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Thread: January 2020 issue: Test Bench Revell PT Boat
21/12/2019 02:16:38

In his review of the Revell 1/72 PT-579, the author wrote: “This rebox from Revell can trace its roots back to the early 1970s....”

That is incorrect. The author is mixing up the old and new Elco 80 foot PT boat kits. The new late war kit is not based on the old kit!

The original Revell PT-109 Kit was released in 1963. It has been in production ever since- you can still find it in shops. This kit is typical for the era, with various errors such as deck planking (the real boats had smooth decks) and limited detail. I built this kit about 7 years ago- it was awful. The molds seem like they are worn out- there was lots of flash and poorly molded parts.

Revell released an all new kit of the 80 footer in 2018, also marketed as PT-109. This is a much better kit. The new late war kit is based off this one, not the old dog from 1963! The initial release of the new PT-109 was overshadowed by Revell’s parent company’s bankruptcy- both happened in a January 2018. The new kit wasn’t well distributed, as a result- so many people don’t know it existed. ( Maybe that’s why the reviewer thought it was a derivative of the old kit?)

The release history of the two kits is documented on

Thread: Paddle Power!!
26/08/2019 00:06:14

Some resources that will likely help:

Check out Ivor Bittle’s paper on building model paddlewheels: **LINK** You want paddles to spin at 150-200rpm, with only 5 or 6 paddles per wheel.

Also take a peek at Glynn Guest’s post on making paddlewheels from styrene- posted here:


I am working on a paddler project- I found a lot of useful parts on robotics supply sites- places like ServoCity or RobotShop.


Thread: August 2019 (digital) issue- text on top of photos?
29/06/2019 04:49:33

I downloaded the August issue today using the MB app, and have already read it cover to cover.

I noticed that on multiple pages, the text would intrude into the adjacent photos. This made it harder to read, and was visually annoying, especially if the photos had darker colors. This is the first time I have run into this— July’s issue didn’t have the problem.

My question- is this a defect in the digital version? I know sometimes when you export pages from one software package to a form used by another, that the layout can get wonky.

Or is this an intentional layout change, and the print version is the same? If so, please stop doing this!

I’m reading the mag on an iPad Pro, if that matters. Version 6.01 of the App.

Thread: German Landing Craft?
04/03/2019 03:40:52

If you want a smaller vessel, search for “Siebel Ferry”...

Thread: Revell 1/144 Flower class RC conversion
19/07/2017 03:30:53

What motor was used in this conversion? I can't find find that in the article...???

Thread: Looking for Radio Active propshafts....
14/03/2017 21:26:09

I want to express my appreciation to everyone who posted and/or contacted me directly-- I learned about some vendors I didn't even realize were out there!

Problem solved, order(s) placed!

Thanks again, everyone!


13/03/2017 18:36:42

Fellow boaters,

I am on a search for a supplier of the Radio Active 100mm propshaft assembly with the 30mm 3 blade prop.

Cornwall shows them as out of stock. (They have the 150mm unit, but that's too big for my project.)

Howes Models has them in stock, but doesn't ship out of the UK. (I'm in the USA.)

A google search only gives me those two vendors- does anyone know of another vendor who may have them?

Failing that, are there other vendors that may have somethign similar? I'm looking for a lightweight solution for a small (15 inch LOA ) model......

Thread: Model Boats Plans Listings
29/12/2014 21:04:03

I found some that look like errors to me:

Under Paddle Ships:

1. Lochvinar Clyde Puffer Paddle Ship MM1410 Plan is listed-- but the illustration looks like a regular Puffer....

2. In the Scale Sailing section, the Spook MM1297 has no image.

3. Under Warships, HMS Embling Plan 2055 has multiple images, but only of the hull under construction- there is no image that shows what the finished model looks like.

4. Under Warships. plan MAGM2003 US Monitor has no image. The description says it is a US Vietnam-era river boat. You may want to update the name- when I saw the listing, I thought it was a typo- that it should have read "USS Monitor". I think it would help to have the word "Viet Nam" in the title.

5. Balu MM1056 Plan is listed under "Static Sail".

Thread: Possible Model Boats Special Issue 2015
30/10/2014 02:57:57

What about technology in model boats? Some examples:

- use of 2D drawing programs to create files for laser cutting.

- using a die cut printer to cut parts out of sheet styrene.

-3D printing

- use of simple IC chips to automate functions

- what's going on in the world of robotic boats.

- Adapting FPV systems for model boat use.

Thread: New issue preview emails
07/10/2014 22:23:51

Just got my November preview email:

"Dear Example Firstname"

Thread: Paper vs. Electronic versions of the Magazine
06/09/2014 18:34:26

Sorry- I didn't mean to start a discussion of the merits of digital mags in general-- that ship has sailed, do to speak.

Like nearly every magazine on the planet, MB is encouraging its subscribers to go digital. They have weighed the pros and cons and decided it is profitable to do that. I understand and support that- I understand that it isn't easy for a mag to remain financially viable these days.

My point is that, to me, the free plans that come with the mag are a real attraction- that's why I subscribe. The publishers clearly would like me to switch to digital -- but they don't seem to realize that they are asking me to give up what I see as a valuable part of the package. Surely I'm not the only one that feels this way.....

06/09/2014 16:31:51
Posted by Charles Oates on 05/09/2014 23:56:50:
As an ex didital subscriber getting the free plans sent to me, by email would be a clincher to subscribe again. The trouble is I can't see how this can be done without it being abused by the unscruplous. Someone is bound to pass the plans on for free.

I don't see how that makes any difference-- either way the publisher is mailing me a paper copy of the plan. Whether it comes inside a paper copy of the mag, or in a separate envelope, the plan is mine to do with as I wish. I can give it away to a club mate either way.....

I see this suggestion as a win-win. As a subscriber, I get my e-version of the magazine as soon as it is released. The publisher saves money, as they aren't paying to send a paper copy of the mag across the Atlantic every month-- instead they only have to send a smaller, lighter, (less costly to print and mail) paper plan every other month or so.

05/09/2014 21:09:45

I currently am a paper subscriber. I would like to switch over to the e-version, especially since it takes a long time for the paper copies to arrive here in the USA.

But there is one problem-- if I go e-version, I lose all the free plans!

I wish there was a way to get the e-version, and then get just the free plan mailed to me when one is published. I would think that would save the publisher money, as they be mailing fewer, lighter items to me only a few times a year.......

Thread: New issue preview emails
05/09/2014 21:01:04

I like getting the new issue preview emails.

But mine always come though like this....

"Dear Example Firstname,

Welcome to your preview of the latest Model Boats magazine, which this month includes a full-size Free Plan designed by Glynn Guest for Skimmer 5/600."

Am I the only one this happens to??


Edited By Bill Michaels on 05/09/2014 21:01:34

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