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Thread: My Triton Build
15/06/2016 22:54:45


Do they have 2mm inside diameter?


15/06/2016 20:30:21

Hi Robert

Welcome aboard. There seem to be a few Tritons about the place. I should finish mine but not had time o get in the shop.

I did a bit a little while ago and rubbed down and gave her a second coat of undercoat and a dollop of paint or two on the inside too. It was whilst I was doing this that I fitted the rudder assembly back on and tried it out. Found that the fishing line had gone a bit saggy and was not getting a full rudder lock. so I thought I would change the line to something a bit more substantial. Not easy and then lost one end as I tried to pull the new line through using the old one. Problem now is that you have no access to the rudder line mechanism because the sides are on and you can't see where the holes in the supports are.

Drastic times call for drastic measures. Cut a slot in the inside of the inner hull to be able to re-thread the line. Had to do this both sides, but balsa is easy to cut and then repair. Now have long lines waiting for me to re-glue to the servo arm and rudder arm.

Next instalment soon. Hope to put a top coat on and finish painting the roofs too. Then I still need to find a suitable prop coupling. Tried a microflex but is too long. The problem I have is that I used a short piece of silicon hose which is the right inside diameter (2mm both motor and propshaft). I did order a mini coupling from model boat bits too, but one end is 2.3 so too big. Might try the hose again. Just does not seem to last long. Any other ideas?

Regards Andy

Thread: Evening Well Spent
12/05/2016 22:16:23

Going to have to keep my eyes open for a bargain. Thanks Martin.


12/05/2016 18:35:43

It was indeed.


12/05/2016 18:05:40

Well, what can I say. Monday I went around to Ashley's. Ashley was going to show me the error of my ways and how easy it is to cut bits of wood up with a bandsaw. Very early on it became very clear that I have really been missing out and after a few expletives about how easy it is, I had some bits of wood for a LCM. Moral of the tale, Buy a Bandsaw. So that is what I am going to do at the very next opportunity. Mainly when some of the more expensive ones go in the sale, if not it will be a cheaper version to get me going.

While I was there, and it was a few hours, you know how it is when talking boats and wood and foam and Hardboard, OK not hardboard, but I was shown a few of Ashley's amazing collection. From the very early days right up to the secret projects that he is now working on. What a great collection of boats. Well I say boats, that does not do it justice, there are Boats, planes (that float), cars and vans (that float) and a myriad of other wonderful creations that I can't talk about. They are secret remember.

Thank you for an evening very well spent and the wood. Freecycle now a favourite on my browser. Sorry about the expletives.


Thread: How to start
07/05/2016 21:00:12

Hi Simon. To be fair most of the books etc are fairly old now a days but a good one is Small model boats by Glynn Guest. There are some great plans of Glynns around too. You could also try **LINK**. A great collection of boats from the past, with build logs, as well as a more modern 50+ range of bigger boats.

Any question post here.


Thread: Motor Mount Alignment Tool
06/05/2016 18:11:13

That's a very well machined tool. Now all I need is a lathe.


Thread: Todays Boating
01/05/2016 18:44:44

Apols. Ashley

We had the day in sunny Brighton. My god it was busy, and expensive to park. £27 for 4 hours. Well I say 4 hours, we were 5 minutes too late to get the next rate down. Oh well, nice coffee though.

Anyway, just been in the workshop cutting an chopping up endless bits of wood (except all the fiddly bits that go on the sides of the LCM, not going there) with all types of saws and a knife. Now need to start gluing it all together.

Get ready for a deluge of silly questions about how it goes together and when to fit all the electric stuff.

Glad you had a successful day, at the pond.



25/04/2016 18:47:58
Posted by ashley needham on 24/04/2016 14:01:54:

Andy, I think it took me about 10 mins to cut out ALL the pieces needed for a lander! If you want to make another, or something else I can always cut the bits up for you, you are not far away, and it doesn't take very long.

I would suggest a small bandsaw as a better buy rather than a scroll saw, but this would not be adequate for cutting up large bits of 4mm ply in any case. You can get thin blades for larger band saws, to use for cutting small radius curves, but it still depends on the room you have available to keep it.

Ashley that would be super. I need to make two of these things. One each for the kids. If you let me know when, I could meet you at the lake again and reimburse you for lumber and time. In the mean time I will continue to cut this one out by hand. You would not believe the colour schemes being suggested. But then it will be there boat I guess.

I have looked at Table top bandsaws and quite fancy the Scheppach HBS20. Looks like a nice little jobbie.


24/04/2016 10:45:53

Hi Ashley

Nice to see you down the Pond, very nice model of a *********. Looking forward to seeing more of it.

Well I took your advise and went to my local DIY outfit, you know the one with two letters and & in the middle. Well, sorry for my language, but what sort of S&*£ are they trying to sell. The kids and I looked through a lot of junk before we found a nice piece. Quite a big piece though, but £12 though. I dare say my local model shop would either not have the right size or would be the same money for a smaller bit.

Anyway, I had already cut the plans out so used spray mount to stick it on. What a nightmare to cut out. First tried using a Stanley knife, to much like hard work that. Second cut it into smaller pieces with a hand saw and then tried to cut it out with a hand held scroll saw. Jeez, I must get myself an electric scroll saw. Would be sooo much easier. Will look online today. Should have bought the Lidl/Aldi one when I had the chance. Oh well back to the sawing.


Thread: USS DD fletcher wip
22/04/2016 19:49:01

Looking good, Cobby. Have you water tested it?


Thread: What charger ?
14/04/2016 19:54:26

Hobbyking do a turnigy charger for £16 too, does lips and all the other types as well. Seems good value.


Thread: Spring Competition 2016 (Subscribers only)
13/04/2016 22:56:10

Hi Colin

Thanks for the tip off to the comp.


Thread: conversion to radio control
13/04/2016 22:54:11

Hi Colin

I think it is the itelari schenllboot.


Thread: My Triton Build
02/04/2016 06:53:37

My 11 year old daughter has chosen the colour scheme for my goblin sail boat too. Metallic turquoise with a pink hibiscus flower on the bow sides and the name hibiscus across the transom.


Thread: Boaty McBoat Face
27/03/2016 10:35:16

And to think it was only included as a joke. Might be the laugh is on them. They have said they are not bound to using the name chosen in the vote though, so hopefully common sense will prevail. Made me laugh though.


26/03/2016 21:55:42

oh yes, please

Thread: Todays Boating
26/03/2016 21:05:41

Hi Ashley

I have a maplin's dremmelly thingy. No idea of the wattage, but works well enough, plus loads of the same attachments.


Thread: Vintage Gentleman's Cruiser
26/03/2016 20:49:01

Hi Bob / Paul

How about something like this


Sufficiently different from vgc. Shiny too


Thread: Planet RC
25/03/2016 08:23:20

Oh well, just a thought. My other system is a Tamco, similar prices for the receivers.


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