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Thread: Help please! Inherited some boats!
19/05/2020 13:41:23

Darren - Make contact with your local model boat club. I am a committee member of Dolphin, based in Orpington, Kent and get about four or five calls per year regarding `loft finds` etc. If the models are worth anything, the money is usually donated to either club funds or a nominated charity e.g. RNLI.

Thread: One ESC, or two
30/04/2020 15:10:03

Yes, thanks for that I will give it a try. I think the total void depth is 32 mm and I always have a good stock of extruded ali angle as I often use it as an assembly aid or for such things as making my own motor mounts.

30/04/2020 13:58:34

Dave - Many thanks for you prompt response. I had purposely made the void below the deck between the two hulls a bit deeper to allow for the depth of the enclosure used for the majority of the Action units but unfortunately the P94 has the two heat sinks. As I cannot use an alternative location it will be neat hole in the deck to allow the heat sink to protrude and then a suitable cover such as a dummy crate. That is why I enjoy scratch building....problem solving.

All the best - Keep safe

30/04/2020 08:14:45

I am currently scratch building a catamaran workboat in 1:16 scale, based on the drawings for a James Pottinger design called Searcher. The vessel has twin 540/1 motors, 35mm props and twin rudders. I will be using two 6V batteries connected in parallel. I will control the two rudders via `Y’ lead. Please could someone advise the best way to control the two motors i.e. one ESC or two. I normally now use Action products. Many thanks.

Thread: HMS Prince of Wales to visit Liverpool
19/02/2020 19:34:22

You blokes are bit out of date. Since Liverpool was made a City of Culture in (I think) 2008, when you return to your car and find the wheels have been nicked, you find that it is sitting on a pile of books as opposed to bricks. This means that you have something to read whilst awaiting the AA, RAC etc to arrive with a replacement set.

Thread: S.E. London & North West Kent
17/12/2019 08:44:04

Dolphin Model Boat Club is based in Orpington, Kent. Our 2020 programme commences in January with the first of our Winter Workshops where members can display their latest part built creations, also discuss build problems and techniques etc. Then from April to October there will be twelve pond meetings, mainly on a Sunday morning, but including two Saturday afternoon/evening events which allow members to display models which are fitted with lights. Two of our pond meetings are Charity Days with one supporting the RNLI and the other supporting AAKSS which is the local air ambulance. Due to popular demand we will finish the year with two additional Winter Workshops, one incorporating the AGM. Our membership numbers remain stable and we have gained some new members following a big push to promote our pond meetings which we advertise free of charge in two magazines distributed in the local area. This increase in spectators has resulted in us adding a document to our website entitled “Model Boats – Getting Started”. Many parents and/or grand-parents are looking to encourage the younger generation away from the TV and the Xbox, so hopefully the world of Model Boats will fulfil that requirement.


Thread: HMS Prince of Wales
17/11/2019 16:54:56

Before I retired I used for visit a company where one of the Project Engineers was ex Royal Navy. He had served on Ark Royal and showed me a photo of when the Ark visited the States include one of Ark Royal moored with some US carriers. Which one is Ark Royal, I asked? He pointed to the vessel which I had assumed was just used for ferrying the crew back and forth to the shore.

Thread: Glues and pins
10/11/2019 08:10:56

For wood to wood joints I now use an Aliphatic PVA which I purchase from Five Star Adhesives at one of the model shows. There are other manufacturers/suppliers such as Deluxe Materials, Titebond, sold by Axminster Tools, and my local model shop Avicraft in Bromley stock the Jim Perkins (JP) brand as do Cornwall Model Boats. I have also just started using Super Phatic from Deluxe Materials which allows joints to be made/positioned dry and then the adhesive added which wicks into the joint via capillary action in the same way as a plumber making a soldered joint. With regard to adhesive purchased form Poundland (or equivalent), I once tried their two pack epoxy......never ever again. In curing, this type of adhesive generates heat but when you have glued some lead ballast into the hull of a model and smoke appears, it is a little worrying.

Thread: Drills
12/08/2019 08:02:52

I cannot disagree with any of the responses made to date. For anyone wanting drill bits, I always point them in the direction of Tracy Tools based in Torquay. This company stock a whole range of engineering tools but have a look at their drill sets which are extremely good (HSS) and extremely good value for money. The company have been going for years and were already well established when i commenced my apprenticeship back in the 1960s. I have tried to post a link to there website but there would appear to be a problem.

Thread: Technological Progress - Is it getting too complicated?
24/07/2019 08:13:19

I believe that the `model boat' hobby can be as basic or complex as you want it. About 10 years ago when I retired and entered the world of model boats, I scratch built a Springer pusher tug which (a) floated and (b) via a cheap 2 channel 40Hz radio kit, went Forward and Reverse as well as Left and Right. However, as I progressed each model got more complex as I added lights, sound modules etc., which are now controlled via my 7 channel 2.4 radio kit and numerous `black boxes' with an Action sticker on the outside. However, my original Springer till gets used, but obviously does not possess the bells and whistles of the later models.

