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Thread: August 1989 issue with free plans Santa Ana stern wheeler
04/02/2020 23:10:28

If it's a quarter wheeler you fancy, how about Lulonga. Sarik Hobbies have plans and hulls available.

Planhull gives 27.5" long 9.25" beam. Plenty of room for a steam plant ?

Take a look :-


03/02/2020 12:12:30

santa ana 8of8.jpgsanta ana 7of8.jpgsanta ana 6of8.jpgsanta ana 5of8.jpgsanta ana 4of8.jpgsanta ana 3of8.jpgI hope this can answer plenty of possible queries.

santa ana 2of8.jpgsanta ana 1of8.jpg

02/02/2020 19:52:27

16 x 4.5 was a very quick estimation.

It's difficult to measure precisely as the plan in the book is stitched into the spine !!

Actual beam is more like 4.75 inches. The last 3.5 inches (approx) of the hull includes the stern paddle. The 'floaty' hull is nearer just over 12 inches.

So, that's a little bit shorter and a little but wider.

02/02/2020 13:46:19

The Goodchild model plan produces a vessel of 16 inches long and a beam approx 4.5 inches. The 10 page article includes reasonable construction details and a wiring diagram to help install working lights. 2 b&w photos show finished details and a third b&w photo shows the radio and running gear installed.

The plans in the book are actually printed slightly under scale and need enlarging a little to produce the 16 inch model.

Several years ago I considered building it myself. However I decided that the smallish size of the vessel would probably only sail well in 'mill pond' conditions.

Thread: Fairey Huntsman
18/09/2019 21:34:57
Posted by Dave Milbourn on 18/09/2019 15:56:08:

Just seen this on the Mayhem forum:

The Turnigy G60 brushless motor was discussed on a previous thread as being good for the vintage style 48" planing hulls.

The G60 has been considerably reduced in HobbyKing's current cyber sale from £49.10 to £33.93, a 30% off (saving £15.17).
It says they are in stock in the UK.


Thanks to Mr Lownotes for the link.

Dave M

OO err missus............Thankyou Dave...........I neglected to put it on here earlier !

Thread: Digital Archive
20/07/2019 22:33:40


Flash player is 'End-of-life' in 2020 (next year). Will the digital editions be converted to an alternative reader ?

Thread: General Data Protection Regulation 2018
27/03/2018 12:18:35

A note for all club committee members, especially membership secretaries.
GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation happens in May 2018.
This replaces the Data Protection Act from 25th May 2018.
GDPR appears to be concerned with any 'collections' of club members data (Name, Address, Telephone, etc.) and the member's permission for the purposes of which that data will be used for.
It may not affect your club, but check it out.
I may be opening a can of worms here.
If so, I apologise, but best to be safe than sorry and get fined for non-compliance.

Thread: Of all the model boat discipline’s that you’ve not yet tried, which would you most like to have a go at?
11/01/2018 13:52:31

I haven't voted yet as I want to have a bash at building an unorthodox craft that doesn't fit into any of the categories provided.

I suggest adding another choice - 'None of the above', i.e Unorthodox - If it floats, RC it.

I know, you can't please all the people all of the time - Sorry !

Thread: Wifi enabled cameras
19/11/2017 17:51:24

Has anyone tried the idea of using a wi-fi enabled camera underwater in a model sub ?

I am toying with the idea.

I know that the wifi link would be useless under water but the intention is to link to the camera at the surface (within range).

Interrogation and transmission of the video and pictures to a lakeside tablet/laptop should be possible.

The sub and camera would remain at the surface, in its operational medium, without needing removal to dry land.

Thread: Decluttering - Items for sale
16/11/2017 12:45:10

Lord Nelson now sold.

Alan B.

Thread: Blackpool Model Boat Convention 2017
10/10/2017 19:17:30

I am blaming the parents. Successive generations are now breeding 'instant gratification' into children. The process is enabled by the credit card (by now, pay later).

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