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Thread: What am I doing wrong now
04/08/2017 19:58:44

Okay so that works. Looks like I need another p80.


04/08/2017 17:16:41

Looking at the wiring diagram that Dave produced, it looks like the esc (Action P80) is not BEC equipped , so not a problem. First off I will use the one I have as a test to see if it works. If so, will buy another P80.


04/08/2017 16:09:27

Thank Noel.

Colin did you disconnect the power wire as per Noel's post on the other action ESC?


04/08/2017 15:39:00

You might be on to something there Noel. The ESC just thinks the pump is another brushed motor and works the same way. Hmm, I will hook up another ESC to the motor and use the same channels and see what happens. Worst that can happen is blowing another fuse in the main board.


04/08/2017 14:54:24

Okay now totally confused. It works as it is albeit only one jet. I will add a y piece an connect both to one.

Cheers for all the help.


03/08/2017 19:32:06

Thinking ahead. If I bought the Quadswitch, I could power on some lights and something else too.


03/08/2017 18:18:15

Posted by Dave Milbourn on 03/08/2017 17:28:57:

That'll do the job as long as it's a "3-position centre=off" type and of sufficient rating for the current drawn while the pump is operating. If you want a more elegant solution then the ACTion P44 Twin Relay switch should do the job, with both relays capable of 3A continuous current. The relays switch at about 40% of full stick movement either way and can be set to be non-latching or latching by use of a little on-board DIL switch. See the diagram "Driving one motor in both directions" on page 2 here **LINK**

Dave M

thanks Dave

So that would replace the P91 and when used on say left stick left/right (not sure what that is called) it would fire relay 1 when pushed left and 2 when pushed right?

03/08/2017 15:16:32

Okay, now I am stumped. I have had a look around the net and can find lots of articles and forum posts for actually reversing a servo, via dismantling it and use of y leads and such. Also a plug in thing that reverses the servo too. But none the wiser on the gadget Glynn was talking about. Could I use another Action P91 and somehow wire that in and use another channel. If so how?



02/08/2017 22:24:01

Hi everyone

Thanks for all the comments. The motor is indeed a centrifugal pump. Single large inlet and two identical (although different colours) outlet. I have taken a photo and the pump can be seen at the top of the picture.


So to test out the theory I did a couple of tests. After checking which outlet the water comes out from, in the first instance White, I swapped the leads over. Guess what, water then comes out of the black one. Yipee. So what next. I like Glynn's idea of a simple ( I like Simple) servo reversing switch. So tomorrow I will look one up and see what it is and whether it will be easy to wire in.

Below is a pic of the electrics board in the hull and a wiring diagram kindly supplied by Dave M.



Pretty sure I can work it out, but I will ask if I get stuck.



31/07/2017 07:12:57

Thanks chaps

Looks like I have some testing to do. I will check which side the water comes out of depending on the polarity of the wires and let you know.


29/07/2017 21:01:09

Okay, I have soldered the on across the terminals. I will try again and if no success I will leave it at the one. It was just that the instructions said to install the three. I will also investigate if I can add tags to the can with screws too.

Thanks for the help.

While I have you though, could I ask one more.

I am putting a car windscreen pump in one of Ashley's LCMs. The set up is an action speed controller, main board and switch. I have a great diagram from Mr Milbourn and it all works great by using a spare channel to operate the pump. However I have a twin outlet pump, thinking it would squirt water through both outlets at the same time. Ha ha, no only one side squirts. So he other side must be switched differently in a car. Can it be set up to do this in the boat. I.e. Left stick left fires one outlet, left stick right fires the other. Works okay with one and a splitter, but two independent would be awesome.



29/07/2017 17:10:13

Cheers. I will look that up and try again


29/07/2017 16:03:45

hi everyone

I have recently bought a new little brushed motor and a set of suppressors. Easy I thought, even read the instructions that came with them and did a search here for any other useful information. Found an interesting discussion started a long time ago about whether they are needed or not. Not opening that can of worms again. Just going to fit them.

Armed with some sandpaper to roughen the surface, some solder and my trusty iron, off I went on a journey to not working and back again.

So, not to be deterred I grabbed a great big rasp from the tool box and roughened it a bit more. Hotel not working for an overnight stay. After a big breakfast of "I am not going to give up" I grabbed some different solder, fired up the gas torch and tried again. This trip is seriously bugging my melon man.

So what the heck is going wrong? Wrong solder, still not rough enough or something else entirely?

To save on trips to "this is still not working" I submit myself to your thoughts.



Thread: Starter for 10
10/11/2016 19:56:54

You're very quick Dave. Will send a bottle via PM. This is a great looking ship. Very sleek. Might make a good model too.

Always something interesting parked up outside her building.


10/11/2016 19:35:14

Okay, so this was moored up outside my wife's building today. I think it might be French


Thread: Stupid question time
04/09/2016 19:30:05

Thanks guys. Loads of room Paul, just wondering about the servo movement in relation to the TX stick.


04/09/2016 17:25:58

Okay so this might be a silly question. When mounting a servo, should it in line with the boats centre line or can it be mounted perpendicular to the centre line. I am one fitting the servo to my LCT in the rear section.


Thread: R/C Guru's My Son Needs Your Help
07/08/2016 09:47:36

Hi Craig. Welcome aboard.

From looking at the photos, you can see why water has got in. There is no box around the controller, like there is around the battery. A coaming can be fitted here to help keep it out. Use the slightly raised bits on the deck as a guide. The ESC (electronic speed controller) is easily replaced by cutting the existing wires and adding new plugs to both the new ESC and wires. Second observation is that the motors seem to be incorporated in the white housing on either side? If that is so you would need to remove these and see what sort of hole in the hull is left. That will need sealing with the new propshaft sin place. Also I can't see any rudders, but may be the angle of the photo. If tank steering is used instead, not sure how a new ESC is going to be connected, might need two, one on each prop.

A bit more dismantling and photos and we should be able to assist further.


Thread: Good News and Bad News
18/06/2016 11:54:20

I am sure all will keep an eye out for them.


18/06/2016 08:55:24


Sorry to hear you lost your stuff. Does the cad software store copies in the cloud or is it stand alone?

Have you got the police involved?


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