Thread: Correct ESC?
10/07/2019 16:18:04

I have undertaken a further test of the set-up using the P79 ESC. I uncoupled the 540 LN motor and in its place connected a 540/1 motor. This gave an acceptable shaft speed although I did not connect the 540/1 direct to the 6V battery to establish if there was any reduction in speed between running direct from the battery or through the ESC. I can only assume that the 540LN motor is not compatible with the P79 ESC.

28/06/2019 11:02:37

David - Like yourself, I checked the spec of the motor re. the number of poles. I moved the jumper within the ESC to the Linear position and found that the speed had increased but nowhere near to the speed of the motor when run direct from the 6v battery. However, the speed may be sufficient for the particular application for which it is to be used. I am going on holiday for just over a week and will conduct a pond test on my return. I would be interested in the results of you test.

Regards - David Marks

27/06/2019 17:44:03

I am in the final stages if building the model previously described. I have fitted a 540LN motor which I am running on 6V via a P79 ESC. However this gives an extremely slow prop speed, in fact so slow that If I wanted I could count the revs against a stop watch. However, connecting the motor direct to the 6V battery, the prop speed is "as expected". Does anyone have any idea of what is causing the dramatic reduction is speed when using the P79 ESC! Many thanks in advance for you anticipated help.

Thread: ESC Problem
26/05/2019 08:19:50

I will ask my friend to check the labels on the motors. I just "Googled" the motor description and up popped 12V. The model was minus batteries when acquired but has been set up with 2 X 6V SLAs in series, so may be worth trying with the same batteries but wired in parallel. I will also check the free running of the prop shafts. I can confirm the the ESC is in ample free space in the hull and not closed in at all.

24/05/2019 07:19:15

Gentlemen - Many thanks for your input and help. Just one further question for DM. Following you earlier guidance, I now use Action Electronics ESCs. What would be the best ones to use in this application i.e using twin ESCs?

Regards - David Marks

22/05/2019 09:10:31

A friend has acquired a model lifeboat, GRP hull and superstructure 775 mm long. The boat runs but then after few minutes cut out i.e. no power to the motors. When this occurs the Esc is found to be hot but after cooling, the models functions OK. It is therefore considered that the ESC is either faulty or possibly the wrong unit for this particular installation. The relevant components are as follows: Motor: Graupner Speed 600BB Turbo X2 running on 12V. ESC Tornado Marine X1, 50A forward & 20A reverse. Props are 24mm Dia, 3 Blade. Any thoughts on the source of the problem would be much appreciated.

Thread: Models for Sale/Disposal
28/04/2019 17:33:08

Dolphin Model Boat Club (DMBC) has two models for sale, one built and one part built. These have been donated by a former member who has given up the hobby due to ill health. Any money raised will go into club funds to help pay for pond hire etc. Both models are located in Dartford, Kent and further details can be found within the News - Items for Sale section of the DMBC website

Thread: Damm Paddle Wheels.
10/04/2019 13:43:00

Aluminium sheet used to be available in three grades: Hard, Half-Hard and Soft. The Soft grade could be bent/deformed in the fingers and was typically used for things such as sealing washers or rings. The Half-Hard grade would "take a bend" and the Hard grade was for anything that remained flat. However it was possible to soften/anneal Hard grade sheet in the location of a bend by applying a gentle heat and rubbing the surface with the non-working end of a matchstick until each `rub' left a black line on the surface. This indicated that the surface had reached the correct temperature and that area was bendable.

Thread: R.T.F.M.
21/03/2019 17:50:28

I worked for the MOD all my life and back in 1983, switched sites and went from training apprentices to training Student Engineers. These lads were in their gap year, had a raft of A Levels (including Physics) and all had been accepted to go to university to study Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering etc. The training section required some extension leads, so the component parts were withdrawn from stores, i.e. cable, six-way extension blocks and 13A plugs. Unfortunately I had assumed that ALL these bright young things were fully capable of wiring these components.....sadly not. With some, this included having no idea which colour was Live/Neutral/Earth etc and to which terminal within the plug they should be connected. So in a lot of ways I blame the education system. Too much emphasis of passing an exam, to get a certificate, instead of concentrating on practical aspects.

Thread: New Projects for 2019 ??
10/03/2019 09:53:16

Colin - Thanks for the response and help . Yes, C&P now requires the use of Ctl + V. As it is blowing a gale outside, I will try and add some images of my near complete Plaudit/Plaxtol.

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