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Thread: Speaker Mounting
27/03/2016 18:22:07

Many thanks. Mounting made and incorporated into wheel-house floor.

26/03/2016 14:37:29

I wish to fit a 50mm - 8 ohm Myler speaker into my current project. Any suggestions/recommendations regarding the correct mounting i.e. does it need a baffle board?

Thanks in advance David Marks

18/03/2016 22:12:34

Speak to Jerome at SHG Model Supplies 01785 840308. He is very knowledgeable and helpful on all aspects of model boats. They will most probably be closed now until Monday 10AM.....pretty sure they do not operate on a Saturday! You can view their catalogue on-line, but you have to order over the phone. A very good company to deal with.

Thread: scroll or bandsaw:
08/03/2016 06:58:46

David - I have both types of machine but find I use the bandsaw far more often than the scroll saw. The scroll saw is much better suited to fine work on thinner material. Also, by drilling a pilot hole and inserting the blade through the hole you can also cut out internal shapes e.g. taking the centre out of a bulkhead. You cannot do that with a bandsaw, but a bandsaw will tackle thicker material. Suggest that you look at the specification for other machines as the info avail able from Toolstation is very limited.

You will find that most machinery of this type is now made in China and the same basic machine is marketed by a variety of suppliers although the machine(s) will be badged to suit the supplier. Aim to get a machine with the most powerful motor available and/or affordable.

Thread: Adrian's Marine Figures (AMF)
26/02/2016 07:19:35

Adrian Clutterbuck is well known throughout the model boat world. Is anyone aware of the current situation re. his marine figure business (AMF) and more importantly has his wife now made a full recovery?

Thread: Alfold Show
23/11/2015 21:51:03

Does anyone know the date of the Alfold Show for 2016? I lead a few walks for my local walking group and we have to plan these up to 6 months in advance so I am trying to avoid a clash of dates.

Thread: Plastic figures
20/11/2015 13:07:26

Colin - That is correct. I wanted to purchase some more figures and emailed Adrian to get details, prices etc. He had put his company on hold as his wife was rushed to hospital and at that time (6..ish weeks ago) was still there.

20/11/2015 09:23:39

Jenny - Have a look at the web-site for Cornwall Model Boats or give them a ring. They show 1/35 scale figures by CAP Maquettes in 1/35 scale. Sadly only two types (unpainted) at £10:50 each, so not cheap. Regarding your problem supplier, many members of this site will most likely know their identity. I had big problems with one as well. Send me an internal mail if you want advice.

Thread: Model Boats Winter Special 2015
04/11/2015 14:23:16

I too enjoyed this issue of the magazine very much indeed. The one point I wish to make regarding the comments raised by Glyn Guest in the MB magazine and Dave Milbourn within the MB forum, is that it is important to be able to trust the source of the information provided and also that there is normally more than one way of skinning a cat....sorry cat lovers. Dave has helped me a great deal and I have also followed Glyn's advise on certain matters. My background is machine tool work and associated processes e.g. welding. However, reading some of the articles in one of MBs sister magazines re. turning milling etc., often the information given is not only incorrect, but sometimes verging on the dangerous. Although I am not a steam fan, I do enjoy reading Richard Simpson's articles, in MB, particularly those that have included machine shop processes e.g. the recent one on `tapping'. Spot on Mr Simpson....clear, concise and unambiguous, as it should be.

Thread: Adrian's Marine Figures (AMF)
27/10/2015 07:21:58

Over the weekend I sent an email to Adrian Clutterbuck as I wished to purchase some of his resin figures. Adrian replied to state that AMF was currently "on hold" as his wife had been rushed into hospital some weeks before hand and was still hospitalised. I would therefore like via this forum to wish Adrian's wife a speedy and successful recovery. I have met Adrian's wife at a couple of the model shows but sadly do not know her first name.

