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Thread: ESC ratings for brushed motors.
12/09/2020 15:06:27

I do have a watt meter, but no idea how to wire it in to things and I have a tacho too, which I've never used. I thought Kv was only a brushless thing and I'm dealing only with brushed motors here. The one I'm using is a standard, unpainted casing 380 type size which came out of a light powered glider, using a "brick" R/C system which has everything on one board, Rx. ESC and linear servos, so I doubt there's much amperage involved for an ESC. I have a 20Amp ESC, marked as such by Multiplex and the Chinese thing with the ally heatsink which has no markings at all, but is fairly beefy with hefty wires in and out. Also has a switch lead, too.

I now have XT60 connector soldered to the battery end and a Deans on the motor end and on the motor (as I had a load). My extra Flysky 3 channel Rxs arrived a few minutes ago, so I shall give it all a go and see what happens. I shall check the voltage on the Rx. lead of this ESC too before plugging it in to the Rx.!

Thanks for your help, gents.


10/09/2020 11:40:42


I am getting back to my model boats because it may prove difficult to fly with the coming restrictions, whereas I have water all around me I can use.

I have a few brushed motors ranging from the smallish ex flight motor, the speed 400 size, to the types used in electric drills and those I believe are called 540s. I have no idea what amperage rating I need in ESCs for these. I have a couple of big Chinese things and a Simprop 20A already. My brushless motors have been pressed into use in my model aircraft, so I may as well use up my brushed motors in my scale vintage mahogany "hot rods" and British speedboat models. I'm not interested in the demented duck kind of performance.

Many thanks for your help.


Thread: 48" model yatch possibly a marblehead
27/04/2020 12:43:43

Ian, if it was a Marblehead it would be 50" long. In the earlier days they were known as 50/800 class...50" long and 800 square inches of sail area. Apparently 50" was the length of the back seat of an American family car! I wish!


Thread: J-Class
27/04/2020 12:38:03

I was speaking to Alan at Jclass hulls only last week over ideas for ballasting my plank-on-edge cutter, Vanity. He was very quick to respond and helpful, so I think you can be quite sure the website is still very current.

I wish I has space for one of his hulls!


Thread: White Marlin
10/11/2018 09:07:51

Ray, the drawings of Westmoreland are just what I was after, but she's big! I imagine it will be the most noticeable bit of any model railway.

Thanks again,


09/11/2018 22:51:21

Thanks Dave, alas gone to their owners. I did finish the gramophone with an eight petal copper horn.

I made the slipper from a table of offsets held by Freebody which were the original offsets owned by Andrews of Marlow. Alas, I lost 'em and the new kids who run Freebody's won't hear of me borrowing them again. I say if it was good for Peter, grumpy old sod that he was, it should be good for the snowflakes who run the joint now. I got on great with Peter, until I had to be firm with some American woman I made a Freebody electric canoe model for. Their homeland security goons smashed it to bits looking for drugs and she blamed ME! I defended myself and she then had a crack at Peter. He never forgave me. Funny old world ain't it. But then, I made a LOT more out of him than he ever made out of me. Oh and a slipper is SO simple, anyone can make one.



09/11/2018 21:14:31

Here we go:-




2 Rivas and a Thames Slipper launch. All chrome fittings are brass or white metal from my brass masters and then polished and bright nickel plated.

I still think the photos are a faff!


09/11/2018 21:05:23

That's still a huge faff compared with the normal forum where you just click upload files or similar and there they are. I had a vague memory of doing it before but no idea how I did it.

I'll try again, but if that doesn't work I shan't bother again.


09/11/2018 18:59:27

I looked at albums and saw your one, but nothing I could use. I just don't understand it and I see no reason why we shouldn't just upload from our own files on our computers. To be otherwise is outdated and cheapskate for a major magazine.

The modelboat (fireboat) forum does it, why doesn't this?


