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Thread: Models for disposal
23/09/2018 22:06:54

Dolphin Model Boat Club – Orpington, Kent. Our longest serving member passed away earlier this year and his family asked the club to catalogue his fleet and arrange disposal. Any monies raised from donations to be forwarded to the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance. To date, models acquired by club members have raised £730 to be forwarded to the charity. There are 19 models remaining for disposal, and if anyone within convenient travelling distance of Orpington is interested in establishing what is available, then please provide your email address via a PM.

Thread: Need a 4BA prop
02/09/2018 20:43:08


Thanks for the response. Anything in the Taps, Drills, Dies category, then I use Tracy Tools in Torquay.


02/09/2018 17:57:15

Martin - There is a possible engineering solution to this problem. You will nee access to a small lathe or know someone that has. Also assuming that the inner prop shaft can be removed from the outer. This will allow you to use a M4 prop on the existing (but adapted) shaft.

Prop End - Obtain a stainless M4 screw of suitable length, remove the head and drill 2.8 mm which is just below the core/minor diameter of the thread. Turn down the 4BA thread on the end of the shaft so that it is a snug fit inside the 2.8 drilled hole. The two can be held together with a minute dab of Cyno e.g. Hafix or similar.

Coupling End - Assuming that you will be using a Huco Coupling (or similar). The inserts for these are available in a number of sizes ( but probably not 4BA), but find one that will allow you to drill & tap 4BA.

Thread: Glue the propshaft tube
28/08/2018 17:53:06

Would like to make a comment about cheap epoxy adhesives. I purchased some from one of the cheap high street shops to hold some lead ballast in place and at the same time fill a void inside a hull. During the curing process it created a great deal of heat and smoked for a while, luckily the hull was wood and not styrene. If I use any again I will have a trial mix using a piece of scrap.

Thread: Kids
14/08/2018 20:59:38

I agree with all of the comments made so far. I am rapidly approaching 70 (that is age not speed) and as a child made things such as Trolleys ( plank of wood, crude steering and running on pram wheels) and also Track Bikes from scrap bikes salvaged from the local dump. I had a very good apprenticeship which provided me with a very good standard of living. My children now 40 and 37 attended schools where the main aim was for the school to score well on the dreaded league table and the ultimate prize being for 100% of pupils to go to "Uni". Sadly this attitude did nothing for the fact that University education does not help the fact that we all (at times) need plumbers, electricians and someone to fix the car. So in the main we have nation of people sat in front of computers and when the wheel of the computer chair drops off do not have clue how to fix it. Apprenticeships (proper ones) have gone and we live in a world where no one does anything with their hands in a constructive manner, even the DIY stores a feeling the pinch. However going back to my daughter and son, because of the interest of their parents, both are creative in many ways, particularly my son who is the proud owner of a car known as a Lotus 7 inspired, which he scratch built (NOT FROM A KIT) with training from Dad. Also he is into Model Boats...scratch built.

Thread: scratch built ?
30/07/2018 17:43:47

I think the previous comment by Colin Bishop, hits the nail squarely on the head. For enjoyment value, I scratch build usually from a plan although I have built models of boats where no plan exists and my "plan" has been made by using available dimensions and numerous photographs of the actual vessel. However some people prefer to build kits consisting of laser cut parts etc. Also a lot depends on the skill level of the individual and also the resources available i.e. tools and equipment. Just enjoy the hobby and do not worry what anyone else thinks.

Thread: Barge
20/07/2018 21:17:11

Have a look at this plan. The hull length is about 30 inches. I used the plan as a basis a for a model houseboat, based on a former Thames lighter. Many were purchased and converted to other uses. I used to visit a company base adjacent to Chertsey Bridge on the Thames which had two converted lighters, one was the canteen and the other a store.


Thread: Model Tug & Crash Tender
28/06/2018 07:46:29

Ray - Pleased that the two models have found good homes and will be giving enjoyment and hopefully enthusiasm to the next generation of marine modellers.

Regards - David Marks

20/05/2018 17:27:45

Dolphin Model Boat Club, based in Orpington have been asked to assist in finding `good homes' for two model boats. These are RAF Crash Tender (36 inches) and Tug (41 inches). Having seen photos of both models, they both appear to be in good condition and extremely well built. If anyone is genuinely interested in acquiring one or both models to use (i.e not for re-sale) then please send a message to my In-Box including you email address and I will forward further details including a photo of each. The models are currently in West Wickham, Kent and the owner would appreciate a suitable donation being made to the RNLI.

