as I go and if I attempt a second paddler I will be much better informed. Your boat looks very impressive.

Cheers, Terry.

29/04/2020 17:20:37

Thank you for your replies, I am going to take the simpler option first, an oversize rudder, and see what happens.

Colin, referring to your remarks regarding Waverley and a tug, maybe I should have my Joffre ready and waiting in the water when I sail the paddler !!

Paul, I am wondering did Brunel anticipate steering problems and incorporate a propellor into his initial design. Or was a propellor and drive retro fitted to overcome a steering problem?

Cheers, Terry.

28/04/2020 12:37:51

My current build, a paddle ship, has a Length of 94cm, Beam 17cm, width across the Sponsons 33cm, and an all up weight of 5kg. It is a bit unresponsive to the rudder, and struggles against even a small sidewind. This before it even has a superstructure. I am going to fit a Raboesch bow thruster. I would welcome any advice regarding the size of Bow Thruster to use, don't want to over-engineer it!! Power for this boat is 6 volt.

Cheers, Terry.

Thread: Beale Park Sale
20/02/2020 09:16:26

Hi all, many years ago I donated my fathers Caldercraft Joffre to the museum. If anyone has seen it, or even bought it, it would be nice to know of its new home. It has dents in the bow from being in a stand for too long with the lead acid battery insitu. I have no interest in getting hold of this model, I have built a Joffre myself and live too far away in Austria. It would just be good to know that someone is enjoying it.

Cheers, Terry.

Thread: Turning blocks for sailboat internals
03/02/2020 09:09:16

Have a look at Technobots online, plenty of pulleys and other interesting stuff there.

Cheers, Terry.

Thread: Help tracking down information
27/01/2020 09:42:34


Hi Aidan. I have attached a link to a PDF of the instructions for the Graupner Wiesel, basically the same boat as the Dachs, they are both Zobel Class boats. In German of course, but as said before Google Translate does a fair job.

Cheers, Terry.

Thread: HMS Volcano/Volatile
22/11/2019 12:46:56

I am pleased to say my HMS Volcano hull and plan arrived safe and sound here in Austria today. It was ordered fom Marks Model Bits and is a fine piece of GF moulding, credit where credit is due.


Thread: Metcalf Mouldings
29/09/2019 15:57:46

Untouched kit for sale on Model Boat Mayhem,

Good luck, Terry.

Thread: How to power a 5 volt fan
28/03/2019 12:41:02

Thanks Malcolm.

28/03/2019 10:22:31


Thanks for the prompt reply, and the diagram. I didn't think there would be voltage at the battery pins on the Rx

Cheers, Terry.

28/03/2019 08:53:35

I have fitted a 5v 160mA cooling fan which I could run off batteries of course.

I am using an ESC with BEC and would prefer to use the 5v output from the ESC to run the fan. Demands on the ESC are just the RX and one standard servo on the rudder. But how to wire in the fan to get power?

Cheers, Terry.

Edited By Terry Plumridge on 28/03/2019 08:57:00

Thread: Motor Stall Current
22/03/2019 10:32:13

Good morning gents.

If a motor spec. says "20 amp stall current" does that mean that this motor will never draw more than 20 amps as long as the motor is turning under whatever load?

Cheers, Terry.

Thread: Strange Motor Behaviour
23/02/2019 12:06:13

The boat is kit built and I used the prop shaft as supplied, I checked the shaft for straightness very carefully, it was 100%. The sound I can only describe as previously written, a 2 stoke engine 4 stroking, I have run the motor connected directly to the battery, smooth as silk, held in the hand. Then ran it using the esc and could feel the motor twitching in my hand !! So next step, the esc will be substituted.

Thanks everybody for your replies


22/02/2019 14:11:00
Have just completed my winter project, an Aeronaut Jenny. Have been bench running the motor in the finished model and can hear what I can only describe as a "2 stroke motor 4 stroking", strange sound for an electric motor! The driveline is a Johnson Race 650 running on 8.4v, MtronicsViper Marine 40 esc, a Huco type coupling, also tried a solid coupling, a 4mm propshaft 36cm long and not bent.
Slow speed running is fine, but as the revs are increased a point is reached where thing start to go wrong. Any ideas guys.
Cheers, Terry
Thread: Aeronaut Mowe 2
12/10/2018 11:28:36

Hi Paul. Aeronaut kits are relatively easy to build. Materials are of good quality, laser cuts are very good and accurate. They go together well, Aeronaut has a tried and tested method of building which is used on most of their models. I have built the Bella yacht and am just starting on the Jenny speedboat.

Hope this helps, Terry.

P.S. Go to,  select English language click on Downloads, Instructions and scroll down to the Mowe.



Edited By Terry Plumridge on 12/10/2018 11:35:55

Thread: NiMH Race packs.
10/10/2018 17:22:24

OK, thanks Dave.

10/10/2018 11:15:45

What is the difference between normal and Race packs. Is it just marketing hype?

Cheers, Terry.

Thread: Over specifying ESC amp rating
05/07/2018 13:59:34

No flippancy detected in your reply, it was short, to the point, and not without a touch of humour.

Cheers, Terry.

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