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Thread: Esso tanker plans
11/12/2017 18:51:03

Hi Melvin I was given one to finish ,built it and gave it back to his son .

I belive it was a kit from Mobile Murine in Lincolnshire ,I belive the company advertise in our magazine. It will only cost you a phone call . If they have the mould they will build you a hull with your details,if stolen the hull would have to be destroyed to get the info out

Good Luck with your search winkMichael

Thread: Vintage Gentleman's Cruiser
15/11/2017 13:34:22

Hi Colin thanks for the link ,had a look and will return to it from time to time


when I get this Stent out I will contact you ,checked the Mark Porter site which seems a good source of advice

All advice will be considered and appreatedwinkMichael

08/11/2017 19:50:49

Hi Bob Thanks for your kind words .

I got the diode wrong it should read RESTISTORs .Elaine is very well and caring for me for a change .

I,m hoping to build hovercraft but as now cannot decide which steering system to use .Still have not had the Stent removed so will spend time recearching the systems available For now have a happy holidaywinkMichael

07/11/2017 20:20:06

Hi Bob glad to see how well the boat looks .

Re, the lights you will have Maplins near you so £1 will buy the lights and the proper diodes .any colour you may want is there regards Michaelwink

01/08/2017 20:20:01

Hi Paul

Just to let you know that item is only for women , winkso keep your hands off LOL

Thread: Ellie windows
21/06/2017 20:22:24

Hi Ian

When fitting windows I use good quality ply sandwiched between 2 scrap pieces of ply . all 3 pieces are tacked together ,then when cut the middle cut out will have clean edges . Some will think its a waste of material but for me to save time and effort trying to clean up edges it is the best result . Try it out and establish for your self how well you can make very good windows . Please remember to use a fine tooth blade .

My Elle is up in the spare bedroom as ill health will not allow me time to steer clear of the toilet for long enough time to do anything worth while wink

Thread: Pine wood
03/06/2017 16:34:57

Hi Mark A quick search on the net try Gaza Timber where you can get size and quantity for reasonable prices Good Luck Michaelwink

Thread: Vic Smeed's Silver Mist
02/05/2017 19:47:39

Hi Bob sad to say but where is his pipe ?winkMichael

Thread: Brutus
21/04/2017 18:37:21

Hi All Seemed to be designed to extricate as much money from pampered souls with more money than sense . The world seems to be full of such likes .Thank my god for Birchwood Boats.winkMichael

Thread: Help wanted
18/04/2017 19:51:57

Hi Hector

To get useful advice you need to relate the current size and propulsion type for the experienced modellers on the channel The more information about the boat size the better advice you will get

So what is the motor size ,the voltage advised by Graupner ,the prop size .

I,m not conversant with Graupner products as I only scratch build and yes the knowledge I have has been freely given by the members on this site .Good luck with your search winkMichael

Thread: Vic Smeed's Silver Mist
13/04/2017 20:52:35

Hi Bob Great to see you keeping up your standards ,you never make do .

This will be a fixture copied by many in the futurewink Michael

Thread: Tug Motors
24/03/2017 20:33:53

man .Elaine bought me the complete kit for my birthday . The motors did not come with any technical information but have behave very well for the last 6 years .

As Kip said, give Brian a call and he will be very helpful .

A trip over Buxton on a fine day is a nice journey (and I will vouch for you and even ride shotgun for you) winkMichael

24/03/2017 20:22:48

Hi Paul I fitted 2 T12s my first boat the Anglian M

Thread: Ellesmere ModelBoat Convention
07/03/2017 19:49:16

Hi All I missed the show because I only came home from hospital on Thursday and Elaine did not feel it was right that I should undertake the long trek to the show and with little time to organise a hotel said No.

Regarding the comments about the Mayhem issue confirmed my thoughts after 3 visit to the forum that it was not for me . If they had not got something good or constructive to say about the show why bother .

Those of us who appreciate what has been done for us will sometimes forget to leave a word of praise .

Next time you buy something at a show say a heartfelt thanks for the time and effort put in for our benefit wink Michael

Thread: Tasmania Wooden Boat Festival 2017
12/02/2017 16:37:20

Loved the second picture down ,I bet that is a very fast catamaran . Is the camo done to slip quietly into Australia in the dark winkMichael

Thread: Model Boat Building as an Activity Workshop
30/01/2017 19:40:53

Hi Alex ,I wonder if any of your acquaintances have access to a computer with knowledge to raise a (Giving Page ) . With some self help I think you could get a lot of donations .

Some of these might get you a start to a great project .I for one donate to it .Will watch where this will take you

Good luck Michaelwink

Thread: Fast. Faster. Fastest?
24/01/2017 20:31:55

Hi I cannot see the need for such speed. If I cannot see the model then I cannot bring myself to want bother looking any further

When H&S gets to hear about it should take little time to shut down the programme .indecisionMichael

Thread: RMS TITANIC 1912
08/01/2017 16:22:38

Hi All I have just watched an interesting programme on Quest on the TITANIC and the recovery of articles .It will be repeated at a different time which can be found on their web site .

Worth a watch winkMichael

Thread: Vic Smeed's Silver Mist
07/01/2017 16:48:29

Hi Bob A happy New Year to you and yours. To get to Drones ,the CIA rules state that they should not be used in built up areas and should be only used and to fly no farther than 500meters and not above 125 meters .

Its advised when flying to have a spotter for further safety

Must not be used near military sites or public airports

Still people are not obeying the rules .

So to fly we need to join my local flying club [ older flyers will no doubt try to put a stop to it . sadMichael

Sorry to go off topic

Thread: HMS Illustrious Departure
07/12/2016 19:44:38

Hi All The saddest part for me is that it has to go to Turkey to be scrapped . Can we do anything right .Sorry for the anger or is it important that we get £2 million for the scrap

As a country we used to take pride in resurrecting our nautical history ,save nothing from our generation . My lord where have we gone wrong .

Maybe some model builder will build it for posterity Sorry for the anger sadMichael

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