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Thread: Primrose Hill
06/02/2021 09:17:43

Primrose Hill

The first ship of Charles Herbert Lightoller, who was the senior surviving officer of RMS Titanic.

This is actually a small model with a picture of the sea superimposed over the lower part.

primrose hill composite (large).jpg


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Thread: Richmond Castle
05/02/2021 21:14:36

My latest drawing. MV Richmond Castle - 1944. I sailed in this ship myself in 1965 from Liverpool to Portugal, Angola, Southwest Africa, South Africa, West Africa, France, Germany and finally River Blackwater, London.

Very basic and uncomfortable, but a fantastic voyage -

richmond castle.jpg

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Thread: Pacific Reliance
31/01/2021 14:16:07

I also sailed in Houlder Brothers Joya McCance, that was also part of the group. They renamed her St Margaret because they wanted rhe name Joya McCance for one of their tankers!

I have also sailed in Blue Star, Everards, South Eastern Gas Board, Union-Castle, Bowaters, Silver Line,Vlasov, Sivomar Line, PSNC (Reina del Mar), Safmarine and finally St Helena Lines. Not that I kept chnaging employers, but shipping companies were forming groups to survie whic, of course, they didn't manage anyway!

31/01/2021 11:08:48

I was in Furness Withy myself for a couple of years in the MV Sagamore, iron ore carrier, (pictured below) but all the companies I worked for have now gone, and modelmakers have very little interest in such ships, but collectors can't get enough of models of them.

sagamore in sea with storm clouds(large).jpg

31/01/2021 10:26:11

Yes, I saw those, thanks. Quite a smart looking ship for 1927, and I would have loved to have sailed in her. Bob

31/01/2021 09:00:00

Pacific Reliance - 1927 -pacific reliance in sea (large).jpg

Thread: RMS St Helena
29/11/2020 19:08:10
Here is a time-lapse video of my last ship - RMS St Helena, at the island of St Helena, South Atlantic - Because it is greatly speeded up, it really looks like a radio-controlled model, but it is the real thing. Very well-produced, and high quality filming - 🙂 I left in October 1992, and of all the 19 ships I sailed in since going to sea in early May 1961, this is the last survivor

Edited By Bob Wilson on 29/11/2020 19:10:28

Thread: Model Boats November 2020
10/11/2020 16:36:27

Just me being fussy, I guess.surprise


10/11/2020 13:40:44

Yes - Surprised it got through! Also surprised no-one commented earlier.


10/11/2020 09:53:40

Never heard of a "Colonial Cutter!" surprise

Thread: Drumblair
04/10/2020 19:04:34

Drumblair -

drumblair sail plan (large).jpg

Thread: Covid update
30/07/2020 14:29:55

That would explain it - The amount of rubbish they left was dreadful - We are now averaging about 15 new cases a day up here. Haven't been in town since March. The supermarket scene is better than normal as long as I am there when it opens at 0800. Practically deserted and no queues at that time. In the unlikely event of things going back to normal, I will carry on with this early morning shopping.


29/07/2020 16:47:51

I have already done that. They went to the beach on the 26th June last, it is now one month and three days!

Thread: British Aviator
29/07/2020 15:29:34

I didn't actualy work for Furness Withy, but was rented to them from the marine radio company AEI, but I would have joined them if they started taking radio officers direct. Perhaps just as well they didn't, because my next company was Union-Castle, and the passenger ships were more to my liking than cargo.

Edited By Bob Wilson on 29/07/2020 15:30:19

Thread: Covid update
29/07/2020 14:13:49

I have been watching the new cases every day in Bournemouth ever since 500,000 of them went to the beach. The most new cases have never been more than 6 per day, and most of the time, it has been one or two, with lots of no new cases at all!

Here in Preston, we are still hovering around 20 new cases a day.

Figure that one out!

Thread: British Aviator
29/07/2020 14:08:51

Yes, but that was directly connected to the London outbreak. After the fire, it never appeared on a massive scale again. But there was a case recently, forgot where - so it is still around -


29/07/2020 11:09:44

The Black Death died out with the great fire of London that burned up most of the rats! I believe this thing is being spread by aircraft more than anything else! And zero chance of them phasing that out!

29/07/2020 08:31:03

Thanks Bob,,

It isn't radio stuff for the most part. The radio aerial is across the two mastheads with the downlead going to the radio room. Below that is a traitic stay with a number of halliards hanging from it. At certain times in port when the tanks were empty, huge canvas "sails" would be hoisted on these, to funnel the wind down the tanks to clear the oil fumes. There are two flag halliards going from the yard to the bridge wings, and the one going down to the forecastle head is for the "anchor ball," that should be hoisted when the ship is at anchor.

I am not planning on building British Aviator. In fact I am not doing much model shipbuilding at the moment. It is not safe to send models via couriers anymore, because of breakages. Due to Covid, no-one can come and collect them personally, and I have a feeling that this "lockdown" can now be regarded as more-or-less permament. So I have turned to drawing. This is one I did of a ship that I spent two years in - the iron ore carrier Sagamore. I superimposed a photograph of the real sea over the lower part, and added a few storm clouds with photo editing software -.


sagamore in sea with storm clouds(large).jpg

28/07/2020 20:56:42

BP tanker British Aviator - 1924 -

british aviator coloured & labelled.jpg

Thread: Mintanic
23/07/2020 09:45:30

Yes, as far as I can remember it was a blue tarp. Although we were essentially a passenger liner, with hundreds of 1st class and tourist class passengers, we carried thousands of tons of cargo as well. The 1st class swimming pool was inside the ship, quite low down and forward of the funnel.


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