09/11/2018 10:07:31

Ray, I know it's more expensive, but I made all the metal bits for my several Rivas in brass and had them bright nickel plated. That way it looked like chrome in scale. There were just over 150 separate parts in brass per model to be chromed! All the rubbing strips round the edge and floor covering edging was done too and a lot of bits on the Big Block Chevies that Riva claim to be their own, plus the tool kit! It does set the boats off though. I'd put a picture up, but can't make this lark out on here. You'd think a forum owned by a magazine would make life easy, wouldn't you?


Thread: Thames Sailing Barge Stuff
06/11/2018 23:49:40

Exactly. I had a Registered parcel sent to the wrong office this week. They at least paid me back for the costs of the postage pretty immediately as my recipient didn't get it by 1 pm the next day.

I got a large canvas sack of speedboat books from US mail a couple of weeks ago in 4 days!


06/11/2018 22:23:43

Hi Ray,

no I haven't had anything yet, but will let you know as soon as I do.



31/10/2018 19:52:58

Ah, OK. I think I'll stick to Ray's Westmoreland.



31/10/2018 19:06:41

Is that a real boat, Tomarak?


31/10/2018 18:04:38

Now that is my kind of workshop Ray! I am also a model railway enthusiast. But mainly scenery and small set-pieces in the Winter. Model boats in the Summer.

Thanks again.


31/10/2018 17:49:31

Andrew, I don't "do" generic! I can accept your saying staysail rather than bowsprit, even if I wouldn't know the difference, but it would still have to be a real boat.

Ray, may I accept your kind offer of a hard copy at 4mm of Westmoreland? That would be wonderful. I will PM you my contact details.

I've already done him a lobster boat and a river cruiser taken from real boats that I happened upon and a Fifie fishing boat from Model Boat plans, all to 4mm scale.

Maybe I should do a wee set-piece when he finally gets round to casting them all.



Edited By Martin Field 1 on 31/10/2018 17:53:35

31/10/2018 15:45:50

Gents, I have been asked to make a master pattern for a cast resin 4mm -1 ft. scale TSB. Knowing very little about them I am asking your help. Which type/actual barge would be a good choice? The guy is leaving it up to me to choose and whilst I am au fait with different types of TSB, I am not so clued up on which would likely be the best one to depict as a scenic accessory for model railways which is where this one is intended to go.

Thanks in advance,


Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
21/10/2018 20:46:29

Beyond that bloody ridiculous name, I'm not actually complaining about anything and don't know why you think I am, but I do regret your attitude if that's the official line on what was once a fascinating resource. It's like having a lot of historic letters in a museum and just saying, "Oh nobody asks to read them any more, we'll dump them". As long as one person wants a copy of an old plan they are worth keeping. If MHS are ONLY interested in flogging magazines, maybe they should have bought a different company that wasn't sitting on what has become almost a national treasure. Of course if the current generation of useless 'erberts don't buy them we have to fall at the feet of their mediocrity and accept that their indolence is correct.

I wonder if the model aircraft and model car people are quite so dismissive of this attitude and so accepting of it. I rather doubt it.


21/10/2018 20:18:47

Who's offering them for free? I only have 2 or three somewhere and the last one I bought was rubbish. No I'm just asking what has happened to a range of items that I have had a "relationship with" since I and my cousins were nippers going through a big white catalogue dreamin' of what we'd one day build. My surviving MAP handbooks are still on my bookshelf. My collection of MAP books takes pride of place next to all my Tom Rolt first editions. I am quite sure nothing with "My Hobby Store" on it will ever go on the bookshelves!


21/10/2018 20:01:06

So are we saying that Sarik pay a licence to My Hobby Store? Who now owns the plans? Sarik or MHS? And I thought the main thing about Sarik was that now handled the old Traplet plans

It was so easy when all the model mags were MAP and they did the plans Service AND the cheap insurance. What a mixed up, inconvenient world the bean counters have created.


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