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Thread: New Projects for 2019 ??
10/03/2019 09:49:21

I am currently nearing the completion of Plaudit. This is a David Metcalf design of the Port of London Authority (PLA) tug of the same name. The PLA had a wide variety of tugs, mostly with names starting with the letters PLA. To be honest it will be a version of Plaudit, as I used the vacuum moulded hull which is still available (1:20 scale), but had to change the size/shape of the superstructure to accommodate all the electronic kit. As all the PLA tugs were sold off years ago and have had a variety of owners, often with a change of superstructure, my model will be called Plaxtol (which is a village in Kent). I have yet to decide a livery, but as Plaudit was at one time in the ownership of construction company BAM Nuttall and in their distinctive green/orange livery, then that is one option. Once Plaudit/Plaxtol is complete, my next project will be a catamaran workboat. There have been a number of very good kit reviews of this type of vessel within MB but mine with be based on that presented by Dave Brumstread in MB January/February 2013. As I like to scratch build, I have obtained a set of drawings for Searcher by James Pottinger. This is a catamaran lobster boat in 1:24 scale, but I have already had the drawings stretched to 1:16 scale and the model will be a workboat, based on the Dave Brumstead kit review.

10/03/2019 09:09:46

I would like to respond to this thread, but for some reason I am having trouble with Cut & Paste. Always used this method before without any trouble. Have the site settings been changed?

Thread: Build the Bismarck
19/02/2019 08:25:58

Regarding the cost of producing a a magazine. This particular magazine has a planned production run lasting over two and a half years. Surely there may come a point where the number of magazines being sold is insufficient to continue production. We have all seen this type of publication a dolls house, build a model car etc., but I wonder how many of these complete the full production run.

Thread: Model Engineering Show
20/01/2019 15:35:07

Yesterday, I made my normal visit to the show at Alexandra Palace (Ally Pally) in London and very enjoyable it was. As far as I am aware this show is organised by the publishers of a magazine called Engineering in Miniature. Does anyone know what happened to the other show which was backed by the Model Engineer magazine which is from the same publishers as Model Boats? This show ended up being held at I think Sandown Park during the period between Christmas ans the New Year, but the final one (about three years ago) was held at Brooklands in September.

Thread: Building Jig
17/01/2019 11:45:09

Paul - When I first saw your posting, two things immediately came to mind. Firstly your "customer" needs to define a specification within which you need to comply. The `requirement' cannot be open ended. Secondly my idea would be to design something along the lines shown by Tim Rowe. My models are scratch builds and each build jig is bespoke to the model. My jig is a piece melamine chip board raised and braced to give a convenient height and a rigid base. The attachments which I use are blocks of soft wood, pieces of extruded aluminium angle of suitable size, cast iron angle plates etc. The choice of attachment being dependent upon the model. A Swiss Army Knife is fine, as is an adjustable spanner, but far better to have the correct tool for the job i.e. if you wish to tighten/loosen a bolt with a 17mm head, then use a 17mm spanner and not an adjustable spanner.

Thread: scale 1:16 figures
16/01/2019 07:14:09

Peter - Although not shown on their website, contact Mountfleet Models as they market figures in 1:16 scale and also 1:12 and 1:24 scales. These figures were originally marketed by a company called George Turner Models and then by Adrian's Figures (Adrian Clutterbuck)

Thread: North Kent and S.E. London
05/12/2018 19:56:34

Dolphin Model Boat Club (DMBC) are based in Orpington, Kent and commence their 2019 programme in January, with the first of three, Winter Workshops. We will be holding twelve Sailing Meetings between April and October, including two evening meetings, for those who like to display boats with lights. New members are very welcome. For further details see the DMBC web-site.

Edited By David Marks 1 on 05/12/2018 20:01:30

Thread: International Model Boat Show
13/11/2018 07:28:35

I normally travel to the show on my own, but this time arranged car share with three member of my local model boat club. So three people went that probably would not have normally gone. Sad to see that the show was down on traders again i.e. Ron Dean of Dean's Marine was missing as was Steve that runs a stand selling bits and bobs for scratch builders like myself. I believe the latter may be just a temporary glitch due to ill health. The tree that I took with me appeared to have enjoyed themselves and one tot eh both to email me to confirm that fact. I managed to clear about 75% of my shopping list including three bulky orders where saving the P&P costs covered the price of my entrance ticket.

Thread: Aluminium Tool Case
06/11/2018 07:19:19

Lidl currently have Aluminium Tool Cases available in their Powerfix range at just under £23. There are two different types, one with partitions and the other with a foam liner which can be configured to suit instruments. I purchased the latter type for storage/carriage of two transmitters, which can be achieved by careful positioning of the two units.


Thread: Creating Interest in Model Boats
29/10/2018 17:37:58

A response to the comment made earlier by Ashley. The pond our club use in Orpington is council owned and free to use by anyone, including those that do not pay their Council Tax to the local council i.e. they live in one of the adjoining London Boroughs. However, the club pay a hire fee which allows us to bring our cars to pond side as parking in the local streets is difficult. We also have to pay for Public Liability Insurance and that plus the pond hire means that each pond meeting costs the club around £57 and we have no facilities such as toilets. To me the pond meeting is just a very good social occasion, as I am a builder rather than a sailor. The members help each other out, exchange ideas and resolve (hopefully) problems. As I said in my previous post it is pleasing to actually make ourselves known to the local public and if we manage to generate interest with the younger generation and provide an alternative to "the x box" whatever that is, so much the better. We to have an animal section, i.e. ducks, a swan and an alligator, and until he passed away earlier this year we had a member with a Mississippi stern wheeler, complete with fairy lights, and an eight piece jazz band. This was always welcome addition to our two night sailing sessions per season.

