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Thread: Rigging
08/09/2009 11:24:22

Has anybody bought commercial made rigging tools and, if so, what are your views on them. Are they worth the money? Also, if any experienced modelers make their own rigging tools any tips would be welcome. There is another slight problem I could do with a bit of advice on...what is the best way to keep the tension on the stays or shrouds whilst tying them off? In particular when tying on a block or deadeye.

Thread: Subscriber Content
04/09/2009 20:50:09

As I have mentioned in a previous post/thread??? I am a beginner in the model ship building business, (although a joiner by trade and spent most of my working life in the house building trade), and my area of interest is the wooden sailing ships of the Royal Navy. I have bought the magazine a few times but wouldn't consider subscribing because the mag is probably 98% of little interest to me. What might swing it would be more articles and tricks/tips/hints etc from seasoned modellers about static wooden models which would benefit beginners and intermediate model builders. For instance, I do buy the issues when a wooden ship review is published or where I can see an article relating to this, but they are few and far between.

Harry Dunn

Thread: Wooden Sailing Ships
03/09/2009 12:18:29

Thanks, Colin and Neil. My area of interest is in the Nelson era. Being a C.S. Forester, (Hornblower), fan, I've always been interested in the early navy. I'm ok re model supplies, I use Squires Model  & Craft Tools. The reason for my moan is that it would have been nice to spend a few bob on bits and  pieces 'in the flesh' as you might say, and see how other ship modellers tackle this area of build. I was also hoping to take a few photographs to enlighten some of the mysteries of the rigging.

Thanks again for your interest


31/08/2009 20:05:50

I attended the Model Boat Convention on Saturday 29th August but was disappointed not to find any model sailing ships displayed. Even more disappointing was the fact that there were no traders selling materials for this section of modelling. I notice, too, that the majority of topics on your web site is more to do with RC model boats etc. Am I missing something or on the wrong site? Maybe, as a beginner, I am not reading the signs right...

Does anyone know of a model shop within, say, 10 miles of Warrington who sell wooden sailing ship model supplies?

Thread: Shaping Masts and Spars
25/08/2009 12:30:42

Being a pensioner I couldn't afford a dedicated wood-turning lathe to turn the masts on my 'Granado' model boat, so, using a tip picked up from a book by Keith Julier, I was utilising my electric drill to act as a lathe. This exercise soon evolved into the adapted version which follows:

My variable speed drill is held in a drill clamp which is fixed to the bench. The dowel is held in the jaws of the drill chuck at one end, whilst the 'free' end revolves in one of three holes, (in my case 4mm, 6mm and 8mm diameters), which have been pre-drilled in a scrap piece of laminate flooring. The laminate was screwed to a batten to enable the jig to be clamped to the bench. The drill on/off and speed is controlled by a miniature bar clamp.

In operation the dowel is pencil marked to length, allowing an extra 15mm for holding in the chuck. The other end is fed through the appropriate hole in the laminate. Excess wood is taken off by holding a miniature razor plane flat against the dowel. Pressure is applied to the plane until a fine shaving is continually removed from the dowel. Outside calipers are pre-set to size and used to monitor the diameter. Continue until the calipers are a tight fit then finish off with fine, then finishing, sandpaper. Finally hold a craft knife blade or fine saw against the cut-off point and allow the spin to cut through the dowel. This has been so successful I wouldn't now buy a lathe even if I could afford to.

Thank you for listening


ps. 2 photographs are attached

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