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Thread: Profile plan
23/03/2016 20:00:05

Very nice Bob.


Thread: Planet RC
23/03/2016 19:59:14

Not to keep banging on, okay just a bit more. Silly question time. Can these things be built diy fashion. You know a circuit board, a few bits and pieces and a bit of soldering?


Thread: Hobby Boss Oyahio class submarine 1:700
19/03/2016 18:27:11

Now that is pretty cool. Love the Lego peeps going up and down. Good one.


Thread: Planet RC
19/03/2016 18:19:21

Well, would you believe it, you probably would, Elite models have not got any Planet receivers in stock after all. Despite what the website says. Got a full refund though, so not complaining. Well not too loudly anyway. Emailed Howes, they still have some but boy are they expensive in comparison. Ordered two just the same.

These things will be like hens teeth or rocking horse @&£ soon. Have to investigate an alternative , just in case. But will make them transferable from model to model where possible.


Thread: My Triton Build
11/03/2016 19:28:12

Looking very neat and tidy. Much more so than mine.


Thread: After Triton
11/03/2016 19:25:51

Learning is ha.f the fun, a bit of a battle sometimes, but worth it when it burns out ok. The good thing about this forum is the number of genuine people with a wealth of experience and always ready to chip in. If in doubt, shout. Someone will hear and answer.

Liking forward to seeing what you build.


Thread: Planet RC
10/03/2016 20:29:48

Just read this, thanks Tim and Dave. Elite Models still have the r6m for £16 + 5.00 p&p. Just bought 3 for future models.


Thread: After Triton
10/03/2016 19:59:44

Hi Steve

I was (am) in the the same boat (ha ha) as you. I have a large selection of plans that came fee with magazines over the years. Too many to build in fact. A couple of good ones you could try are fro Paul Thomason. There is a huge thread on here about the build of Ellie, a broads cruiser. The hull is basically the same, but makes three models, the broads cruiser, a sports cruiser and a torpedoe boat. Plans available from Paul after a donation to his charity. The good thing about Ellie is the thread answers pretty much all the build questions along the way.


Thread: My Triton Build
08/03/2016 16:06:43
Posted by Dodgy Geezer on 07/03/2016 20:31:41:
Posted by Andy C on 07/03/2016 18:50:08:

I really must get on with my build, put a first coat of undercoat on after sanding sealer, rub down and repeat. I will update the post with pictures soon.


You will find that this is the time you can make or mar your final handiwork. Concentrate carefully, and take advice from the experts in order to achieve a perfect finish. Since I am very experienced in this field, I will describe the stages I go through when finishing off a hull. Of course, you will not find it as easy as I do when you start, but after about 30 years you should be able to approach my levels of perfection...

1 - Rub down hull with medium sandpaper. Take too much off at the chine. Glue a new piece on.
2 - Rub down with fine sand paper. Find that cutting the new piece to shape is taking ages. Switch to medium and finish chine off nicely. Find that I've cut groves out of the transom instead.
3 - Give up on glueing extra bits in, and fill groves with knifing filler.
4 - Rub down with fine sandpaper. Find that knifing filler clogs the paper so much that I run out of it.
5 - Eventually get the surface satin smooth. Give a coat of thinned sanding sealer. Solvent loosens a joint, so I pin it back, and then fill the bumps with more filler.
6 - Sand sealer down again, and find that I've sanded it all off. And the surface is worse than before...
7 - After several coats of sealer, attain a nice smooth finish. Wash lightly with water with a drop of detergent and leave to dry.
8 - Surface looks good the next day. Spray with Halfords primer. Surface now looks misshapen and rough, as the primer accentuates the irregularities.
9 - Sand down with finishing paper and respray. Surface looks a bit better. Pick it up too early and get a thumbprint right in the middle of the flattest part.
10 - Sand down and respray several times. Now it's looking good. Assemble hull to see what it will look like, and find out that the hatches no longer fit in their places due to extra paint thickness.
11 - Retrim hatches, and respray. Leave for a day to dry.
12 - Turn upside down and spray hull with red undercoat. Looks good on the bottom. But the sides now have runs on them.
13 - Sand runs back to bare wood and redo primer.
14 - Mask the red undercoat and spray the sides. Put it on the garden bench to dry, and find that the wind is blowing the dust all over that bench today..
15 - Sand off the dust, and respray the sides. Peel off the masking tale. Half the red undercoat comes off with it...
16 - Fill the gap left by the missing paint, sand and respray.
17 - Mask the hull and spray the superstructure. Find that I haven't masked properly, and there is overspray on the deck.
18 - Try to wipe the overspray off with thinners. End up mixing both paints so that there is a curious blotch of purple across the deck.
19 - Remove as much purple as I can with fine sandpaper, mask the affected area and spray gently. Seems to cover the blotch.
20 - Put a finishing lacquer spray over the whole boat. The lacquer solvent washes away the deck paint and reveals the purple blotch again...

