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09/03/2012 16:08:37

Plans as such were not made for the Dusseldorf by Robbe. However, if you contact your Robbe dealer, he CA still get you the actual build detail booklets that come with the original kit box.

I purchased a set of these less than 12 months ago, once I found out about them, so still available.

No, sorry, cant photocopy as they are a bound booklet, not worth the hassle, far easier to buy your own.

Thread: Club 500's
22/11/2011 16:57:13
It all depends if you are going top rasce it in a club 500 series or not.
If YEs you are, then follow the build instructions to the letter and you wont fall foul of the 500 rules.
If NO, then the worlds your oyster, swap the prop, fit a 600 or brushless motor and lipo battery and watch it fly!
Thread: RNLB Mersey
13/10/2011 23:32:08
Ive now started construction of the rear cabin door, being as the layout and build of the open wheelhouse area is going ok. I decided to make the door in a similar fashion to the speedline window kit I have in stock for it, so its a "sandwich" construction.
The main door fram, has a clear perspex window panel, topped off with a further "window surround" frame.
Now how to recreate the retaining bolts?
I was simply going to carefully "slice" a load of pieces off a length of olid plastic rod, butcan't really guarantee each one is going to be same thickness at such a small size, so Im going to experiment with drilling the completed door, making a series of holes all around the window frame, then cutting lengths of plastic rod to pass right through the door assembly, thus creating a bolt/nut effect on both sides in one easy go.
more pics once ive managed to do such, see what you think !

10/10/2011 17:05:18
Have started work on the stern flying bridge section, so at least this will strengthen the open rear end of the cabin up, before any internal work is commenced.
All items are made from styrene sheet, for simplicity of construction and also weight.

Thread: Has anyone heard of this before?
10/10/2011 00:11:27
Incidentally, talking of the use of lead as ballast in model boats. Did you know or realise that some Councils are very sensative when it comes to finding out that model boats contain "lead", especially when a pool or lake is shared by wild birds [ducks/swans etc]. "in the event of a model boat sinking and the wild birds getting at the ballast as the boat breaks up" is what I was advised.
So we now have to demonstrate to our park rangers that we use "zinc ballast weights" , like those used for car tyre ballancing.
It may be worth thinking about when it comes to sailing on Council owned pools/lakes, or private areas of water where RSPB have any influence.
Funny really, as they jump up and down at us for using lead as ballast, but dont say a word to anyone who feeds bread to the birds, then throws the plastic bread wrapper in the water as well!!
Thread: RNLB Mersey
09/10/2011 17:58:47
I have now started construction of the rear section of the main cabin. Careful measurement of the plans and conversion to 1/12th scale dimensions needed at all times to ensure accuracy. Especially as there are quite a few angled pieces involved.
I am using styrene sheet , admittidly I am well versed with its use in previous scratch builds, including my "Egrete Pusher tug" and RMAS Moorhen. its a light very easy to use item and can give sufficient strength to support where necessary.

Thread: picture posting
08/10/2011 17:57:26
Hi Colin,
Many thanks for the detailled replies, they are appreciated.
my "main" concern was that to post a picture on a forum, you have to first pot to a member album, then post to the forum thread.
So this is in fact "doubling" the space taken by pictures, as more often than not, someone may be simply replying to a post, wityh a picture to help explain something.
So if someone has to upload to their own album, then post to a thread, its very time consuming and also very frustrating.
yes, I admit, you could then go back to your album and delete the "said" photo, but again, takes time and a majority of people woul;d not bother to delete again afterwards.
Its just merely from "casual observation" that quite a lot of posts go without pictures, perhaps its because members cant be bothered to upload to personal galleries before posting to a thread.
Ok, ok, I know its beyond your control and appreciate that, but unless something is highlighted to site admin, then nothing can be forwarded to the main admin as and when possible to do so.
merely a comment, not throwing toys out ! [YET] ha ha.
Thread: HMS HOOD
07/10/2011 18:35:49
its far cheaper to buy a artr graupner one, saves you at least £250 and less aggro waiting for missing or broken parts to be replaced
Thread: RNLB Mersey
07/10/2011 18:33:33
Started on fitting the internal wooden support pieces today. I use stabilit express glue to attach the wooden pieces to fibre glass, once in, it dont move again. Ive had to put a fair few saw cuts in to the wood, simply to get it to bend to the correct shape.
once the glue has fully dried, the saw cuts will be brushed and filled with a nice runny mix of cascamite to put the strength back in to the wooden pieces.