23/10/2018 08:21:29

There has been pervious postings on this forum regarding the decline in interest in model boats, particularly with the younger generation. As a committee member of the Dolphin Model Boat Club (DMBC) based in Orpington, I decided to start promoting DMBC via a couple of the booklets that many of us have posted thorough our letter boxes on a regular (usually monthly basis). In a new venture called Around Orpington, I spotted an Events Page and then someone advised me of a monthly document called the Gazette issued by a local residents association, also with a list of events. Both gladly accepted our "advert" on a free of charge basis........the result BINGO. We have gained one new member, but the additional interest has been amazing. Surprisingly some of this has come directly from the younger generation, with two examples of grand-children stopping with grandparents, seeing the advert for DMBC and then heading for the pond, with grandparents in tow! I think we may be getting at least one Junior Member when we kick off our 2019 season in April. Also it will pay us to create a list of vendors such as Howes, Component Shop etc., as we get many requests of where do a get this or how do I do that etc.

Thread: Models for disposal
23/10/2018 07:50:16

Via a member of this forum, DMBC have raised a further £130 to be forwarded to the chosen charity (thank you Paul). If anyone else is interested in any of the models, please leave a short message on here before sending me your email address etc. via a PM. This saves me logging-in to see if anyone has left a PM. Many thanks - David Marks.

Thread: Boiler certification
22/10/2018 12:36:34

Paul - I am not into steam power myself, but possibly the Model Power Boat Association (MPBA) may be able to help. Their contact details should be on the internet. David Marks

Thread: Paddler Hull
17/10/2018 20:21:16

This item has found a new owner and is being collected tomorrow.

16/10/2018 09:24:51

I have acquired the hull for a model paddle boat, plus a set of paddle wheels. Dimensions (inches) are: Length 61.5 - Beam 8.0 and Beam across the paddle boxes 15.0. Wheels (pair) 4.375 dia X 2.75. The hull is plank on frame and the workmanship is considered to be good. There is no other information such as drawings. Free to anyone willing to collect from Orpington, Kent or possibly a donation to RNLI. In my opinion too good to place in the skip, but I need the space! If interested, respond to this post but send contact details via a PM.

Thread: Models for disposal
23/09/2018 22:06:54

Dolphin Model Boat Club – Orpington, Kent. Our longest serving member passed away earlier this year and his family asked the club to catalogue his fleet and arrange disposal. Any monies raised from donations to be forwarded to the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance. To date, models acquired by club members have raised £730 to be forwarded to the charity. There are 19 models remaining for disposal, and if anyone within convenient travelling distance of Orpington is interested in establishing what is available, then please provide your email address via a PM.

Thread: Need a 4BA prop
02/09/2018 20:43:08


Thanks for the response. Anything in the Taps, Drills, Dies category, then I use Tracy Tools in Torquay.


02/09/2018 17:57:15

Martin - There is a possible engineering solution to this problem. You will nee access to a small lathe or know someone that has. Also assuming that the inner prop shaft can be removed from the outer. This will allow you to use a M4 prop on the existing (but adapted) shaft.

Prop End - Obtain a stainless M4 screw of suitable length, remove the head and drill 2.8 mm which is just below the core/minor diameter of the thread. Turn down the 4BA thread on the end of the shaft so that it is a snug fit inside the 2.8 drilled hole. The two can be held together with a minute dab of Cyno e.g. Hafix or similar.

Coupling End - Assuming that you will be using a Huco Coupling (or similar). The inserts for these are available in a number of sizes ( but probably not 4BA), but find one that will allow you to drill & tap 4BA.

Thread: Glue the propshaft tube
28/08/2018 17:53:06

Would like to make a comment about cheap epoxy adhesives. I purchased some from one of the cheap high street shops to hold some lead ballast in place and at the same time fill a void inside a hull. During the curing process it created a great deal of heat and smoked for a while, luckily the hull was wood and not styrene. If I use any again I will have a trial mix using a piece of scrap.

Thread: Kids
14/08/2018 20:59:38

I agree with all of the comments made so far. I am rapidly approaching 70 (that is age not speed) and as a child made things such as Trolleys ( plank of wood, crude steering and running on pram wheels) and also Track Bikes from scrap bikes salvaged from the local dump. I had a very good apprenticeship which provided me with a very good standard of living. My children now 40 and 37 attended schools where the main aim was for the school to score well on the dreaded league table and the ultimate prize being for 100% of pupils to go to "Uni". Sadly this attitude did nothing for the fact that University education does not help the fact that we all (at times) need plumbers, electricians and someone to fix the car. So in the main we have nation of people sat in front of computers and when the wheel of the computer chair drops off do not have clue how to fix it. Apprenticeships (proper ones) have gone and we live in a world where no one does anything with their hands in a constructive manner, even the DIY stores a feeling the pinch. However going back to my daughter and son, because of the interest of their parents, both are creative in many ways, particularly my son who is the proud owner of a car known as a Lotus 7 inspired, which he scratch built (NOT FROM A KIT) with training from Dad. Also he is into Model Boats...scratch built.

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