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Thread: Supplier Recommendation
27/07/2015 22:02:41

Just to add to my previous post. I visited my local Hobbycraft store a couple of weeks ago and ended up purchasing two packs of paint brushes at £1 per pack, with each pack containing 5 brushes of different sizes. Someone had dropped a pack on the floor and left it for some silly old sod i.e. me, to pick up. Or thinking about it could be some new marketing ploy. So this afternoon I masked off and then varnished some computer generated decals that I fitted to my latest boat a few days ago. Did all the hairs fall out you may ask and the answer is a resounding NO. So at 20p per brush, I thought that was a good purchase. Particularly after brush painting the deck of the boat a few weeks ago with a new Revel brush, and spending a good deal of time retrieving brush hairs from the wet paint.

Thread: Mini Speaker Voltage
27/07/2015 07:47:36


Thanks very much for the offer but my son has already ordered some via the internet. Qty 10 for 99p with free postage.

26/07/2015 20:54:57


Yes I did have a quick look at the Data Sheet and found the modification re. fitting the diode. Will give that a try as obviously not requiring to fit a receiver battery frees up more space. The component appears to be freely available on Ebay. I think my soldering will stand up to the fitment.

26/07/2015 16:36:59


Many thanks for your prompt response. Also intend trying an Action P78 speed controller as a change from the Mtronics units that I normally use.

Regards - David Marks

Thread: Supplier Recommendation
26/07/2015 15:32:19

I recently used a company called Models for Sale based in Northamptonshire. In the main I purchased a model lorry kit (for the winter when its too cold to build model boats in my workshop) and also some Humbrol items. Order place at about 10 PM Tuesday evening and was delivered about 36 hours later. When selecting from their web-site it actually defines the number of items in stock, unlike a certain supplier where you can "load your cart" and release money via your credit card only to find that the chosen items are not in stock and probably never will be.......but that is a different story. As far as "Models for Sale are concerned...I found their service to be very good.

Thread: Mini Speaker Voltage
26/07/2015 15:11:21

My son has caught the model boat bug (or in his case a radio controlled rubber duck). He has ordered a mini speaker off the internet (from Hong Kong) which he intends to cannibalise so he (or should I say the duck) can produce appropriate duck type noises. This device apparently can be powered externally and requires a 5V DC supply. To save space it is intended to run the motor (a 385) on two 4.8V receiver batteries wired in parallel. Question will 4.8V be OK to also power the speaker?

Thread: Complaint about supplier
24/07/2015 08:51:38

Regarding Dave Milbourn's comment about difficult customers. A friend of mine that I met during a walking holiday is ex RAF and very much into model aircraft. As a part time job during retirement he worked in a model shop, which apparently do a lot of trade via the internet including a lot of `exports'. They had a call (possibly by email) from a customer in (I think, Australia). "where is my model" said the customer etc etc. It turned out the model had been ordered and despatched almost 12 months earlier but the customer was claiming that it had not been received !!!! A check was made with the courier company used by the supplier but they only kept records for 4 weeks before they were destroyed, which is understandable. It is understood that the supplier refused to budge and within a short time correspondence from the customer stopped. The conclusion was that the customer was "trying it on".

24/07/2015 08:35:56


As you are aware from my previous posts I have agreed to inform Colin of the outcome now that I have raised the matter with the supplier's local Trading Standards office.

Although I am not into Facebook and the like, one benefit of the internet is the ability to "tell the world" of suppliers that have given you poor service and on the flip side of the coin those that have given you good service. For example if I visit a pub/restaurant with family or friends (as I did yesterday) I place a comment on a website called Trip Adviser, and the vast majority of my feedbacks are good ones i.e like yesterday 5 out of 5.

I am also pursuing a supplier that I have used in support of my model boat hobby where I have had items on "back order" for almost two years......YES, TWO YEARS. Fortunately it was an internet transaction and payment was made by credit card, so the credit card company have taken it on. All I get from the supplier is "give me your telephone number again and I will get back to you, probably tomorrow" sadly tomorrow never comes.

22/07/2015 22:06:29

Colin - Still do not agree with you. All I can confirm is that Suffolk Trading Standards are pursuing Micro Miniatures of Lowestoft on my behalf. I will let you know the outcome.

Thread: Robbe
22/07/2015 21:30:49

I have just been on the "Cornwall" web-site and they claim that "Robbe have ceased trading".

Thread: Complaint about supplier
22/07/2015 20:23:20


Why has my complaint against a specific supplier been banned but within the last week or so a forum member made adverse comments about a well known parcel delivery company which you allowed? From where I am sitting the forum is operating double standards. All I have done is record the truth.

22/07/2015 17:22:14


I'm sorry but I'm afraid that this forum is not the appropriate place to air complaints about a particular supplier. Whilst I have no doubt of your sincerity we are not in a position to implicitly take sides in a dispute to which we are not a party as I am sure you will understand. I do hope that you manage to resolve the situation with the supplier.



Edited By Colin Bishop, Website Editor on 22/07/2015 18:13:33

Thread: Mabuchi 555 motor
17/07/2015 14:07:15

Gentlemen - I will try resetting the ESC again over the weekend. I did have some rouble with the SC at the pond last weekend which resulted in a replacement item being fitted. Currently wiring the various lights.

16/07/2015 22:13:37

Dave - Mission accomplished. Now runs fast in forward and at about 50% of the forward speed when in reverse. As I am not into `docking' and the like, the reverse gets little use, apart from emergency use.

David Marks

14/07/2015 20:47:43

Dave - I will give that a try tomorrow and give you an update on the outcome.

Regards - David M

14/07/2015 18:04:22

I have installed a Mabuchi 555 motor in my latest boat, running on 12V and via a Mtronics ESC. Can anyone tell me why it runs a lot faster is reverse than it does in forward mode. I do not consider it detrimental to the model but would love to know the reason, purely out of curiosity.

Thread: Receiver Connection
12/07/2015 21:05:51

Just an update on my original thread. I went to our club meeting today with my new creation (UTE variant) running but causing me concerns as the steering was fine but the prop/prop shaft having a mind of its own. I decided on a floatation test which was fine with a just a minimal list. The model was however considered unsafe for a wet run. The club RC `expert' had a look and I was advised to swap the ESC. This was undertaken this afternoon on a like for like basis and bingo...problem solved. I have used the same Mtronics units in all but one of my boats and found them to be easy to set up and problem claimed by the manufacturer but his one is still under guarantee and will be returned.

08/07/2015 21:07:46


Many thanks for your help. Hopefully tomorrow I can get the "new creation" up and running, ready for the pond (Club Meeting) on Sunday morning.

Regards - David Marks

08/07/2015 17:25:54

I am installing my Planet T7 2.4 GHZ unit for the first time. The output lead from the MTroniks Viper Marine 15 Speed Control to the Planet R7M Receiver has three coloured wires i.e. red/brown/yellow. Please could someone confirm which is the -ve wire. The connections on the receiver are clearly marked +ve -ve and signal but unfortunately there is no physical restraint to prevent the female connector on the cable being connected in the wrong orientation. I do not wish to encounter the dreaded white smoke that Mr Milbourn refers to in his responses on this site. Thanks

Thread: Stockist for clear windscreen plastic
29/06/2015 21:06:35

Give SHG a ring 01785 840308. Although their catalogue only covers the smaller sheet size i.e. 12inch by 7.5 inch, they may be able to provide you with the name of a supplier that stocks the bigger sheet size i.e in old money you require 24 inch.

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