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Thread: Changed my Nickname.
22/01/2010 14:11:29
Maybe we should all follow suit, although I always sign off with my name when I post.
Thread: Airboat - brushless or brushed motor???
22/01/2010 14:09:53
Hi All
Just to say, I used a lipo on my hovercraft as it was lighter.  Once you talk to the guys who know about these things, and buy the correct charger and balancer, they can make a difference when it comes to weight.  In point of fact I bought two, as when putting the connetors on, they touched and shorted the battery, I am still here to tell the tale as well.
Thread: Which wood?
04/12/2009 15:52:53
Hi Glynn
Thanks for the comments, I think I have your plan for the Goblin somewhere too, this was ply, if my memory serves me.  I think the Vosper can be done with 3mm ply, so I may give that a go.  Still thinking of doing the Goblin as well.  Either would be a good boat for my young ones.
04/12/2009 07:40:18
It seems choosing the type of wood is not a simple thing.  Different grain, different types of wood etc.  I will have a look in my local model shop but I think it might be a case of going to a timber yard.  Not sure I've seen ply in local shop, only balsa.

Edited By Wraith Leader on 04/12/2009 07:40:53

Thread: Mighty Ships
03/12/2009 20:02:41
Hi All
Jus twondered if anyone else has been watching the series of programs on the quest channel?  Its all about very, very big ships.
Thread: Which wood?
03/12/2009 19:57:30
Great thanks for your help. I will look into 5 core stuff.
03/12/2009 07:11:48
Hi Paul, Neil
It is not for planking but for a the whole model.  It is a very simple build, the sort I need at the moment, and it is used to make the hull bottom and sides, plus the lift off super struture.  It just seemed to me to be a very poor finish for the model.
02/12/2009 17:06:44
Hey all
I have just bought an other popular model boat mag because they were doing a couple of free plans. I now have a great set of plns built up this way.
One is for a Vosper Covette and it says to build out of Balsa.  When looking at the pics of the build, the finish does not look that great.  Can I build using 3mm or so marine ply?  Would this be a better material to use and give a better finish or should I stick to the balsa?
Any opinions welcome.
Thread: Singapore
07/08/2009 12:31:37
Hi All
I have just got back from a holiday to Bali, we came back via a Singapore stopover for a few days.  We spent a day on the island of Sentosa and it gives you a great view out over the port.  We also drove down the east coast parkway.  All I can is is WOW!!
It was a ship spotters heaven.  All shapes and sizes and the amount of tugs sitting at anchor waiting to be called into action was amazing.  I am just sorry I did not have a camera with a big enough zoom to record any of it.   If I get the chance to go over there again then I will try and take the tour of the port tht is available.
Thread: model submarine
20/05/2009 13:17:06
Hi Ray
Had a quick search through the net and found this link to Metcalf Mouldings.

Looks like they supply a kit, so if it is a scratch build, they may be able to help with specifics.
Hope this helps
Thread: Billings Boats
01/05/2009 08:34:28
Thanks for the advise guys.
I may try the coast gaurd boat as it says it can be RC, and is one for a beginner.  I will see if a local shop has one I can look at.
29/04/2009 12:07:11
Hi all
As my hovercraft nears completion it is time to think about my next project.  My local model shop has a couple of Billings Boats models around the shop and I quite like the look of the Evelyn Rose or one of their coast gaurd boats.
Has anyone had any experience with these models and are they any good?
Thread: Solent hovercraft
07/04/2009 12:36:16
As promised here are photos of my build of a Hovercraft from a plan.
This is my first attempt at building any thing at all from a plan and it has been a great deal of fun.
A bit of back ground.  The plan is from an other Magazine on model boats and the challenge was set to Ricky webb to build a hovercraft that actually worked but was very easy to build.
The plan is fantasic, easy to read and the text in the mag was very comprehensive.  There were a couple of bits that needed some initiative but I managed all right.  The majority of the craft is built from 1.5mm styrene sheet and it uses rip-stop nylon for the skirt.  I was lucky enough to have an old kite that could be ut to use.  Only 2 channels are required to run it.  A single 5in prop provides the forward propulsion and air to inflate the skirt.
My model is now ready to be painted a lovely two-tone blue with a white pin stripe (hopefully) and have the skirt fitted.
All electrics sit under the main cabin area and should be waterproof.


I will post a new picture once painted and then again with the skirt fitted.
Will keep you updated once water trials are due also.
Hope you like it.
Thread: How many people still scratch build?
06/04/2009 21:17:30
Hi Len
It is from an article in another well know magazine, which I cannot mention here of course.
The Hovercraft is made from an A4 sheet of styrene, so not very big.
I have just had the skirts sewn up and am due to give the craft a coat of paint (or 3) and I have the electrics all ready to fit.
Beginners error earlier, I was going to solder a plug fitting onto the battery (Li-po 7.4v) and had taken off the protective end covers of the battery.  Next thing I know the wires have touched and sparks everywhere.  They had welded themselves together.  Got the battery home and tested it with a meter, nothing.  Looks like a new battery is going to be bought.  Will know next time that they have a charge in them.
Will post some pics later on.

Edited By Wraith Leader on 06/04/2009 21:23:13

03/04/2009 22:01:56
Thanks Colin,
It has been a very enjoyable build.  It must said though, when looking at the model, it could be a lot better.  There are some very rough bits around the edges and it is definatley not going to win a beuty contest.
03/04/2009 21:56:25
This is very interesting thread you guys have got going.
Here is the thoughts of one of the new guys to model boat building.
Having just gone the wrong side of 40, I am now just getting into my first real scratch build.  it is from the plan that the late Rick Webb designed for the Solent hover craft.
the plan is a fantastic piece of work, very easy to follow and the article in the mag really helps you along.  there are some bits that have to be thought out as it is not clear from the plan or article as to what to do, but that is the whole point of it all.  I had to buy all the stuff needed from a model shop, as I do not have any of these things lying around the house.  I even had to buy a steel rule an da proper craft knife.  Also had to buy the electrics and still have to buy a transmitter kit yet.
I do this build at work in my lunch break, at my desk as home life with 2 young ones means there is not alot of time for the hobby.
It has been quite an expense to buy all the bits needed and I suppose once you have then you start to have bits left over, a transmitter is already to go and all you would need is another esc and servos etc.
I have had a great laugh building this thing and I do hope it floats, my work collegues are all very keen to see it working.  That is also what it is all about.
Just thought you would like to hear from a true beginner in the hobby.  Although it must be said, looking at some of the model in the magazine, I do not think I could build them just yet.
Thread: New to scratch building, Help required
03/04/2009 21:25:28
Hi Guys
Thanks for the replies, I forgot to mention that the hovercraft is made from styrene sheeting.  So it looks like a good wash and an undercoat should do it.  I will add some pics later and when finished I hope thing floats.  The one Rick built for the magazine did, so mine should be ok.
03/04/2009 12:25:52
Hi All
I am a complete novice to building model boats and I am in the process of building the Solent Hovercraft from the plan the Rick Webb put together.
The main hull section and air dut are built and so are the rudders.  I am now thinking of applying some colour to the model and have bought some Tamiya Acrilics with a flat base to put it on.  this will be brush applied as spraying is not really an option where the build is taking place.
My question is, should I rub the deck etc down with a fine grain paper before painting or will the flat base be enough of a key for the paint?
Any help greatly appreciated.
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