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Thread: Model Boat Building as an Activity Workshop
18/01/2017 15:49:13

If you want to be very basic there is always the Blue Peter approach. Two empty plastic bottles strapped together with tape. For the of those hand held, battery powered fans from the Pound Shop. Extras such as a rudder from plastic cartons such as margarine tubs. More for children but possibly an idea.

Thread: Todays Boating
07/01/2017 22:15:59

Further to Mr Milbourn's post which mentioned "bedding for animals" British Standards (BSI) apparently used to use a certain wheat based breakfast product W********x for testing the flushability of a certain piece of domestic equipment found in the bathroom. In my opinion, the best use for that product.

Thread: Leopard 1050kv motor
06/01/2017 19:23:46

Robin - Further to the earlier post by Dave Milbourn. If you wish to undertake a comparison with a M3.5 thread, it is the standard thread used for domestic electrical fittings e.g. the screws which attach the socket outlets to the steel box embedded in the wall.

The other line you could pursue would be to try another fitment with a known thread size e.g. the normal thread size used for model boat props is M4 X 0.7

Dave Marks

04/01/2017 16:50:29

Robin - You do not need a pitch gauge. Just place a steel rule against the thread and just count the number of full threads over a given distance. Then calculate the pitch or the of the thread

David Marks

Thread: Planking Clamps
05/12/2016 19:53:22

Does anyone know of a UK supplier for "screw in planking clamps"? The November 2013 edition of MB shows them in use, within the article by Phil Parker on page 46.

Thread: Mini Lathes
01/12/2016 22:48:43

Regarding the comment made by DG. I purchased a milling machine from the same supplier (Arc Eurotrade) and found them an excellent company to deal with. Also the build quality of the machine and the way it was presented were also excellent. My own lathe is a bigger beast (Chester Centurion). You will find all these machines originate from the Far East so look at people like Chester and Warco and you will most likely find an identical machine(s) but possibly painted a different colour or with the switches and controls in a slightly different position. In my opinion they are all excellent value for money. I trained originally as a tool/gauge maker.

Thread: Introduction to model boats
28/10/2016 15:56:32

I have been asked by a former work colleague it advise on a suitable model boat kit for his 12 year old grandson. To be built under supervision from Grandad. My idea would be one of the smaller models from the Vintage Model Boat Co. Does anyone have any better ideas?**LINK**

Thread: Storage Solution
25/10/2016 13:20:46

Ashley - Yes inside one of my workshops. However I did clear an area for the box by moving most of my "come in handy" stock of timber off-cuts to another box of the same type, placed outside. These boxes are surprisingly watertight. When the models are complete they will be in a custom made plywood box, with holding cradle.

25/10/2016 07:55:14

I have three `almost complete' models which now require paint which I tend to undertake in the warmer weather, outdoors. Needing a storage solution for these, I decided to use a large plastic garden storage box. I obtained one of suitable size from Homebase. These are fairly cheap (mine was £27) and was assembled in a few minutes, the panels just clipping together. I fitted a simple wooded frame inside to make it a double-decker unit i.e. so the models would fit safely one above the other. All the spare space around the models was filled with small containers with all the loose components. Like the Blue Peter tortoise, these are now in safe hibernation until the Spring.**LINK**

Thread: Water Slide Transfers
11/10/2016 21:06:27

Try this company. Their products are available from stockists such as Cornwall Model Boats. I find Cornwall MB a very good supplier/stockist unlike some of their competitors.


Thread: plans or unbuilt kit wanted
20/09/2016 21:34:04

Place an advert in the MB magazine as it is seen by a wider audience. It worked for me and the advert is FREE!

Thread: Misnomer unacceptable
12/07/2016 18:06:04

Boat, barge, narrowboat..........who cares. I found the article very interesting and certainly would not criticise the author or the editor of MB. My ancestors worked on the canals in the UK for over 150 years and I would certainly not criticise anyone that referred to a narrowboat as a barge. The meaning is clearly there so why bother. I worked in engineering all my life, but when someone refers to a `gear' as a `cog' or a `bolt' as a `screw' it certainly does not bother me. Lastly the people that lived and worked on narrowboats were always referred to as `bargees'.

Thread: Brighton Modelworld Show 2017
28/06/2016 22:44:49

Was informed today by a friend that the annual model show in Brighton will not take place next year.


Thread: Building a canal boat
07/06/2016 18:05:38

Ray - Invictus looks a very interesting project and a well built model. One of my current projects is a 1:16 scale narrowboat tug i.e. depicting a narrowboat which gained a second life being used for canal maintenance purposes. These were typically shortened by cutting into three sections and then re-joining the bow and stern. I used a set of original boatbuilders drawings which are available for purchase. Model is of all ply construction. I thought the construction of the bow would be a problem but it has turned out very well.

07/06/2016 07:06:16

In the August edition of MB (due out 15 July) there is to be an article on "a simple to build Canal Boat". The plan for the boat called Invictus of Allington is apparently already available from My Hobby Store. Alternatively there are kits available - see Riverside Models. The building of one of these kits was featured in MB magazine and the article is available on the Riverside website.

Thread: Cutting plastic tube
26/04/2016 23:54:21

As 10 mm is a standard thickness for plywood and 20 mm is a standard diameter for a wood drill bit i.e. the flat bit type. If you have a pedestal drill, then drill a 20mm hole in the ply, cut a length of tube over length, pace in the holes and file flush with the surface of the plywood.

Thread: help with fitting horse shoes
12/04/2016 19:16:53

So assuming the information posted by Telstar is correct and the `horse' has already been made. To fit the horse is just a drilling operation. Firstly drill a piece of scrap material to obtain the optimum size of the drill for the material i.e so that it is a push fit into the hole. Drill two holes at the correct distance apart (or pitch) in scrap material. Some trial and error may be required to get this correct. Once you have two holes of the correct diameter and pitch, transfer the piece if scrap to the model and locate in the correct position using double sided tape. Then just spot through the two holes to the depth required and then remove the piece of scrap, or to give it its correct terminology ....Drill Jig.

12/04/2016 07:23:14

Christopher - Could you show or illustrate exactly what you mean by horse shoes?

Thread: Rubbing strakes
29/03/2016 13:32:52

Squires Model Supplies in Bognor Regis list it within their catalogue (Pg. 339) which is available on-line, but you will need to phone them for the current price(s). 01243 842424 - Sizes quoted are in the range 0.75 to 6.4 mm X 250 mm/10 inches.


Thread: Small Milling Machine
29/03/2016 07:26:45

For anyone contemplating purchasing a small milling machine, my I recommend this model:


I find this extremely helpful for producing items for model boats as everything ends up flat, parallel and square with minimal effort. You will find similar machines from other suppliers but as far as I am aware, Arceurotrade are the only company that supply the machine with the `extended table' thus allowing larger items to be machined. As a bonus, I found this supplier wonderful to deal with when I purchased the machine and when I have purchased additional accessories.

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