Thread: General Data Protection Regulation 2018
29/03/2018 22:24:52

Alan - Many thanks for identifying this change in requirement. As far as I am concerned to have a club you require members and those members will need to supply data i.e. name, address etc. Therefore all m b clubs need to review the new requirements and act accordingly. I have just written a draft policy document for my club for which I am the secretary.

Thread: Lidl - Digital Caliper
03/03/2018 08:49:43

I have pushed this product previously, but this week Lidl shops have 150mm/6inch digital calipers in stock at £9:99. These are part of Lidl's Powerfix range of hand tools. I spent my working life in the world of mechanical engineering and find these Powerfix calipers extremely useful and incredible value for money. I am so pleased with them, I have two. Also currently available at the same price is a digital angle gauge. I have one and although not used that often in invaluable when required for marking out or setting an angular face.


Thread: Maplin
02/03/2018 11:05:02

Ooops…looks as though I have upset Mr Milbourn. Oh dear what a shame!

David, for your information, apart from holidays, most of the money that I spend on `leisure’ i.e. model boats, goes to Iain, Kyje and the rest of the crew up in North Wales. Regarding these batteries, I was starting the build of a new model which I knew would short of space for all the equipment that I wanted to pack into the hull, so was keen to get the position and space for the batteries identified at the earliest possible time.. The power batteries were at the time identified by CS on their website as SOLD OUT, so I identified an alternative source. So the current status of my model is that the hull contains: The two batteries that appear to be giving you concern, a motor which you kindly recommended to me, which I obtained from RS as CS, SHG and Cornwall did not appear to stock that item. Additionally the hull contains a servo, power distribution board, and about 5 other gizmos (all contained within little black boxes) which were all purchased from CS.

I greatly appreciate the advice that you provide to me and other boat modellers and in the same way the help and advice provided by Iain and his staff at GC. However, on this occasion David you have prejudges the situation without being aware of the full picture.

28/02/2018 22:44:32

A previous post mentioned buying from RS. It should be noted that they do indeed supply hobbyists but DO NOT impose a minimum order quantity. When I have used them, their delivery has been very quick i.e. next day. The other company that I have used is Vapextech, based at West Kingsdown (near Brands Hatch). They are agents for Vapex batteries (possibly the UK importers) and again the delivery is remarkably quick. Their overall cost(s) i.e. item plus delivery is slightly cheaper than another well known supplier that we all use for batteries.

Thread: Model Figures for Aeronaut Classic
11/02/2018 21:33:13

An approximate idea of the scale of the model could be established by measuring the diameter of the steering wheel and comparing that measurement with the diameter of a car steering wheel. Although modern cars seem to have a smaller wheel than cars of say the 60s

Thread: Correct ESC?
05/02/2018 20:33:58

Gentlemen - Thank you all very much for your interest and help. I have decided to purchase a 540LN motor which at around £8 provides a cheaper solution than purchasing a P80 ESC. I was aware of the guidelines for matching the prop diameter to the motor case size but the 50mm does look about right for that particular model although the actual specified motor is a 545 Monoperm which is no longer available.

05/02/2018 10:02:28

Ashley/Malcolm - The prop size is 50mm (as per the drawing). I will try testing using a fuse. Many thanks.

05/02/2018 09:39:11

I am currently building a Plaudit tug (hull length 27inches) to which I have fitted a 540/1 type motor operating on 6V via a P92 Power Distribution Board. I have "in stock" an Action Electronics P79 Condor 10 ESC which I would like to use. The alternative is the P80 Condor 20 which Component Shop is currently showing as "out of stock". Will the Condor 10 be suitable to use?

Thread: Miranda model steam launch
31/01/2018 22:49:17

Roger - Try putting an advert in the MB magazine. It is free of charge and will (I suspect) reach a wider audience.

Thread: Salt water
30/01/2018 08:22:44

Anyone that attended the Mod. Eng. Show at Ally Pally about 10 days ago will have seen the model of the Ark Royal 1/72 scale and therefore 12 feet in length. The builder was in attendance and stated that it was always sailed in salt water. I think he is based in Cornwall and has no real choice, in the main I would expect due to the length of the model. As David Taylor has previously stated just a good wash down on clean water is undertaken after each sailing.

Thread: Drlling holes for metal fittings.
16/01/2018 20:44:02

Like Paul T, I worked in engineering all my life and have nothing but praise for the Lidl range of tools. I have not purchased anything big but certainly their Powerfix range of smaller tools is very good. Lookout for their 6"/150mm digital caliper at just under £10. All (I think) of German origin. The ME show at Ally Pally has been mentioned. Try Tracy Tools for drills, taps dies etc., good quality at a very reasonable price Yes, some tools are cheap and not very cheerful but there is some good stuff around and I think that many well known brand names now procure their equipment from the Far East with just a well known brand label attached.

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