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Thread: Boat decking
31/07/2020 04:42:44

The round Russian is a beauty.....but what is the flag she is flying?


22/07/2020 11:18:26

Thank you gents. . In my case it would be easier to fix cross beam planking but it would look pretty silly so I thought it best to check.


21/07/2020 21:04:30

May I enquire from the Forum whether deck planking should run fore and aft or abeam or maybe both. (I hope that I have got the terminology right but the little I know about boats I picked up from Hornblower books).


Thread: Engine mounting
16/07/2020 20:52:36

Thank you gents for the valuable advice. Why didn't I think of that alignment method?


16/07/2020 07:53:02

On testing my Vospers, fitted with a steam engine, I was forced to review how the engine is "tied down". The link between the 2 cylinder engine and the propshaft is via a universal coupling.... one of those red plastic types. With the engine bolted down firmly there is a significant sort of clicking "knock". This is obviously an alignment problem as the knock disappears if the rear of the engine is raised by about 5mm and I then get smooth running. Experimentally, I have placed a pad of dense foam under the rear of the engine which seems to have the effect of absorbing some vibration. Is this the way to go or should I go for a rigid fixing?


Edited By michael howarth 1 on 16/07/2020 07:53:46

Thread: Vospers Steam Launch?
01/07/2020 06:01:25

Thanks Ray. I have been pretty much reassured that the centre of gravity is not going to be a critical problem as the boat rights itself quite readily when pushed over one side or the other and also from previous comments on the forum.There is no doubt that a horizontal boiler would have a lower centre of gravity. This was considered when planning for the boiler but I have to admit I decided on the vertical boiler because I preferred the look of it.


30/06/2020 21:23:13

THank you for your responses Malcolm and Ashley. My optimism for this project has been revived by your comments. The boiler was full when I did the test. The engine/boiler unit is a bit of a chunk weighing in at around 7lb but it is located right down on the keel. In hindsight, I suppose that I could have adopted some more weight-saving measures including building the boiler in a lighter gauge copper. Speaking of which......bench runs indicate a running time of 20 - 25 minutes. Does this sound reasonable?


29/06/2020 14:13:32

There are two pieces of lead sticking up at the rear for ballast. They have been cast to lie flat in the stern section of the boat. Perhaps someone with a Vospers craft could offer a comparison.


29/06/2020 14:11:33

29/06/2020 14:08:15


29/06/2020 14:03:03

My wife bought me an ancient Vospers Fire Rescue launch hull a few years ago. It was in a slightly wretched condition and remained under the bench for ages. Then I made a marine engine from some other bits that I had accumulated and wondered whether I could marry the hull with the engine. I knew that I was converting a greyhound to a tortoise but that was no problem. The engine runs well and leisurely and the hull has scrubbed up. This is my first boat as I am mainly a loco man, so it was with some trepidation that I floated it on my ornamental pond. First thoughts were that it seems to lack freeboard (is that the right word?) with about 1.75" at the stern and 2.75" at the bow. When rocked from side to side it seems to right itself without any problem. I have taken some photographs which I will attach as soon as I work out how. I would value any comments on the apparent pondworthiness of the boat.


Thread: Digimac VI transmitter
02/04/2020 12:24:59

I have been tearing my hair out over my stupidity so thank you for these optimistic observations. Let's hope there will be a few more which can assist me.

Meanwhile, whilst reading around the subject of receivers, I came across a little gem which said that 27mHz transmitters were made in AM and FM formats. Which one is mine? No idea although I suspect AM as it was made in the 1970's. How can I prove it ? Any thoughts ?

Any assistance, as always, gratefully received.


02/04/2020 09:15:41

Through a crass and idiotic action, I think that I have fried the receiver for my 27mHz MacGregor Digimac VI. Firstly, does anyone know where I can get a replacement?

Secondly, I note that 27mHz receivers are plentiful on eBay. Are receivers which work on the same wavelength compatible with any make of transmitter assuming of course that the crystals match?

Thirdly, if anyone has any suggestion for a remedy that I have not thought of please let me know.


Thread: Radio control servos
12/11/2019 09:07:06

I like this idea and have considered it Richard and indeed I might well go down this road. I am also experimenting with making tapered plug cocks which would also require only 90 degree movement. This is my first "boat build" and I have been transferring elements of model loco design (with which I have some experience in Gauge 1) and trying to make it fit the boat. Some things will work but others perhaps not. It seems to have gone quite well so far though. By tinkering with the screw down valve actuating arm design I have now got something workable but not perfect. Another transfer from loco building that has not come off is the incorporation of a miniature feed-water pump to the boiler. I have found that the advantage of extra feed-water (extra running time) is virtually cancelled out by the amount of steam required to work the pump. Not to mention the difficulties involved in controlling the bypass remotely. I have now opted for (another loco element), a simple low boiler water LED indicator on the boiler. This gives me about 25 minutes run time plus 5 minutes warning.......sound reasonable ?


08/11/2019 20:45:30

Thanks Tom. All ideas welcome.


08/11/2019 07:45:15

Thanks Ray.


07/11/2019 11:01:08

What sort of servo and linkage do I need to control a rotary (screw in-out) steam valve. About 200 degree movement of the screw would be ideal.


Thread: Jules Verne's "Nautilus"
24/08/2019 20:34:02

My grandson and I are considering having a bash at constructing a copy of "Nautilus". Don't think it will be a submersible but a surface craft should be workable.

Does anyone know of where plans can be obtained?

Was a commercial model ever produced?


Thread: polystyrene foam
15/08/2019 13:39:21

Thank you gents. A couple of very reassuring answers which will also save me time and effort.


Thread: Self starting steam engines
15/08/2019 09:33:21


Thanks for all the help and suggestions.


Edited By michael howarth 1 on 15/08/2019 09:34:47

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