Thread: Radio channels
07/10/2011 18:28:38
By using "40 meg" crystals you are simply changing a channel, NOT the is the frequency you need to change for "ground kit".
If you fail to do so, there is potential for accident, especially if someone else goes past behind you with a similar frequency channel and you are unaware of it. you could bring his aircraft down and vice versa, he could send you boat in to the concrete wall at full speed.
radio frequencies are not to be messed about with, so ALL radio control operators use within their own operating range, then there is "control" and safe useage.
Its basic stuff.
Thread: RNLB Mersey
07/10/2011 12:47:54
I have the motors sorted thanks very much.
i have battled long and hard for some info on this and had very little "sensible reply", so keeping "stum" on the outcome. Other builders of this particular boat are extremely reluctant to give any info away. dont ask me why, i dont know, because they wont say or suggest anything.
So I'll continue the build alone.
06/10/2011 23:59:59
the lower hull has had a further 2 coats of white paint. this has dried sufficiently for it to take masking tape [48 hrs], so have masked the white off to apply the deep blue upper band. this had had 3 deep coats of paint to give added deepness to the colour and glossy "sheen". I am yet to finish off the edge between the colours as too soft to clean yet.

Thread: Electric motor temperature sensor
05/10/2011 23:12:16
its a bit pricey though, especially when you have to buy a pack of 25 sensors. But if you can find buyers for the other 24, you'd be in business!
Thread: Chasewater Model Boat Club. [Staffordshire]
05/10/2011 22:59:19
A freindly club formed by model boaters, for model boaters. we sail twice a week at our venue at the Chasewater site, close to the Inovation centre.
Please feel free to view our website:
or email the club secretary:

Thread: picture posting
05/10/2011 22:55:43
Why can't we upload pictures from our own pc?
I find having to upload to my own picture gallery first, THEN repost on a forum thread very time consuming.
If you are restricting on picture size, then simply put a limit on picture size, so forum members can simply use a picture compression program, microsoft picture [program for example has a simple to use "compression device" for pic uploads.
You may well find a lot more forum members will be encouraged to post pics of their builds and projects.
Thread: Electric motor temperature sensor
05/10/2011 22:51:40
its sounds like the motor is certanly having its work cutout with that size of prop and battery, no wonder its getting the motor hot to the touch [if you dare]
I would also suggest altering your sailing style too, try less "full ahead" for long periods, try more slower "steering course stuff" intermixed with the fast stuff,.
Dont try and do slow work immediately afetr full speed cruising it does not give chance for the motor to cool off anyway
the water cooling pickup should supplu cooling water at all times anyway, even at slower speeds if placed as suggested above. it works for a lot of other boaters. fitting electric pumps is ok, but thats another battery drain to consider, so your fast speed sailing times will be reduced accordingly, simply due to battery drain.
Thread: ELCO MTB
05/10/2011 22:44:05
depends on your setup, single, double or triple motor, you will have to give us a few clues to be able to assist further
Thread: help with Twister Planet 2.4ghz and twin motor tank steer set up.
05/10/2011 22:41:55
Firstly I migth presume you have got this sorted by now, but if not, heres a few pointers.
1/ if you are using 2 seperate esc's for individual motors,
a/ are you using a seperate battery for the recievey supply?
if NO, then it might be a conflict with the esc's trying to act as "master" controller, you may need to disconnect one "power" wire to one of the controllers.
2/ i then see no reason why seperate esc's should not work to control each motor, just remember to find correct channel for each on the reciever.
3/ helicopter type only means the throttle stick is right one, whereas boats/cars is left stick.
but being as you are using both for throttles anyway, theres no difference for you, apart from the one stick being spring loaded to centre off, but speak to radio supplier and he can supply you with a centering spring, so you then have forward/reverse on BOTH sticks.
make sure you remove the batteries in the reciever when you retfo fit this spring and lever, but once you power the transmitter back up, it automatically "adjusts" its controls for "centre off", you dont have to do anything else.
let us know how you get on.
Thread: Carry Cradle
05/10/2011 16:39:20
Kindly remember I did say that you construct the carrier to the dimensions you need it to be for your own "range" of boats, thats why i havent given any specific sizes on this thread.
I would add caution to making any part of it with "adjustable" uprights, as you are working with wood and the more holes you drill, the bigger the potential for fracture.
I tend to find the webbing adapts more than enough for a variety of hulls as it is.
But this is a basic frame/cradle.
By all means adapt your own to your own specific needs. All ive done is given you all the kick start to go build something you can then work on and personalise, hopefully for the better.
if anyone does make a similar cradle, why not upload a picture of yours too.
Thread: RNLB Mersey
04/10/2011 19:11:22
I have now managed to finsih filling and sanding the hull off and applied its first coat of white paint to the lower half. Once fully dried this will be given a final flat with some 800 wet paper and painted again. a third and final coat will go one after this has dried, once flatted with 1200 paper.

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