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Thread: LED Problems
11/06/2015 16:22:56

Dave/Bob - Regarding the DMM, I changed the battery and found that the voltage reading for the two 6V Gel Cells that I have was just over 6V. There is still some difference between the DMM and the old GEC multimeter that I have which gives around 5.5V. I asked Dave how a layman such as myself can tell when the battery in a DMM is in need of replacement, but possibly I did not pose the question in the correct manner. So I read the instructions.........the pristine....never been fired in anger instructions. On my particular DMM (Draper manufacture) a little battery icon appears in the corner of the liquid crystal display. So back in went the old battery and yes there was a battery icon on display. Incidentally I checked the discarded battery with my analogue unit and the voltage was down to 6V as opposed to the required 9V. Hope Mr Mibourn is suitable impressed with all these terms......icon.....liquid crystal display. I am probably incorrect but never mind.

Thank you gentlemen.

10/06/2015 21:23:14

David - Strangely, I tend to use the analogue unit most of the time but for some reason the Resistance range is not functioning correctly so I used the DMM that my son uses for his `car projects'. What is the best way of telling that the battery is in need of renewal?

Many thanks for your help once again

09/06/2015 20:28:29

Update - I re-checked the battery voltage using the same digital multimeter as yesterday and obtained the same reading of 7.7V. I then used my analogue unit and obtained a reading of 5.5 V. The latter is about the figure I was expecting. I had a boat-less year last year due to illness so the batteries have sat on the shelf for some time. I therefore need to get my digital unit calibrated in some way. Additionally the offending LED is performing correctly.

08/06/2015 21:32:44


The LEDs are standard i.e. as purchased from Component Shop a week or so back. I will re-check the battery voltage tomorrow. Strangely, I left the LED connected to the battery whilst I had my evening meal and.....when I returned the LED was permanently illuminated.

Thread: Cheap attachments for small power tools
08/06/2015 17:31:58

Paul The link does not appear to work. however, I have looked on the Maplin web-site and yes very good value for money, and half the normal price. The `reviews' are al very positive as well. Unusual for Maplins as I find them convenient but expensive.

Thread: Subscription - Free Gifts
08/06/2015 17:27:46

I note that if you take out an annual subscription to MB then you get a free gift. I assume that if you then take out another annual subscription, 12 months later you get another free gift. Sadly the unfortunate readers (like myself) that have roll-on subscription miss out on the annual free gift.......why?

Thread: LED Problems
08/06/2015 17:12:08

I have spent a frustrating time trying to wire up an LED. The first one declined to illuminate at all. The second lights intermittently i.e about 5 seconds on and the same off, with a slight flicker of light when in the off mode. The LED is White running from a 6V battery with a 150 ohm resistor on the +ve terminal. Has anyone any idea of the cause of the problem? One odd thing that I have noted is that my 6V gel-cell batteries are providing about 7.7V.

Thread: Reducing 12V to 6V
07/06/2015 22:49:36

Barry - Thanks for that information. For the current build I have now purchased a UBEC from Component Shop following information supplied by Dave Milbourn. However, I will remember if I need another unit. I know my local model shop stock JP (Jim Perkins) products or will get them within a few days.

Thread: Twin Props
07/06/2015 10:05:26

David - Many thanks. I have found your article on the Mayhem web-site.

Regards - David Marks

06/06/2015 22:51:39

I have just read an article in a model boat magazine regarding a scratch built model with twin props. The author states that both props turn in the same direction as opposed one going clockwise and one counter clockwise. Does anyone have any knowledge of which method is correct or are they both acceptable? I have also noted that R/H and L/H props are available. Again in a twin prop set-up should one prop be R/H and the other L/H? Can both motors be operated via one ESC?

Thread: Bath Tub Testing
01/06/2015 19:33:51

With a wooden hull, what level of protection should be in place before it is bath tested i.e to establish the amount/position of ballast required? My UTE has been constructed from birch ply using aliphatic adhesive. Currently it has received four coats of dope, thinned 50% with cellulose thinners. All my previous hulls have been one colour, but with this one I would like to establish a `water-line' with the lower portion of the hull painted Halfords Red Oxide Primer to look like anti-fouling paint. How is the `water-line' best established? Previous hulls have been painted in Halfords Primer/Sealer (yellow peril) and the normal primer.

Thread: Amending Albums
31/05/2015 22:06:52

Done....many thanks

Thread: Digital Calipers
30/05/2015 22:55:09

Ashley - These digital calipers are a big step forward from the old fashioned vernier types that I had to use at the commencement of my apprenticeship in the mid 60's. The items dated back to the 1930s and the vernier scale was so small that you had to use an eyeglass.

My advice is never to buy cheap tools particularly measuring equipment.

Thread: Amending Albums
30/05/2015 22:44:02

I have been having trouble amending the text on my Album. The only way that I have been able to access existing text is to upload another photograph. Has anyone else experienced the same problem? I will admit that I am not a very computer orientated person.

Thread: Digital Calipers
29/05/2015 07:54:28

Of my two digital calipers, the newest has the brand name `POWERFIX' and is currently on Ebay at £9:80 (buy it now) with free P&P.

27/05/2015 22:40:56

Perhaps they thought it was two bits of cheese! Should have put it back into its case

27/05/2015 22:03:01

In the current Special Edition of Model Boats is an excellent article by Richard Simpson entitled a Boat Modeller's Toolkit. In it Richard advocated the use of digital calipers as opposed to the traditional vernier type. For anyone with one of the German supermarkets near one is Lidl (previously Netto) they sell these every three months or so (advertised in their `flyers)'. I have two and find them of excellent quality and value i.e £10 for one of 150mm/6in capacity. You can flick from imperial to metric, and the units have a zeroing facility and automatic turn-off. Batteries......available from Component Shop. Bering a former apprentice tool/gauge maker I possess a good range of micrometers and vernier calipers but rarely use them as my £10 digital calipers are excellent.

Thread: Reducing 12V to 6V
26/05/2015 09:13:15

David - Many thanks for your prompt response. Is it me or do these items not appear in the Component Shop catalogue?

Regards - David Marks

25/05/2015 22:30:30

I am currently building a version of Glynn Guest's UTE. The batteries for the motor are twin 12v to be wired in parallel. I wish to add a searchlight, which operates at 6V. Is there a device on the market which I could use to step-down the voltage? Or would it be easier/cheaper to install a separate 6V battery just for the searchlight. My thanks in anticipation.

Thread: Life Raft Location
21/05/2015 20:53:59


Thank you for the advice. The roof it is. I will check on the lights via the internet as suggested.

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