Thread: Squires Model Supplies
22/10/2015 13:51:14

Colin - I have purchased many times from them in the past including from their stand at the annual Brighton show. Their stock is extremely good and extensive. After the re-buff regarding the catalogue, I did try to purchase some brass rod from them via email and got a reply back from them asking if it was round, square etc. I provided the response but that was the last I heard. After a week or so I took by trade elsewhere and was delighted with the service provided by the other company.

20/10/2015 21:10:39

I have noted that the long awaited Squires site is now operational. Only looked at it briefly but it would appear that you cannot order online, the site appears to be an onsite catalogue. Cannot see why it has been inactive for so long. I did ring the company some months ago to request a catalogue and was told rather bluntly that they were not available.

Thread: Plugs and socket confusion.
11/10/2015 17:00:28

Regarding the `gold bullet' connectors. The Mtronics ESC which are quite common have two leads (one yellow and one blue with female bullet connectors. These are the connections to the motor and I buy the corresponding male connectors from Maplin, but they should be available from other suppliers.

Thread: Correct Adhesive
10/10/2015 22:15:28

Colin - Many thanks for your help. I did a search on liquid poly cement/glue/adhesive and from a number of forums Tamiya Extra Thin Cement seems to be the choice of many. I have used other Tamiya products for my model boats e.g. masking tape, paint and certainly have had no problems

10/10/2015 19:07:21

I have a couple of plastic construction kits to build during the forthcoming winter. Although these are not boat related, I would appreciate it if someone could recommend a decent adhesive to use.

Thread: Graupner 2340 Jet Drives
09/10/2015 09:18:05

Dave - I will keep you updated re- the Stolly but at the moment it is about 5th in line. of models to make. I have been acquiring the mechanical bits and pieces from eBay etc, as and when available and at the right price. The jet drive mechanism that Paul mentioned is shown within Bob Hinton's article on the construction of his Stolly in the July 2011 edition of MB. Regarding Colin's comment, yes I am definitely in the `engineering' category, going to great pains to get things correct. Currently constructing a small batch of wooden pallets (for use as deck clutter) in 1/16 scale. This involves making a small fixture to get the plank spacing correct. The wife thinks I am mad.

When I started as a humble craft apprentice with the Ministry of Aviation back in 1965. We had within the intake, two Student Apprentices that went on to university. I later got involved in training, including running the mechanical side of a Student Engineer Training Centre for MOD where we had students in both pre university and past university modes.....very happy days

07/10/2015 20:40:12

Dave - Just to let you know that I have procured 2 off Graupner 2340 units. The items referenced in my last post reappeared on eBay and this time my bid was successful. The seller advised that someone has butchered two of the components and I think this is why they reappeared. i.e. the original purchaser rejected the items. However, I can easily machine some `adaptors' to resurrect the butchered items. Thanks for your advice re. the KMB items.

Thread: Window Frames
01/10/2015 08:53:23

My current model project is a freelance houseboat based on a converted Thames lighter. Although I have previously made my own window frames from Plasticard, I decided with this model to take the easy route and buy (if I could) some pre-made window frames as this model needs two dozen +. I noted that Mac's Mouldings sell sets of frames for lifeboats so I contacted the proprietor Martin to ascertain the actual sizes. Bingo...Martin will sell frames on a pick `n' mix basis and provided me with a photo copy of each set. The images are actual size and from two different lifeboat sets was able to obtain frames to suit my requirements. Unfortunately two frames suffered transit damage but Martin replaced these within a couple of days................Very good service.

Thread: DUKW Plans
29/09/2015 21:04:37

Ashley - Currently he has borrowed my copy of MB which contains the article about building the all singing - all dancing version which was featured in the mag about 4 years ago.


28/09/2015 22:26:19


Thanks for the LINK. He has already sent a couple of emails to the States to try and get some scale drawings, but to date there has been no response. You will probably recall an article in MB about 4 years ago, where the model of a DUKW had been constructed, but the person concerned had produced his own drawings by building a plastic kit form which he obtained measurements.

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