...and they say that hobbies are relaxing....!

Edited By Dodgy Geezer on 07/03/2016 20:32:14

Now I know what not to do, when finishing her off. I went to my local marina on the Thames and bought a big tin of anti-fouling undercoat and a further tin of stuff that can be used as another undercoat to be top coated or left as is. Anti-foul is a grey/silver colour and rubs down nicely, two coats gives a great finish. The next coat is just plain Matt White and takes a top coat of rattle can nicely too. Did this on my first boat build, Goblin, which now just needs the name and emblem stencilled on.

So first coat of anti-foul is on and rubbed down, need a warmer day in the workshop to have another go.

07/03/2016 18:50:08

I really must get on with my build, put a first coat of undercoat on after sanding sealer, rub down and repeat. I will update the post with pictures soon.


Thread: new build
06/03/2016 11:29:02

Looking good AJ. Very nice bow wave forming there and a really lovely shape overall.


Thread: Futuristic Hydroplane
26/01/2016 12:54:44

Sorry about the spoiler. Could the nose have some extra weight added up front to trim it out? How about some ducted fans instead of props? Could also look at some of the other more land based vehicle, say a snow speeder or something similar.

24/01/2016 20:36:40

Hydrofoils would be under the water keeping the ship up and looking like like it is skimming just above it.

24/01/2016 20:34:13

Hi Paul

How about an x-wing from Starwars as in the ones flying across the water in the new film. Sorry but if this was a spoiler.


Thread: Mixing ESCs and brushless motors with water
24/01/2016 20:29:20

Hi David

Brushless motors are widely used by the ROV guys / girls for propulsion. They seem to work okay under water, see this link;


Not sure any of the other electronics would do so well though.


Thread: free minicraft fretsaw
24/01/2016 20:07:30

Hi Captain

Is this still available ?


Thread: Er is it just me
14/12/2015 13:15:46

Hi Dave

That is great. As Paul says lots of room between each frame so I think that will do me. Plan ordered for new project in the New Year.

Will just take it slow and steady and see where I get to.


I did get my copy in the post as per the usual fantastic service, it was from that that inspired the new build. I was just concern when reading the details on the store. I reckon I should be able to cope. May not be a masterpiece like Dave's one, but will give it a go.


13/12/2015 23:47:31

Thanks Dave. I found the shop link at the top of the page. How experienced does it mean when it says "This project is recommended for those with some experience of building a wooden-hulled model using these highly detailed and comprehensive CAD drawn plans?"

I have only built two so far, so not really experienced as such. Reading the article it does seem quite straight forward though. Just worried I would not be able to read the plans and cut the bits required from them.


Thread: Subs number
13/12/2015 21:37:30

Isn't that you do to take creases out of your best slacks


Thread: Er is it just me
13/12/2015 21:36:08

Might make a floating dolls house


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